Why Should You Prefer the Online Store of Microsoft

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Updated: March 30, 2019
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Why Should You Prefer the Online Store of Microsoft


Do you want to buy the popular Windows operating system or the Office software package at an attractive price advantage?


The advantage of going through the Microsoft Store website comes from the speed of access and execution, fun navigation while learning about the latest news. Quickly, the basket can be filled with accessories thanks to the recommendations made when one is interested in an article. The benefits of online rates and website benefits make it possible to have the best quality/price items and the latest releases.


Microsoft has been around for more than 40 years and has developed the accessibility of new technologies to the general public. Most of the OS sold with a computer are Windows interfaces. Microsoft sells 2 major types of products: Softwares & PCs Hardware.



Microsoft's online store is the place for those in search of software and hardware solutions of all kinds. Whether tablets, PCs or notebooks, whether games, consoles or operating systems and office applications - Microsoft offers a wealth of products from Xbox to Word for a wide variety of customer requirements. Redeem a Microsoft coupon on your next order and see how the price goes down in the cellar! All current savings and bargains we have put together for you.


Many ranges of high tech and trendy products

The dematerialized products are applications and games for smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PCs as well as professional software, word processing, communication (Skype), VOD, music, and TV. The products of the real order are PCs, tablets, smartphones, video game consoles, and Surface hybrids, video games in DVD form and accessories corresponding to the most popular products sold on the online store.



The advantage of going through online shopping is to be sure to have the accessories corresponding to the purchases made, to have knowledge of all the updates and the last outings as well as preferential rates such as student offers, businesses or various promotions. Accessibility via any tool, information on the availability of products and comparative aids are all advantages that lead customers to go to the web store.

Our saving tips for Microsoft

Microsoft is generous when it comes to savings, and discount offers go - and so you can discover the customer a versatile selection of Microsoft coupon codes. For example, the Microsoft Store offers special savings deals for new customers, special student offers, free products, as well as changing sales and discounts on licenses for office applications. Which coupon is recommended for you, always depends on your personal shopping needs. This is the best way to read through all coupon details and find out which savings advantage is most worthwhile.


How do you save at Microsoft?

Let's say you have chosen one of the students offers and have a Microsoft coupon with a savings of 10 percent. If you decided to buy a tablet worth $500, you would receive a discount of $50 after redeeming it.


Redeem Microsoft coupon step by step

In a few steps, you can redeem a coupon code from Microsoft and secure one of the lucrative savings benefits that come with it. How exactly does it work? Take a look for yourself:


1.     Choose an advantage coupon: Check out the promotion page and choose a Microsoft coupon code that best suits your shopping needs. Do not forget to read through the coupon details that we have provided to you.


2.     Make Order: Now go to the Microsoft Store, where you create a customer account and buy your desired product.


3.     Saving money: When the purchase is done, it goes to the order. During the checkout process, you will see the coupon code field from Microsoft. Enter, confirm and save. - As simple as that!


Trouble redeeming? - We can help you!

You have tried several times to redeem one of the Microsoft coupon codes, but you just do not want to succeed? Do not write off the savings yet - maybe the following tips can help you.


·         Read all coupon details carefully again and make sure you have followed all specifications. Check the minimum order and select the items you have in your shopping cart.

·         You may not have entered the Microsoft coupon code correctly. Even the smallest inaccuracy will cause the coupon to be invalid.

·         Do you have an offer that is only valid for new customers or existing customers?

·         You may have opted for a savings offer that is not valid in your country or selected a payment method that is excluded from the promotion.

·         Also keep in mind that every coupon from Microsoft can only be used once and then expire. The repeated use is therefore excluded.


Did you find something at Microsoft?

If there are currently no Microsoft coupons that you really like or if you have already used all existing coupons, then we have some alternatives and other savings advantages for you:


·         For example, you can discover other software vendors in Adobe. You can not only shop but also save a lot on these portals.

