National Day For Ice Cream! It's Time To Celebrate The Incredible Frozen Dessert While Also Taking Advantage Of Fantastic Sales And Freebies.

Updated: September 29, 2023
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National Day For Ice Cream! It's Time To Celebrate The Incredible Frozen Dessert While Also Taking Advantage Of Fantastic Sales And Freebies.


Without question, the best dessert ever created by man is ice cream. It is ideal at any time of year since it is rich and creamy, full of summer flavors despite being created with cold ingredients like winter. Ice cream can be used as a scoop or to fill whole cakes or sandwiches. The delightful taste of ice cream and all its variants are honored on National Ice Cream Day.


When Is National Ice Cream Day


People worldwide now enjoy ice cream as one of their favorite foods. As a result, it is only fitting that we set aside a date to honor this delectable delight and allow ourselves to indulge guilt-free. Many of us already do that and are happy about it, right? Who wouldn't want to have ice cream constantly, after all? Whether you enjoy ice cream frequently or perhaps occasionally, we wholeheartedly urge you to treat yourself on National Ice Cream Day!


In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July to be National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month to be National Ice Cream Day.


What comes to mind when you need a snack on a hot, muggy summer night? Ice Cream, that's right! It only makes sense that it be given its special day. We hope you enjoy a cone,  milkshake, or sundae today. Throw your diet out the window and indulge a little—have one of each!


On December 13th, there is also an Ice Cream Day event. To this day, we couldn't find any factual information, and we believe it originated from a nearby incident. Perhaps an ice cream gathering at the school gained unofficial national notoriety as a noteworthy occasion.



What Day Is National Ice Cream Day?


National Ice Cream Day is commemorated yearly on the third Sunday of July. Do you want to know if today is National Ice Cream Day? Following are some National Ice Cream Day dates:


  • National Ice Cream Day 2022 - Sunday, 17th July 


  • National Ice Cream Day 2023 - Sunday, 16th July 


  • National Ice Cream Day 2024 - Sunday, 21st July 


  • National  Ice Cream Day 2025 - Sunday, 20th July


Deals To Scoop Up For National Ice Cream Day Sunday


If you enjoy it, Sunday is Ice Cream Day, and July 16th, 2023, is National Ice Cream Day. Vendors and makers of ice cream reward customers for their frozen delight with freebies, bargains, and other perks. Here are some freebies for National Ice Cream Day in 2023.


National Ice Cream Day is one of the most wonderful days of the year. There are a lot of places to celebrate this event, but first of all, we need to start somewhere. Where better than near you?


If you are looking for National Ice Cream Day deals near me, the following are some National Ice Cream Day deals from different ice cream parlors.


Baskin Robbins National Ice Cream Day 


On a scorching summer day, there's something about a cool scoop of ice cream that makes life even sweeter. Baskin-Robbins is honoring the joy ice cream offers to every moment with an exceptional holiday bargain just in time for National Ice Cream Day. For customers to fully enjoy the celebration, Baskin-Robbins is providing $5 off any purchase of $15 or more from Sunday, July 21, through Saturday, July 27, 2023.


Customers can use the discount code BECOOLER at check out for online orders to benefit from this National Ice Cream Day offer.


Customers can use the in-store code to scan their Baskin-Robbins mobile app coupon at the register. Upon checking out, post-mates, Uber Eats, and DoorDash purchases will automatically qualify for this delivery discount.


Carvel National Ice Cream Day


The most recent flavor from Carvel is Brookie, which combines soft-serve fudge brownie batter with chocolate chip cookie dough. On July 16, purchase a Brookie cone or a small cup of Brookie (any soft serve Carvel flavor) at any Carvel shop to avail yourself of Carvel's National Ice Cream Day freebie.


Creamery Cold Stone National Ice Cream Day


Several events are taking place at Cold Stone to mark National Ice Cream Day. First, every online purchase on the Cold Stone website between July 16 and July 18 will receive free shipping.


Then, on July 18, users of the Cold Stone app will get a surprise present. Create an account now, then check the app frequently for a tasty surprise deal.


