Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Squishmallow - Release Date And Price

Updated: August 30, 2023
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Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon Squishmallow - Release Date And Price


Pokémon Squishmallows is now formally available and undoubtedly cute, but no one was surprised when they quickly sold out everywhere. However, we are watching inventory levels at different merchants and providing advice that may enable you to take one of these priceless round-boys home.


When the Pikachu and Gengar plush toys from Squishmallow were first offered in November, they rapidly sold out. The Pokémon Company and Squishmallow manufacturer Jazwares promised that more would be available in the spring.


Pikachu and Gengar were on sale in Walmart bins, but they disappeared as swiftly as they appeared. According to a Jazwares official, several stores prematurely displayed plush toys


The Pokemon Squishmallow release date is set for "approximately February, which is a little before the arrival of spring. Walmart stores have begun stocking the Squishmallow as of February, but they have yet to be seen online.


Gengar and Pikachu are the only available Pokémon, but Snorlax, Togepi, Piplup, Teddiursa, and Clefairy will be available later this year.


Pokemon Squishmallow Price 


Pikachu and Gengar 20-inch figures are available at Target for $44.99 each. Unfortunately, both plushies are sold out. However, depending on where you live, you could be lucky enough to find a store nearby with stock.


  • Gengar 20-inch Squishmallow - ($44.99) 


  • Pikachu 20-inch Squishmallow - ($44.99) 


Additionally, Gamestop offers these ideal beans for presale in 10- and 14-inch versions for $19.99 and $29.99, respectively. It might be your best choice if you can wait until May 12th, when they become available.


Another website worth bookmarking is Pokemoncenter.com, which sells both plush Pokémon in 12-inch sizes.


  • Gengar 12-inch Squishmallow - ($29.99) 


  • Pikachu 12-inch Squishmallow - ($29.99) 



If you must carry anything home immediately, you can find third-party listings on Walmart or eBay, but their prices and stock tend to change drastically.


Some resources warn when these valuable goods get refilled for those who want to do some extra work. We advise you to follow Squishalerts on Twitter and Instagram for that. The Squishalerts App is available for both Apple and Android devices.


Another choice is to follow Wario64 on Twitter, which regularly emphasizes alerts for other in-high-demand commodities and updates on restocks of popular products like the PlayStation 5.


As an alternative, Target and GameStop have many large plush Pokémon available. While they don't bear the official Squishmallow logo, they are just as adorable.


Pokemon Squishmallow At Gamestop 


  • 8-inch Pikachu Squishmallow ($14.99)


  • 8-inch Cyndaquil Squishmallow ($14.99)


  • 8-inch Bagon Squishmallow ($14.99)


  • 8-inch Rowlet Squishmallow ($14.99)


  • 8-inch Oshawott Squishmallow ($14.99)


  • 12-inch Duskull Squishmallow ($29.99)



Pokemon Squishmallow At Target 


  • 18-inch Snorlax Squishmallow ($29.99)


  • 18-inch Pikachu Squishmallow ($29.99)


  • 13-inch Jigglypuff Squishmallow ($29.99)


  • 15-inch Squirtle Squishmallow ($29.99)


  • 25-inch Scorbunny Squishmallow ($29.99)


  • 24-inch Pikachu Squishmallow ($49.99)


  • 24-inch Eevee Squishmallow ($49.99)


  • 24-inch Mimikyu Squishmallow ($49.99)