Sony Kd-65xf9005 Analysis: Android TV With High Contrast

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Updated: August 25, 2023
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Sony Kd-65xf9005 Analysis: Android TV With High Contrast


Android 7: Google inspires the look and feel of the main menus. Sony KD-65XF9005, however, provides many additional delicacies and settings.


At first glance, Sony wants to consolidate its 9000 series. As for the specifications, equipment, and readings, the brand new KD-65XF9005 appears similar to the previous year's model XE9305 and its small brother XE9005.

The first was Sony's most expensive redesign in 2017 with the legendary edge LED revolution "Slim Backlight Drive +" and the super chip "X1 Extreme". The 9000 series had a smaller processor and less local dimming last year but cost over 25 percent less. Now, there is an FX90 with the best image processing and, according to the datasheet, direct local dimming for probably the price of the old kid.


Sony Kd-65xf9005's First Impression


We were allowed to look at the equipment and operation of the models. The case is reminiscent of the build quality, design, and dimensions of the 9000s. The central stand looks more discreet and elegant. The feet are convincing with their folding design and light champagne notes.


The 9300 was flatter, and its back wall was closed to hide cables. The XF90 has been upgraded. The top chip was formerly expensive, but now Sony's most intelligent image enhancer is cheaper.


From the front, the Sony KD-65XF9005 shows a clean finish with high-quality materials. It consists almost only of a narrow frame and an elegant foot.


Sony Kd-65xf9005 Connectors


As far as the classic connections are concerned, everything has always been uniformly in the green zone. Four times, HDMI 2.0 can be set to maximum pixel frequencies; version 2.1 for 10K and 120Hz will be introduced later, maybe only in 2019. USB is three times on board, once as a version 3.0 for a hard drive for recording purposes. 


Optical digital in-out and headphone jack are required. More interesting is what is possible about new signaling pathways. The WLAN area was upgraded to "ac," which promises a faster connection. Bluetooth is also available in the audio section. A connection to the smartphone screen, mirroring à la Miracast, was set up quickly and completely without any problems. 


 Image Quality:


The 4K Ultra HD resolution of the KD-65XF9005 produces clear and detailed pictures. Additionally, it supports HDR content, such as HDR10 and HLG, which offers a greater variety of colors and improved contrast. This TV uses Sony's X1 Extreme processor, which improves color accuracy and upscales lower-resolution material to improve image quality.


Indicator Technology


The TV has a local dimming Full Array LED backlighting technology. As a result, the contrast and black levels may be improved by dimming or brightening particular areas of the LEDs behind the screen. Performance gains over edge-lit LED TVs are the result of this.




The KD-65XF9005 boasts a slender profile and a clean, minimalistic style. The TV comes with a reliable stand that offers support. It ought to work nicely in most living room arrangements.


Voice Control And Remote Operation:


The TV has a typical remote control but also enables Google Assistant voice control. Thanks to this, you may use voice commands to search for information, manage settings, and carry out other tasks.




The Nine series is the top of every manufacturer; Sony consistently implements the latest technology. It is saved at the right end so that many smart TVs and sharp HDR brilliance come out at an attractive price. 


Positive evaluations of the Sony KD-65XF9005's image quality, HDR performance, and motion handling have been published. A full array LED with local dimming improves black levels and contrast. Numerous apps are available on the Android TV platform, although some users have reported sporadic interface performance difficulties. The KD-65XF9005 can be a wise choice if you're seeking a 65-inch TV with high picture quality and a wide selection of features.