To help Oreo celebrate its 110th birthday, Cold Stone is offering two special treats: the Oreo Cookie Confetti & Crème, which is made with fudge, rainbow sprinkles, Oreo Crème Ice Cream, and Oreo cookies. The Oreo Cookie Goldmine Creation combines Oreo Crème Ice Cream with caramel, Golden Oreos, and Oreo cookies.


Both tastes are available nationwide through August 30.


Cumberland Farms National Ice Cream Day


Every HyperFreeze is offered at a convenience store/gas station with more than 600 locations in the Northeast and Florida for 49 cents every Friday in July.


The chain's well-known frozen drink flavors include Sucka Punch, Crazy Cola, Pinka Saurus, Lemonade, Sour Apple Shock, and Cotton Candy Commander.


Dippin Dots National Ice Cream Day


On July 16, Dippin Dots will give out tiny cups of Dippin Dots frozen sweet treats for two hours. The drawback is that different locations have different giveaway hours, so double-check with your local kiosk or store first.


Dairy Queen National Ice Cream Day Deals


By downloading the DQ app, customers may take advantage of Dairy Queen's National Ice Cream Day promotions on July 16 and enjoy $1 off any “Dipped Cone” at qualifying Dairy Queen stores. This includes the recently introduced Fruity Blast Dipped Cone, a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream with a light purple, cereal-like, and fruity flavor on top.


Häagen-Dazs National Ice Cream Day


By July 15, you may enter to win free ice cream and limited-edition products at Häagen-Dazs as part of their National Ice Cream Month celebration.


To enter, all you have to do is like this post on Instagram, follow, and tag three friends, at least in the comment section. On National Ice Cream Day, July 16, three randomly selected participants can get lucky to win free ice creams at Häagen-Dazs.



National Chocolate Ice Cream Day


On June 7, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day can be observed with nothing but chocolate ice cream. But who says that's where you have to stop? You can either purchase it already prepared or make it yourself. Whipped cream, syrup, or sprinkles can be added.


The second most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla, followed by chocolate. Chocolate-flavored ice cream has existed for over a century, ever since it first gained popularity in the United States in the late 19th century.



National Vanilla Ice Cream Day


On July 23, Vanilla Ice Cream Day lifts the bar for the nation's second most popular flavor. Salute me, vanilla. We all shout in unison, "VANILLA ICE CREAM!" The day follows National Ice Cream Day and is, of course, a part of National Ice Cream Month.


Given how much Americans love it, it is unsurprising that vanilla ice cream is the most popular flavor in North America. Many individuals believe vanilla ice cream to be the norm.


National Coffee Ice Cream Day


We can splurge on a caffeinated dessert on September 6th in honor of National Coffee Ice Cream Day. The change will excite coffee lovers, especially if they like ice cream.


The celebration is much more joyous by the cool and creamy dessert our morning coffee produces. Some people enjoy the flavor of coffee in sweets even if not everyone consumes it. Even people who don't awaken to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee each morning might find this day interesting.


It is almost impossible to resist when caffeine is added to a frozen, creamy combination. Coffee ice cream has been a thing for a while, and in 1869, it was included in a parfait.


Andy's National Ice Cream Day


Andy’s does not participate in national ice cream; however, if you can still enjoy discounted Andy’s, the skilled treat enthusiasts at Andy's Frozen Custard aren't letting the chance slip away. Andy’s offers freebies and discounts as it observes National Frozen Custard Day on August 8.



National Ice Cream Cone Day 


By commemorating National Ice Cream Cone Day on September 22, you may extend the summer even though it ends in late September. Treat yourself to a delectable ice cream cone as if it were still summer! 


National Ice Cream Cone Day 2023 will be commemorated on September 22, Friday. The creation of the ice cream cone, thought to have taken place in 1904, is commemorated on this day.


Italo Marchioni, an ice cream vendor, is credited with creating the ice cream cone. The ice cream cone was initially mentioned as having been marketed on September 22, 1904, after Marchioni received a patent for his creation in 1903.


The ice cream cone swiftly gained popularity and became ingrained in American culture. Ice cream cones come in a wide range of flavors and varieties today.


Indulging your favorite ice cream flavor on National Ice Cream Cone Day is terrific. Whether you prefer your cones simple or with sprinkles on top, today is the ideal time to treat yourself to this sweet treat!