Want Free Meals For Kids? Head To Your Nearest IHOP For Kids Eat Free IHOP Deals

Updated: October 06, 2023
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Want Free Meals For Kids? Head To Your Nearest IHOP For Kids Eat Free IHOP Deals


Do Kids Eat Free At IHOP


Although there aren't as many "kids eat free" restaurants as there once were, you still have options, and IHOP is one of the most accessible. Kids eat free every day at IHOP when you order for an adult. We'll explain how it all works, what you need to order, and which deals are the best.


The Kids Eat Free menu is one of the many IHOP promotions to save money on pancakes. Other promotions include the IHOPPY Hour menu, signing up for the IHOP Rewards program, and completing the IHOP receipt survey.


What Days Do Kids Eat Free At IHOP? 


Kids can eat free at IHOP every day (not just throughout the week), but make sure to confirm with your neighborhood eatery. Kids Eat Free may only be available in some locations. To ensure that your location is taking part, phone your neighborhood IHOP. 


We usually advise contacting your neighborhood IHOP first, but experience has shown that most IHOPs offer kids' meals for free on these days.


  • Feb. 25 is National Pancake Day. Typically, only pancakes.



  • IHOP occasionally runs a special kids' meal, and on days when a new family film is launched, kids dine free.


  • Birthdays: Kids who register for MyHop can receive complimentary pancakes on their birthday.


When Do Kids Eat Free At IHOP


IHOP Kids Eat Free meal is available from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. You must order at least one adult entree to be eligible for the IHOP Kids Eat Free. (The Belgian Waffle, which costs $11.99, is the least expensive adult entree that may be purchased to be eligible for the free Kids Eat Free meal.) You can only get one complimentary kid's meal for each adult dinner you buy.


IHOP Kids Eat Free


Children Aged 12 And Younger Get A Choice Of Seven Different Menu Options.


Kids 12 and under can choose from a predetermined list of seven menu items when the adult qualifies. It seems they are, in addition to the prices from their standard menu:


  • Five small pancakes, one scrambled egg, and one bacon strip make up the Silver Five ($9.79 regular).

  • Two chicken strips and half a Belgian waffle make up Jr. Chicken & Waffles, which costs $9.99.

  • A junior cheeseburger with applesauce is available for the regular price of $9.99.

  • Junior Cupcake Pancake Combo: one pancake with rainbow sprinkles, one scrambled egg, one slice of bacon, and one sausage link (regularly $9.79)

  • The Jr. Chicken Strips Combo includes two chicken strips served with applesauce or french fries (regularly $9.79).

  • A chocolate pancake with chocolate chips, topped with whipped cream and cherries, is included in the Funny Face Pancake Combo (regularly $9.79).

    Accompanied by the side of one sausage link, bacon strip, and scrambled egg.

  • Served with applesauce, macaroni, and cheese, they are available for $9.99.