Halloween Treats: Your Guide to Choosing Gifts at Waxmaid Store

Updated: November 28, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Halloween Treats: Your Guide to Choosing Gifts at Waxmaid Store


Have you thought of the perfect gift to surprise your friend this Halloween? You don’t have to scare them a little with something creatively weird. If they enjoy the flower or oil sessions with friends, the best move is to visit the Waxmaid store. 


What’s on their website? Well, there are all manner of dab rigs, water pipes, and nectar collectors, and that’s why we will shed light on a few of them. You will get an idea of how to choose based on the collection, and once you do, the delivery is quite fast.


Now, it’s time to see what’s fascinating in the Waxmaid world and how to get a suitable gift before October 31st. 


Capsule Silicone Glass Nectar Collector 


Nectar collectors come in different shapes and sizes as far as Waxmaid is concerned. If you want something that includes modernization, here is a glass nectar collector that aids you in cooling off the smoke as you take the hits. 


The package includes the capsule nectar collector and a titanium nail that is reversibly packed during transportation. So, once you get it, unplug the tip and insert using the other end. 



The nectar collector’s design has platinum-cured silicone and glass as the materials. The prior is food safe thanks to the FDA approval, and it’s flexible to insert and remove the glass chamber. 


Inside, you get a silicone percolator. Opening on one end allows you to pour some water for the cooling effect. Once you hit the nail and place it on the concentrates, you will watch the smoke as it circulates and gets to you via the mouthpiece. The percolator has four small holes to help with smoke circulation and water mixing. 


It is a perfect Halloween gift due to the design and the added features, such as the percolator. Cleaning and maintenance are easy since the silicone can go to the dishwasher if washing with soap and water is not part of your life repertoire. 


If you decide to boil or freeze, that is also okay, and you will get the best cleaning results using either of the methods. You can also wash the glass or use a mixture of concentrated alcohol and salt to get a drink free of oily residue.


Springer Collapsible Silicone Water Pipe 


More surprises can include a collapsible silicone water pipe, which presents a cheap but innovative way to get high on Halloween. It’s all platinum-cured silicone, which brings all the water pipe's wonders. 


While in the package, it’s only 6.9 inches tall, but that is extendible to 11.6 inches due to the spring effect. That also allows the mouthpiece to rotate 360 degrees, and that’s the most excellent convenience it portrays. 



There is a downstream for you near the base, permitting a 14mm glass bowl. The base is also somewhat broader to allow stability, while the water pipe sits on a flat surface. Since it’s all silicone, it’s easy to maintain, and according to the FDA, it has already passed the food-safe standards. 


A small but strong magnet on the downstream lets you attach your dab tools and the lighter. That means everything can stay in place and as one piece. When it’s time to smoke, your unit will have everything you require. 


Cleaning the silicone is easy since you can use warm water and soap in the dishwasher, boil or freeze it, and then brush the residue with a banister brush. After presenting the gift, you should also inform your friend that they should never use concentrated alcohol to clean. 


Ares Dab Rig 


Buying this product for you or your friend will be the best after the COVID-19 vaccine. The Ares Dab Rig says no more torching your oil or the BHO. It needs charging, and a USB cable is packed in the small PU bag. 


You’ll see the small bag with a Waxmaid logo when you open the package. It has a honeycomb design and a double zipper. Silicone-grooved handles complete the view, which is comfortable to hold. 



Inside, you get a disassembled Ares Dab Rig, and everything is nicely and tightly packed. You only need to connect the silicone mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the lid at the top. It stands 6.5 inches tall, making it pocket-friendly if you want to carry it alone. 


It takes about two hours to charge it entirely, but there is some charge to test before kickstarting an entire session. Using quartz to heat the concentrates is a plus since it’s a better conductor, and you don’t need to wait. 


At a full charge, it will go for the subsequent 60 sessions. There are cleaning brushes to help clean the top parts and the mouthpiece. For the latter, it’s also dishwasher safe since it’s silicone. 


The central unit cannot go into the water, though, since it’s electric with a Zinc-alloy metal making the cover. The power button also aids in changing the heat levels. Pressing a few times will make it go from yellow to green, adjusting the temperature levels. 


If you get the Ares for Halloween, there will be a 90-day warranty for you or your friend to enjoy. 


Waxmaid HoneyMod E-rig


As a thoughtful gift suggestion for Halloween or any occasion, the HoneyMod E-rig stands out with its cutting-edge technology and stylish design. The inclusion of extra seal rings and Quartz Balls ensures a lasting and enjoyable vaping experience, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate sophistication and innovation in their vaping journey. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the unmatched vaping experience offered by the HoneyMod E-rig.


The HoneyMod E-rig is a compact yet powerful vaping device that stands at 5.35 inches tall. Equipped with a robust 1600mAh battery, it ensures a long-lasting and satisfying experience. The steel deck of the E-rig offers a unique feature – adjustable airflow. By simply rotating the steel plate deck, users can find the ideal velocity for their inhaled clouds, tailoring the experience to their comfort.


This innovative device also features an efficient Quartz Ball within the coil, ensuring thorough atomization and complete utilization of wax during inhalation. The convenience factor is enhanced with a mouthpiece that comes with a belt, making it easy to attach and providing protection for the glass.


For added flexibility, the HoneyMod E-rig offers three heating settings, allowing users to customize their vaping preferences. The comprehensive kit includes essential components such as the E-rig itself, a mouthpiece with a ring, a coil, glass, and a steel deck with airflow control. The package is completed with a USB-C charger cable and loading & cleaning tools.


More Water Pipes at 40% Off 


If you want to see more than the above three, there are water pipes on the Waxmaid website at 40% off. There are silicone types, while some contain glass and silicone, and how they work is simply amazing. 


The colors will blend with the Halloween look, and you get more than six color categories in each product you choose. The silicone in all the products is safe, and the FDA has already approved it. 


Cleaning time will be easy since it can undergo regular cleaning. If you get anything with glass, separate it from silicone and use a mixture of salt and 70% alcohol to clean it before rinsing. 


Whatever design you want to complete on Halloween, there is more than enough from Waxmaid. From Crystor S Mini to Magneto types, you are not short of choices for you and the company you will have when the day arrives. 




Once you get to the Waxmaid website, the above three selections and more will suit Halloween. So, put your best foot forward when the day arrives with an outfit that matches the day and Waxmaid water pipes to complete the look and mood.


It takes 2-3 days to get what you order. It can’t get better than that, especially if you request it early.