Invideo Review: Make creative video with online video editor

Updated: August 28, 2021
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Invideo Review: Make creative video with online video editor


Yes, making videos on the web is possible without downloading programs on Mac or Windows computers. That's because there are a plethora of video editing tools available across the market.


Speaking of different video editing tools, a few of them can be expensive and might even require good video editing skills. However, things might be different if you use InVideo.


As with any video editing tool, you need to factor in features like user interface, pricing, and supported video formats and sizes. The InVideo editing platform has everything in place and helps you make professional-grade creative content free of cost. That's great, isn't it?


But before diving into the details of using InVideo for making creative videos, let's understand the video-making procedure first.


Making a Video

Painting and photography were the two techniques genuinely discovered to hold on to time in art and memory. This is because time is something that cannot be stopped, no matter what the situation is.


Even before using paintings and pictures, human beings used stones and parchments to engrave their presence and remember the past. Over time, humans developed the craving to go beyond paintings and pictures to create timeless memories. This craving made way for the introduction of videos.


Videos are moving images that can breathe life into the past and the future of an individual's plans. Primarily, these are created to restore the feelings of the past and enjoy the same in the future.


Explaining the video-making process is quite simple. It usually involves animating images or capturing images with moving objects. 


Many tools can be used to ease the video creation procedure. It is probably one of the best techniques serving varied industries and is also used for different purposes.


Making Videos Online

Major advancements made in the field of technology have brought forward a number of online video-making tools. A top-quality video editor with a user-friendly interface and some of the best templates help eliminate the complications of video making.


In these present times, there has been a considerable rise in videos as marketing tools for varied industries. Businesses and common people are also making videos on a large scale simply because of easy access to the process.


Now, online video making is easy, but you will need the right tool for the job. Yet again, choosing the right tool can be intimidating as there are some important factors to consider. These include:


Nature of Your Content

The type of video you are looking to make will determine the video-making and editing tool you will need. So decide whether you want to make official videos, creative ad videos, photo montage videos, or social media posts.



Videos of these present times are feature-rich. Most of them have time-lapse attributes, while others come with a screen playing loop. You might also find them in specific dimensions. Video editing tools such as InVideo make it very easy for users to create feature-rich content with almost all the demands successfully fulfilled.



The purpose of the video content will also determine the tool. For example, videos used for marketing purposes should be created most professionally. Hence, it becomes important to use a top-quality video editor for this purpose.



There are varied purposes where it becomes important for users to have different logos or watermarks on their videos. Then again, there are times when watermarks are not desired on the videos. Whatever the situation, you need to choose a tool that helps you create videos either with or without a watermark.


So, now that you have a clear idea of the factors for choosing a video editing tool, achieving everything will be easier.


The right video editor will help you create, edit, and share videos without going through any hassle. Remember, different tools will have different processes. So, you must understand these tools and go with the one you find the easiest.


If you think that certain procedures of the tool you have chosen are still complicated for you, you can easily shift from that particular tool to some other platform. With InVideo, you can remain assured of getting the right automated assistance and guidelines for carrying out your video-making and editing tasks.


In the Very First Place: What is InVideo?

In its simplest form, InVideo is the cloud-based video creation tool, and more businesses are using it in these present times. The best thing about this tool is that it helps you make professional-quality videos using premium and free images, templates, music, and videos in any web browser.


The templates available with this tool will help you create top-quality video content, especially if you are a beginner in this field. With this platform coming in handy, you get the ability to explore hundreds of wonderful templates for creating videos of all kinds. These include:


  • Product and promotional videos

  • Intro/outro videos

  • Motion quotes and greetings

  • Video presentations

  • Tutorial videos

  • Social media videos

  • Webinars

  • Promos

  • YouTube video testimonials


One of the best things about using InVideo is that users can go for the same templates for making videos in varied sizes and for varied social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


Make Creative Videos with Different Readymade Templates

InVideo comes as one of the greatest online video makers and editors for marketers, bloggers, publishers, companies, individuals, and YouTubers. Marketing enthusiasts and businesses can make the best use of this tool for making professional-quality content for boosting traffic on their sites.


There are three different ways of using InVideo for making videos, and they are:


Premade Templates

The premade templates of this tool are apt for making and editing videos without taking much time.



The text-to-video option is useful for transforming text into video content in the easiest way possible. Here each text shows as per line in the video content.


Blank Template

The blank templates available from InVideo are for experienced video creators. It helps professionals in starting with the video-making and editing procedure right from scratch.


Create the Most Engaging Videos with InVideo

InVideo is a free-to-use video making and editing tool that allows its users not just to create but even share slide-show format videos, home videos, and short videos within minutes. It even boasts of a humongous media stock library of pictures, videos, and audio that further help users make awesome content based on any occasion or theme.


It is only because of its stunning features that InVideo, today, has been able to satisfy more than 1200000 customers, with the rate of customer satisfaction being 98%. With the use of this platform, one can easily edit video clips, images, soundtracks, captions, and text to make professional-looking videos.


And yes, the videos thus created can also be personalized to tell stories serving personal and business outcomes. Choose from several videos, images, text boxes, and stickers to make top-quality video content in just 5 minutes.


Express Creativity through Professional-Grade Videos

InVideo serves as one of the best platforms for making different videos, starting from professional documentaries to social media content. Users get the flexibility of designing one complete video from scratch simply using video clips, soundtracks, and images from the eclectic library of the tool.


The pre-existing templates on the platform make the video-making job easier- from birthday and Halloween themes to formats such as memes, there's everything for the users. The platform also works for users looking to create videos in different styles.


It is ideal for creating videos for personal and professional branding and special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. The versatility of this video maker helps users make simple and crisp slideshow-style video content with the simple incorporation of text, music, and images. Also, use it for making complex videos featuring tinged story themes.


It is also one of the best tools for individuals looking to hone their skills in video making. It helps users make their presence felt on the different social media platforms by regularly posting interesting content. So, be it YouTube or Facebook, where you want to gain recognition, InVideo does it all for you. Mind it- you are not paying anything for this!


Final Words

The reason behind the large-scale popularity of InVideo as the best video editor is its ease of use. It helps you create the most stunning videos for varied social media channels. It will be the perfect tool for you if you do not have any video-making and editing skills. So, why the wait?


Make your way straight towards InVideo and give your business a boost with the right videos!