Clicbot Educational Robot Kit Review: Unveiling Features, Design, Programming, and More

Updated: August 16, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Clicbot Educational Robot Kit Review: Unveiling Features, Design, Programming, and More


Gadgets throughout the years have been getting more intelligent and more innovative. They are too packed with sensors and technologies that half of your work will be done using them. Every day a new company comes forward and brings something that makes it convenient for users worldwide. 


It makes your life straightforward. Some gadgets available in the market are helpful for people looking for techy toys for their children. ClicBot has rolled out a new device called Clicbot Educational Robot Kit. Keep reading this, and you will learn about the educational robot from Clicbot.



Clicbot Robot Kit:


Clicbots are an amazing gadget on every techy kid’s parents’ bucket list. This gadget lets you learn, educate and grow with your child's interests, knowledge, and skills. Have you ever seen a single toy that does all of this? Only Clicbot can do this for your kid. Your kid can play with this robot because it has 1000 robots in one. Pretty playful for many techy parents out there.


This toy-type robot kit is mainly aimed at kids aged eight and up. However, there’s a well-finished product here to engage and attract geeky adults. Many people will love the idea of how Clicbot functions and operates. Some have been ordering this gadget to experience what it feels like using this Clicbot. 


The price of Clicbot is around $600. However, potential buyers can use coupons whenever they are purchasing Clicbot. 


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You know pretty much about the functions and operations of the Clicbot. Let’s get to the specifications part. Check it below:


  • ARM-A7 Processor


  • 2.4 G WiFi


  • Parameters: 2.62 inches. (L) x 2.62 inches. (W) x 5 inches. (H)


  • Screen size: 2.1-inch


  • Rotation Range: (+)(-) 24 degrees 


  • 2-megapixel camera with face detection & recognition. Motion detection features for identification—gesture sensors with eight gestures.


  • Touch sensors availability


  • Microphone activated


  • Charging via USB-C


  • Battery Size: 1550 mAh


  • ClicBot App: Apple iOS 10 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher


What’s In The Box:


Now we will get what people get whenever they purchase Clicbot Full Kit.


  • ClicBot Brain


  • Accessories (including. Joints, skeletons, mounts, wheels, lockers, and much more)


  • USB-C Charging Cable


  • User Manual



Features and Design:


Clicbot comes with different modules. It has specific modules for specific purposes. The kit comes with various modules to make some creative robots. It also includes two characterized bots, Bac and Bic. Every module feels solid and sturdy enough to participate in the structural purposes when building robots, especially during falls, bumps, and dings. 


The capsule-shaped is the ‘brain’ module of this Clicbot. It functions like the brain of this robot. This piece of the gadget has an ARM-A7 chipset paired with a 1550mAh battery pack. On top of that, it is jacked up with sensors. For instance, there’s an accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, and more. 


For the battery indication, there’s a LED that blinks green when the battery gets full juice, orange light at low power, and red when there’s no battery left in the module. 


If we talk about the eye of this brain module is the 2.1-inch touchscreen. Inside that screen, there’s a 2-megapixel camera capable of recognizing faces and for motion-sensing purposes. Also, it has a gesture sensor. The Eye of this module from one side to another side is about 24 degrees in any direction.


On the top of the Brain module are embedded touch sensors; if you flip the robot, you will see where it has the power button with the USB-C charging port. 


You can find the USB-A to USB-C cable in your Clicbot Kit for charging purposes. Also, you can find the speaker outlet for the Clicbot at the bottom of the Brain module; alongside, there will be one of two connectors for attaching different modules. 


Module connectors come with three contact points; you can see two interlocking tabs. The Brain has the battery and CPU inside, so no modules can perform if they aren’t attached to these connectors.



Programming The Modules:


There are some ways to operate, function, and program the ClicBot. The easiest way is to click on the record on the programming console and move the robot’s joints to match your programming procedure. 


Keep using this technique to create many macros and keep playing them back to let the robot learn the mannerism of the approach. Once the robot learns to do such things, it will act as you want. 


However, the recording process is tricky once you know how things will work. But, one way out that will be helpful for many individuals is using the ClicBot app to watch tutorials, which will come in handy for learning techniques and many other things. The reviews of ClicBot are fantastic, making it convenient for many individuals out there.


Final Thoughts:


To sum up, you know the ClicBot and how it will work for techy kids and parents. You can put all types of mannerisms and techniques into this robot, which will act as you want. Many users will have fun using this and find it useful for their stuff. Also, you can grab a unit of ClicBot from eBay if you want.