The New Boss in Pizza Ovens is the Blackstone Pizza Oven — How? Read It Out!

Updated: August 30, 2023
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The New Boss in Pizza Ovens is the Blackstone Pizza Oven — How? Read It Out!


Folks, you heard it here first! The Pizza Oven Conversion Kit from Blackstone has taken over as the new sheriff in the town of pizza makers. With the release of this brand-new item from Walmart, the age-old custom of baking your Italian-style pizza in your backyard is making a triumphant comeback!


When you want a fresh, fire-cooked pizza with a genuine flavor, you won't need to go far to the priciest Italian restaurant. And let's face it, compared to the abundance of outdoor pizza ovens on the market, which can cost up to $2,000, this Blackstone offering is more affordable (more on that below).


A great addition to any outdoor kitchen, the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven Add-On offers functionality, quick cooking, mobility, heat capacity, and enjoyment value. This pizza oven accessory from Blackstone is superior to all others and will be valuable to any kitchen.



Features Of the Blackstone Pizza Oven


Some Features Of the Blackstone Pizza Oven; 


  • Typically, it takes around six minutes to cook a pizza.


  • On a Blackstone Pizza Oven, 8–10 pizzas can get cooked on a one lb. propane bottle.


  • Within the Blackstone pizza oven are two stones. One is directly above the other, where the pizza rests while it cooks. You get a more enjoyable cooking experience overall thanks to this proprietary technology.


  • You can convert your grill into a pizza oven in about 30 minutes. Switching from a griddle to a pizza oven only takes a few minutes after the heat shield is mounted, which alters everything!


Blackstone Pizza Oven For Sale 


As part of their Black Friday Deals for Days Sale, head to as soon as possible to snag this Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven Add-On for 22 Griddles for just $159 delivered (regularly $227).


This accessory lets you turn any regular 22" Blackstone outdoor tabletop griddle into a pizza oven. It can bake up to a 15-inch pizza and is made to look like a traditional brick pizza oven. It has handles with heat-resistant grips, a built-in thermometer, and two pizza stones.


It should be noted that this add-on only works with ordinary 22′′ Blackstone griddle pizza ovens; it is incompatible with Models 8001, 8003, 1935, 2015, and 1860. Fortunately, the 22" Blackstone Adventure Ready Grill is still on sale for just $127 (usually $279), allowing you to get both for $286!


On a 22-inch Blackstone griddle, the pizza oven will trap heat up to 700 degrees F to give you a tasty crust. You don't have to wait long to eat pizza because it can bake in as little as 2.5 minutes. Details and features are listed below.


  • Use a tabletop Blackstone griddle pizza oven, 22 inches.

  • The retail price is $220.35

  • up to a 15-inch pizza

  • One round and one rectangle cordierite pizza stones are included.

  • The integrated thermometer



  • It weighs 50 pounds.

  • Your griddle's fuel must be changed to a 20-pound propane tank.