Live The American Fantasy: Swift Tips To Save $20,000 Per Year!

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Updated: September 06, 2023
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Live The American Fantasy: Swift Tips To Save $20,000 Per Year!


Saving $26,000 in a year sounds unbelievable. Especially in the rising currency crises that the world is facing, it’s nearly impossible for a normal wager to save up to more than $20,000 yearly. That is why we have come across delivering to you pretty people with some awareness of how efficiently you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars with the help of Anna Newell Jones, who proves that it works. These tips can also save you a lot of money.


Anna Newell Jones had a negative account A minus $23,600. She chose the second variant. She began to save $18,000 in 12 months, which is very surprising, but believe me, it’s not inconceivable for the lower-income wagers. But remember that to achieve something big in life, we often have to say goodbye to the little, expensive things. That means no more branding or bluntly spending money on the luxury essentials we buy monthly or in months. 


Also, that can’t be worked only with a big salary? The American official has proved the opposite. She recently revealed her secret to the "Business Insider." She only spent money on necessary things and bought things she needed. All extra expenses, such as takeaway coffee, clothes, or books, have been canceled. She was always the sort of person who buys everything she wants, as she writes on her blog "Andthenwesaved."


With These 10 Everyday Actions, Everyone Can Save A Lot Of Money

(All tips are from the blog "Andthenwesaved.")


1. The Library


Instead of buying expensive books in the bookstore, you can borrow them from the library. You no longer have to buy music: Library CDs are also available.


2. The Clothes


For some, it is a means to end; for others, it is a part of the personality. Clothes can save a lot of money. Instead of buying new blouses, pants, or pullovers, older items can be spiced up by the closet.


3. Muck


Be clothes, books, or electronics. If you don't need them, sell them online or at the flea market. Many portals like eBay, gadgets, or Facebook groups suit this.


4. Expensive Routine


Think about whether they can save money on their daily routines. How much time do you spend in the shower, for example - is there any potential for savings there? The same applies to extras such as a towel warmer, hair dryer, or shower gel.


5. Simple Gifts


From now on, there are no more expensive gifts for friends and family who do not like them anyway. Instead, write a card and bake a cake instead. The gift is not only much cheaper but also more personal.


6. The Food


Here is often the biggest savings potential. Instead of brand names, buy no-name products. The Oatmeal with milk or porridge is cheap and can be spiced with jam. In summer, you can fall back on fruits from the trees of acquaintances.


An overview of which manufacturers behind no-name German products stuck can be found in the FOCUS online database: trademarks from prominent.


7. Mobility


Yes, the car is a very convenient variant - but also an expensive one. Bus and train are often cheaper and also environmentally friendly. Many routes can also be easily walked. Overcome your inner bastard.


8. Restaurants


If you want to save, you should not eat out. It also applies to the coffee on the go or the sandwich at the bakery. Take coffee and snacks from home. Instead of going to the restaurant, you can cook with friends at home.


9. Dismiss Contracts


Which contracts do you need, and to what extent? You can change your mobile phone contract to a cheaper one, or choose a less expensive package at the gym. Many exercises can be performed at home alone.


Contract changes can easily save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.


10. The Barber


The visit to the hairdresser is immediately noticeable in the purse. Do not dye your hair yourself. Also, longer hair rarely needs a haircut.


End Of The Line


If saving is difficult for you, remember the following tips:

  • Learn to say "no" to yourself and others.

  • Do not make any hasty decisions, but think twice about spending money and need it. 



A list helps to do this:

  •  Enter things you need and buy what's on the list.

  • Tell your friends that you are saving at the moment. These will help you more and understand your decisions.

  • Exchange with other people about their saving tips.

  • Consider noting every bit of money you have spent throughout the year; make a diary and calendar, and keep counting every dollar spent because every buck is crucial for a living!