St. Nicholas Day: Creative and Practical Gifts for Kids

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Updated: October 09, 2023
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St. Nicholas Day: Creative and Practical Gifts for Kids


Ho Ho Ho! It's time for St. Nicholas Day! This festive occasion is celebrated worldwide on December 6th. So, get ready to put on your Santa hat and dive into the world of St. Nick!


St. Nicholas Day 2022 is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate this special day. Whether you're a parent looking to make it a memorable occasion for your kids or an adult wishing to relive the joy of your childhood, there are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit.


First things first, when is St. Nicholas Day? As mentioned earlier, it falls on December 6th of every year. This day is named after the famous Christian saint, St. Nicholas, known for his generosity and kindness toward children.


One of the most fun traditions of St. Nicholas Day is the idea of leaving shoes out for St. Nick to fill with treats and goodies. Children worldwide leave their shoes out on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, hoping they'll wake up to find them filled with chocolates, candies, and small toys.


But who celebrates St. Nicholas's Day? Although it's a Christian holiday, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated by people of all faiths and is particularly popular in Europe and North America.


Traditional Gifts For St. Nicholas's Day


An original gift for a modern child is not easy: today's schoolchildren know what they want and often understand toys better than their parents. But to surprise the child and give it on St. Nicholas Day or for Christmas is an original gift, after all!


Now that you know the basics, let's discuss traditional St. Nicholas's Day gifts. Of course, treats like chocolates and candies are a must, but people give other popular gifts to celebrate the occasion. Some popular St. Nicholas Day gifts include oranges, nuts, small toys, and books.


Look no further if you're seeking crafty ideas for St. Nicholas Day gifts. DIY snow globes, Christmas tree ornaments, and personalized stockings are all great options. To fill your children's shoes, you could also make homemade treats, like fudge or cookies, to fill your children's shoes.


Of course, practical gifts are always appreciated, especially by parents who are tired of stepping on Legos! Some practical St. Nicholas Day gift ideas for kids include warm winter hats, mittens, socks, and school supplies like pens and notebooks.


But Christmas is all about having fun, so remember to throw in some silly and fun gifts, too! Joke books, silly hats, and joke toys are always a hit with kids of all ages.



Gifts For Toddlers On St. Nicholas's Day


If you have toddlers, you might wonder what gifts are appropriate for them on St. Nicholas's Day. Fear not! There are plenty of great ideas out there. Soft and cuddly stuffed animals, board books, and puzzles are great options. You can even find unique St. Nicholas Day-themed books to read to your little ones.


Ideas For St. Nicholas Day Gifts For Kids


Gifts for children under three are often limited to toys or care items valuable for parents. Our task is to present such a gift that will grab the baby's attention of the baby. Young children like to draw but rarely limit themselves to an album, choosing the nearest wall as an easel. To give way out of children's imagination and protect the wallpaper from the felt-tip pens, the child should be presented with a drawing board.


Well, which of us did not build a blanket from the blankets as a child? Kids like to have their own game space, so that a great gift will be a house or tent. Parents will appreciate such a place for storing toys and replacing the playground, where a child can spend time without risk of breaking a valuable piece of furniture or injuring himself.


Sledge is also an indispensable attribute, "personal transportation" of kids in the winter on the way to kindergarten. Such a gift will last many years and is relevant for children of any age.


You can give a child developing games - they will be for him a great pastime. Different shapes, colors, and sounds are collected at one child's table - a way to take the baby's attention for a long time and help him develop assiduity and logic.


The development of coordination, agility, and motor skills can be done with the help of a rocking horse: a small pony will undoubtedly become one of the favorites of the young master.



Present For Schoolchildren


The dreams of modern schoolchildren often revolve around expensive gadgets. We cannot find a worthy alternative to tablets and prefixes from all parents, but we picked up several options that will be a suitable surprise for St. Nicholas Day.


Designer Lego is the dream of every seven-year-old boy. The set can be made up of a specific figure or contain universal details for unrestrained creativity. Children can play with the designer for several hours. Classes develop fine motor skills and logic.



If the parents want to give their child an unforgettable day, it's best to dwell on the impressions. The feeling of free flight in the wind tunnel or a race with friends on the cards will delight you and remain in your memory forever.


A gift in the form of sweets should be more comprehensive than bland cakes and boxes. After all, you can give a master class in making desserts! Schoolchildren with interest will go to the caramel master class and learn all the secrets of producing colorful lollipops. And edible pencils will complement the gift under the pillow for those who like to gnaw ballpoint pens at lessons.


A bright, unusual gift can be helpful. Turn school dinners into an exciting game quickly with the help of a beautiful lunchbox with your favorite characters in movies and comics. From now on, the children will stop bringing home half-eaten sandwiches!


Of course, personal acquaintance with the idol superhero is an absolute dream of every schoolboy, and he performs it under his parents' power with a professional animator's help. The meeting can be "random" or planned depending on the imagination and the script.




Surprise For Teenagers


The question "How to surprise a teenager?" It confounds those who have forgotten what it's like to be a teenager. Attempts to stand out from the crowd and fascination with the fantastic worlds is a trait that unites all high school students.


Why does teenager not listen to music? Quality sound in any circumstance will help to organize a portable speaker. A small box, which fits in the palm of your hand, can work for a long time without recharging, and the presence of Bluetooth eliminates the inconvenience of using wires.


If the child prefers to listen to music and create it, you can give him a master drumming class or a DJing lesson. he will remain in your child's memory for a long time.



Young adrenaline lovers will get a gift in the form of races for buggies - light SUVs with simple controls.


Also, you can give your child a sports backpack with an output for headphones. This accessory is trendy among teenagers and is universal, practical, and perfectly complements the informal images of youth.


Lovers of all kinds of experiments can safely give a master class in molecular cuisine. The most straightforward chemistry laws will help prepare ravioli from fresh pumpkin or orange caviar.


Fantasy worlds of comics, books, films, and serials do not cease to cause interest in adolescents. A board game based on the beloved universe will bring not only joy but also an opportunity to develop the skills of strategy and economic planning.



A bright, unusual, and valuable gift simultaneously is a reality. It's worth a little imagination - and even with a small budget, you can make an ideal surprise for a child of any age - from a baby to a teenager. 


It will help give gifts-impressions: portions of positive, surprise, discovery, and drive will be remembered forever and stand out among the other presents. After all, who said that you must give a material? The main thing is the sincere joy of the recipient!



Final Word 


In conclusion, many great gift ideas regarding St. Nicholas's Day exist. Whether you want to keep it traditional with treats and small toys or get creative with DIY crafts and personalized gifts, there's something for everyone. So, get into the holiday spirit, fill those shoes with goodies, and enjoy the magic of St. Nicholas Day!