Savings Tip for American Eagle: Use American Eagle Credit Card

Updated: October 04, 2022
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Savings Tip for American Eagle: Use American Eagle Credit Card


American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is pretty much popular among the youth and people of every age. Every gender can find better clothes and deals for their closets at American Eagle. However, this retailer is a bit more expensive than some other fashion competitors, but they have a plethora of great quality items. Everybody buys shirts, jeans, shoes, accessories, and more from American Eagle. Furthermore, AE offers many things for customers. Since we know that American Eagle prices are a bit higher, you can save up some money on your next purchase. Keep reading this blog, and you will learn about the things of this retailer and American Eagle rewards, which can help save some bucks at American Eagle Outfitters.



Registering For AEO Real Rewards Program:

American Eagle’s very own rewards program is a completely free-to-join program that gives you some ideal perks. The reward system is entirely based on points. Spending $1 means earning 10 points. You can spend $125 on your purchase, and you will be able to bag 1250 points, and on top of it, you will earn $5. One thing that will make you surprised is that jeans lets you earn double points. However, you can spend $62.50 on the jeans and get yourself rewarded with 1250 points. 


Furthermore, you will be getting a happy birthday gift. Access to free shipping with conditions applied. The icing on the cake is exclusive members-only sales and events. Although there are three tiers to AE Real Rewards, it entirely depends on the customer how much they can spend in a year. You will qualify for the 2nd level once you spend over $150, and you will go for the 3rd level once you pay a sum of $350. Higher the tier, the better the rewards. 


If you are always shopping at AE and aren’t in their free rewards program, just take a moment and get in it as soon as possible. 


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Getting an American Eagle Visa Credit Card:

For the true AEO fanatics out there, there’s an American Eagle Card. With this, you will get all the perks of the 2nd Level of the Real Rewards Program automatically. There’s more in the room for you. You will be getting these things:


  • 25% off on your very first checkout

  • 10% off on every purchase after the first checkout

  • 20% coupons every once a year (can be used whenever you want)

  • Free shipping

  • Free returns

  • 15-20 points on every other $1 spent whenever paying from American Eagle Credit Card.

  • 5 points per $1 using the American Eagle Credit Card payment method on other stores


If you are thinking of ‘can I use my American Eagle Credit Card anywhere?’, it’s a yes. You can use it anywhere you want whenever you are making purchases. 


If something ever goes wrong with your card, make sure that you contact the customer service of American Eagle to sort that problem out.



Using American Eagle Coupons On Your Purchases:

AE enthusiasts who have American Eagle coupons in their hands can use them with unlimited potential in their purchases. They can use these coupons, which will let them slash down some prices from their checkout total. 


These coupons will come in handy whenever you are on a shopping spree and are thinking of saving some bucks now. 


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Using Discounted Gift Cards:

Individuals who want to do a massive shopping spree and stack up the clothes in their closets can go for the discounted gift cards option. You will be capable of getting a little discount on your checkout by using these gift cards. You can use different gift cards to save between 6-13% on your checkout. 


Referring It Your Friends:

Shopping with your buddies is a fun thing, no? Of course, it is. Everyone loves it, and even we love it. If you refer a friend by giving American Eagle their email ID, you will receive a 20% coupon whenever they sign up and make a purchase. It’s also good for them as they will be bagging a 10% discount too.



Recycling Your Jeans: 

Recycling all the stuff is good for us and our planet. The Blue Jeans Go Green program is ideal for people who want to save money. They can trade their old jeans by getting a 10% discount on AE jeans from the physical stores. 


Fellows who have a plethora of old jeans can get some good trade-ins for their stuff. Don’t delay it any further; reach out to them as soon as possible. 


Final Thoughts:

To sum up, you are pretty much aware of how to save some bucks by using the American Eagle Credit Card and discounts. With this, you can pile up some dollars for the next checkout. Many individuals out there would love the trade-in jeans programs because we can relate to the fact that we have some older jeans that need to be replaced.