Creating the Ideal Workspace: Flooring and Underfloor Heating for a Liveable Office

Updated: September 01, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Creating the Ideal Workspace: Flooring and Underfloor Heating for a Liveable Office


A liveable office environment has taken center stage in the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, where employee well-being and productivity are paramount. Gone are the days when an office was just a workplace; today, it's a space designed for comfort, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.


The flooring choice is one crucial element in transforming an office into a liveable oasis. The flooring underfoot may not always be the first thing that comes to mind. Still, it plays a pivotal role in creating a workspace that's visually appealing and functionally efficient.


But what if we take it a step further? What if we combine aesthetics, functionality, and a touch of luxury? It is where underfloor heating enters the picture.


In this blog, we will explore the world of liveable offices and the symbiotic relationship between investing in the right flooring and the incredible benefits of underfloor heating. 


We'll answer questions like why making your office more liveable is essential, the significance of investing in high-quality flooring, and whether underfloor heating is a viable choice for the modern workplace. 


So, let's embark on a journey to make your office a place where productivity meets comfort and where your employees thrive.


Why Make The Office More Liveable?


One of the biggest benefits of adding underfloor heating into the workspace is creating a better work environment. There has been a significant shift - likely inspired by the Silicon Valley working wonderlands - towards creating more enjoyable offices.


The idea is to create a workspace where employees want to be, thus increasing their motivation to produce high-quality work. Although we’re unlikely to ever move back to luxury personal offices, some beautiful collaborative office spaces inspire work envy!


If you’re looking to ditch claustrophobic cubicles, maximize natural light, and clean things up with fresh paint, it makes sense to look at your floors, too.



Why Invest in Flooring?


If you’re considering installing underfloor heating, you’ll likely want to update your flooring too. Engineered wood is typically the most suitable flooring type for underfloor heating, adding class and elegance to any office space.


Spending money on the office may seem like an ineffective use of your budget, but as mentioned previously, an attractive office can potentially improve your employees’  productivity. A  good work environment may also encourage employees to stay with the company - cutting down those huge costs associated with staff turnover.


Your flooring is one of, if not the biggest, focal points of your office, so updating it will make a huge difference. Engineered wood flooring, in particular, has the effect of solid wood flooring, which makes spaces seem fresh, open, and airy while retaining a feeling of luxury.


Why Underfloor Heating?


Controlling temperature in an office can often be difficult. We are facing a cost of living crisis that has skyrocketed energy bills, but being environmentally conscious is another key consideration.


Traditional radiators can’t keep a room at one temperature. Since heat rises, the heat produced by a radiator heats the area around it. The rest of the air is taken to the ceiling and mixes slowly around the room - resulting in as much as an 8-degree temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling.


With underfloor heating, you’re heating from the bottom, allowing the heat to rise and create radiant warmth. This results in more ambient temperatures that will be more comfortable for you and your team.


Traditional radiators are also unsightly and can ruin the aesthetic you want in your office space. With underfloor heating, everything is kept tidily out of sight - bar your handy thermostat.


As underfloor heating is more efficient, it can also help reduce energy costs. It is particularly true in office spaces where the heating is typically ramped up most of the time - we don’t expect you to tell your employees to put on an extra jumper when it's chilly!


Traditional radiators also circulate bacteria, dust, and fumes around a room. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, reduces moisture levels, which then eliminates dust mites and mycobacterial growth. 


Furthermore, since underfloor heating doesn’t use convection airflow, germs and allergens are not spread as widely as they would be with traditional radiators - meaning less staff sickness!


Is Underfloor Heating a Good Choice For The Office?


Despite not being the most traditional choice for the office, there are many benefits to installing underfloor heating. Investing a lot of money into the workplace cuts company profits, but having a reputation as a good employer and a space where employees want to be will pay back in dividends. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the toasty warmth too!



When you want to renovate your office space, approach it with the same level of care as your property. It may be tempting to seek out the cheapest and easiest things to install, but when you ask someone to spend 40 hours of their week in an office, it’s worth trying to create a comfortable, inviting environment!