Some best Slimming sports

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Updated: May 14, 2018
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Some best Slimming sports

Today, no one will deny the fact that regular sports activities provide an opportunity to bring your body in order, making it more attractive. However, very often people are interested in what the best sports for weight loss are today.


This question can actually be very relevant because otherwise, you can wait a long time for positive results. If they are not for a long time, then a person can be disappointed and stop actively training. Most often, the issue of losing weight is relevant for girls, as the guys prefer to do bodybuilding and thereby not only get rid of fat, but also gain muscle mass.


In this case, girls often play sports prefer diet programs that can be quite tough. Very rarely, such a tactic brings the desired result. In most cases, when using only diets, the weight goes away, but for a short time. Maximum results can be treated only if the best sports for weight loss and proper nutrition are combined.


Why is it better to lose weight with the help of sports, rather than a diet?

Sometimes a person wants to get rid of excess weight and at the same time leave the house as little as possible. You should understand that the effect that the best sports for weight loss products on the body are comparable to the results of rigid dietary nutrition programs, but it is of a long-term nature.


If you are engaged in sports or use a diet, you achieve the same - the energy deficit in the body. However, the impact of strict dietary nutrition programs is often very negative, since the body needs high-calorie food. With an energy deficit achieved through diets, the body activates catabolic processes that destroy muscle tissues.


If you use the best sports for weight loss, then due to the regular physical activity you strengthen your muscles and support the normal functioning of all body systems. Speaking differently, due to sports for the purpose of getting rid of excess weight, you get the necessary result and do not do any harm to your health.


Also speaking about the differences between strict diets and sports, in the first case the body starts to conserve energy, and fatty tissues will be burned extremely inactive. The human body is so arranged that during the famine, it tries to find sources of energy and at the same time to consume fat stores minimally.


  • It should be noted that sports for weight loss work in four directions at once, which allows you to achieve the desired result in a short time:
  • In one hour of training an average of 150 to 1200 calories is burned, and this figure depends on several parameters, for example, the type of load and its intensity.
  • Under the influence of physical activity in the body, the production of the hormone adrenaline, which is one of the most powerful natural fat burners, is accelerating.
  • Sports can significantly accelerate metabolic processes (metabolism), which leads to an increase in energy consumption. As a result, fats are burned even in a state of rest, when you no longer train.
  • Training can not only get rid of extra pounds but also make the figure more attractive.



How can I lose weight while doing sports?

You first need to find out which best sports for weight loss exist so as not to be disappointed. Energy in the human body can be obtained in two ways:

1.       Aerobic - in the process of energy supply, oxygen participates.

2.       Anaerobic - oxygen is not used to generate energy.


It is possible to distinguish two similar physical activities. When using aerobic types of exercise, the body works for a long period of time, for example, when you run, swim, cycle, etc. Anaerobic loads are strength training when you lift weights.


Thus, to talk about what the best sports for weight loss exist, you can only know the purpose of your classes. It is very important to imagine what you are going to achieve in class. Strength training contributes to an active set of muscle mass. This will allow the girls to tighten the buttocks and other muscles. However, the problem of excess weight may in this case remain and here you will again have to return to the use of cardio loads.


Aerobic exercises stimulate the growth of mitochondria. These organelles are located in cellular structures and are intended for obtaining the energy of their various substances, including fatty acids. Scientists have proven a direct relationship between the number of mitochondria and the number of calories burned. It is also worth remembering that cardio loads contribute to the synthesis of specific enzymes that are necessary to activate the processes of reduction of adipose tissues.


In addition, the body has the ability to recover much faster after cardio sessions in comparison with anaerobic workouts. Immediately during a powerful lesson, less calories will be burned than is possible with cardio loads. At the same time, muscles require a lot of energy to maintain their work, even at rest. As a result, we can say that the ideal option is to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercises.


What are the best sports for weight loss?

Let's look at those sports that can be a great help for you in the fight against fat.





This is one of the best types of a spot for weight loss, which, among other things, positively affects the entire body. Thanks to swimming you can not only get rid of excess weight but also strengthen all muscle groups. Also, a harmful load will be removed from the spinal column and the joint-ligament apparatus. Swimming can be considered one of the least traumatic sports disciplines.



If, after strength training, you often feel pain in the muscles, especially at first, then after visiting the pool it will not be. To get maximum results, you need to practice three times a week, and the duration of one workout should be about 45 minutes.



Cycling is no less effective in combating excess kilograms in comparison with swimming. Many people around the world are fond of this sport and get excellent results. Now cycling is becoming increasingly popular in our state.



Biking allows not only effectively burning fat, but also strengthening the muscles of the legs, buttocks, and thighs. All this will make your figure more attractive. It is the thighs and buttocks that most often cause displeasure in girls who want to always look the best.


Over the course of a week, cycling is done three times with the duration of one lesson in 60 minutes. It should be remembered that the exercise bike can give a similar effect in comparison with a classic bicycle, but in the warmer months bike tours in the fresh air will be the best choice.





For many years, jogging is one of the most popular means of combating obesity. To get rid of excess weight as soon as possible, make long distance runs at an average pace every second day. Try to make your route so that during the session keep as far away from the busy traffic.



Here are the best sports for weight loss. However, men can also recommend sports games, such as football, basketball, etc. These sports disciplines involve short rushing races and jumps, which has a very positive effect on the process of lipolysis.


No less choice and the girls, because for weight loss you can use not only the above sports discipline. Dancing, Pilates, and various types of aerobics will also be very effective. Whichever sport you choose for weight loss, when combined with the right healthy diet, the results will not be long in coming. Although, of course, patience to stock up you will have to.