·         If you are looking for an anti-virus program, then providers like Kaspersky are recommended. There are powerful security programs and even more savings.

·         On the other hand, if there are computer games, then, for example, there are coupons from MMOGA. It is worth taking a look at the products and the benefit codes here as well.




Payment, shipping, and returns at Microsoft

We have now explained what Microsoft coupons are and how to deal with them. But what about the specifications regarding the ordering process in the online store?


Payment terms

If you want to pay for your orders with Microsoft, then it is first necessary to create a customer account. Once done, you can add payment methods to the account. You have the choice between credit cards, direct debit, and PayPal. In addition, there is the option to transfer funds to the customer account using the gift cards from Microsoft.


Shipping conditions at Microsoft

For deliveries within the US, Microsoft works with shipping company UPS. There are no delivery costs, no matter how high the order value is. Within 2-3 business days, the shipments arrive at you. If you order by 9:30 am on a weekday, your order will be processed the same day - otherwise the next working day. There is the express shipping option in this shop and the express delivery costs a few dollars. The items delivered in this way will be with you within 1-2 days.  


Return and cancellation

You can return all items purchased from Microsoft within 30 days. You will be asked to reimburse the costs in your account area and receive a return slip, which you enclose with the return. If you want to return software, contact customer support and uninstall the application after completing all formalities.


FAQs about Microsoft

1.) Who can I contact if I have a question?

There are many options for troubleshooting Microsoft. So you can call the customer support of the company by phone, or you work through the online tool of the shop and send a written request. There is also a huge online help section where you can search for topics or keywords to answer your question. On top of that, Microsoft still has a large community in which users talk about all sorts of topics and help each other with tips and advice.


2.) I would like to return a software product. What do I have to do?

First, get in touch with Microsoft Customer Support. There, you share your wish and then uninstall the program from your computer. Microsoft will review the return and arrange for a refund of the amounts already paid. The processing of the revocation may take several days.


3.) How much do I pay for shipping in the Microsoft Store?

There are no delivery costs if you choose standard shipping. There is also no minimum order value for delivery fees to be waived. The situation is different with express delivery.


4.) Why order on the Microsoft Store?

Being registered allows you to benefit from exceptional offers, to accumulate loyalty points entitling you to discounts and to be informed of promotions on the site. Premium subscriptions include download and online gaming promotions. The FAQ and the support service allow having the answers to the bugs and problems that one can meet.


Further savings options at Microsoft

Not only the regular Microsoft coupons are worth it - there are no other ways to secure an extra or another discount in the store. 


Deals in the Microsoft Store

There is a lot to discover in the fixed sale sector of the online shop. There are bargains from every product category and in most cases; the offers are associated with significant price advantages. Just come by and collect worthwhile savings!




Volume discounts for corporate customers

Anyone who acquires hardware or software solutions from Microsoft as a business customer can benefit from discounts based on the number of goods ordered. So it pays off to even make a bulk order and secure you a price advantage.


Microsoft in detail

Microsoft is nothing less than the largest software manufacturer in the world. The company was founded in 1975 and its current headquarters are in Redmond, USA. Especially for the Windows operating systems, Microsoft is known worldwide and most computers worldwide run with one or the other version of Windows. Even office applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint have become indispensable in the daily lives of millions of people.



In the Microsoft online store, you will find different operating system versions and Office programs, but that's not all. The portfolio of Microsoft includes many more products:


·         Devices: In this category, Microsoft has laptops, PCs and tablets, Windows Phones and the right accessories sorted to all devices. Furthermore, there are a variety of apps for computers and smartphones.


·         Software & Apps: Besides Windows and Office you can buy applications like "Visual Studio", "Project" and "Visio" and let your creativity run free.


·         Games & Entertainment Media: This is all about the Xbox. You can purchase consoles, buy games, or opt for bundles that have a variety of product combinations.


Microsoft develops versatile solutions not only for private use but also for companies. For example, business customers can benefit from volume discounts and order giveaways.