Why Is Sport Important And How Does It Help Achieve Its Goals?

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Updated: October 19, 2018
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Why Is Sport Important And How Does It Help Achieve Its Goals?

I would like to start my article not with praising sports, but with a realistic and clear explanation of what sport is really useful. You will say - "Why?" Sport is good. Sport is health".

According to statistics, 90% of articles about sports praise him and do not give clear instructions on doing sports, but only call for sports. I'll explain in my article how to play sports, what would really be good for your health. I will also tell you about the influence of sport on your thinking and achievement of goals.



Coming into the sport, you have to ask yourself the question - why do I want to do this? Most people do not give a clear answer to this question, but start to list. For example - "I'm doing this for making money, for improving health and figure." People who do not have enough experience in sports do not understand that occupying professional sports is not as incompatible with improving health. At best, your health will remain at the same level. In professional sports, the loads are too large and complex for the human body.


Even if the sores do not surface during a sports career, all these loads will remind themselves of a more advanced age. Scientists have proved that professional sports are harmful to health and this is a fact. It is recommended to work 7 to 14 hours a week. In this case, you should not at all check your body for strength. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself with awful training and extreme weights, if the workouts include working with weights, whether they are free weights or simulators. Yes, progress will not be as good as with grueling workouts and beyond the balance for you, but for that you can be sure that you are really doing sports for your health. It is very important for everyone involved in sports "for themselves" to find a balance in the burden on the body. The load should not be minimal, but should not be prohibitively high.


We need to find a middle ground. It is best to increase the load by increasing, adding each workout until you realize that your body is not capable of adding to your next training without harming yourself. With experience, you will feel your body better. You will understand whether you need to raise the bar or better to work out the current level of physical fitness.


Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is physical training. Regular exercise helps to keep muscles toned, get rid of fat deposits, look slim and beautiful. Thanks to the active propaganda and educational work of valeologists, the great importance of sport in the life of man today are known to everyone. However, sports can give us much more obvious benefits to the body.

1. Regular exercise helps maintain discipline.

Like any other regular exercise, physical exercises help in the formation of self-discipline. To force oneself to go in for sports means to start its development. The role of sport in this regard is very great. The habit of doing sports every day will put in your schedule the starting point. Starting with it, you can make planning your everyday life more understandable and stable. In addition, it will be easier for you to show discipline in other areas of your life: you can accustom yourself to wake up every day on the first bell of the alarm clock (and sometimes even without it), come to meetings on time, learn a new language for yourself, and so on.




2._Physical_exercises_lift_the_mood.">2. Physical exercises lift the mood.

During sports, the human body produces endorphins, which are also called hormones of happiness. One has only to overcome the laziness barrier and at least ten to fifteen minutes to run along the path - and a high mood after the shower will be provided to you. How to start playing sports with pleasure? Just dedicate him at least fifteen minutes. This is a wonderful way to get rid of short-term and prolonged depression. Physical exercises will be an excellent alternative to "jamming problems." Fight with sadness for the benefit of yourself and your body. When you have nothing to do, it's boring and you are busy aimlessly updating the pages in the browser, for the sake of experiment, arrange a 20-minute charge and see how your state changes.


3._Physically_strong_people_are_more_attractive_to_the_opposite_sex.">3. Physically strong people are more attractive to the opposite sex.

Since primitive times, each person at the level of instincts has been committed to continuing the genus with a physically strong partner who, if necessary, could stand up for the protection of the family. These instincts work well in our time: strong guys enjoy the deserved attention of women, and smart girls instantly attract the admiring glances of men. That's why sports are important.



4._Regular_exercise_increases_the_life_expectancy.">4. Regular exercise increases the life expectancy.

Many might argue that when exercise increases the consumption of oxygen, organs work more actively - which means that the body wears out more quickly. In part this is true. However untrained muscles in the one not very pleasant moment can refuse to work. A weak heart cannot cope with the flow of blood - and the attack will be assured. A lot of elderly people regularly go in for sports, without feeling any discomfort at the same time. Comparing them with more lazy peers, it is possible to put quite unequivocally on who will survive whom.


5._Sport_helps_to_live.">5. Sport helps to live.

Why do you need to exercise every day? As it was already written above, regular physical exercises help to strengthen muscles and organs. This allows you to prevent many diseases, not to mention what makes you feel better even in old age. Sport helps to live. In the gym, you can meet like-minded people, on the morning jog - positive people, and the evening grueling exercise will help, in defiance of logic, to relieve fatigue after work.

Why does sport contribute to the achievement of goals?

It's pretty simple. In sports, we set ourselves certain goals. And day by day we go to the goal. That is, every day we work on the goal. There is a goal, then hard work, then a result. Our brains understand this when they are playing sports. And already in everyday life applies the same algorithm. It does not matter what you do. When you set a goal, the brain understands that to achieve the result - you have to work hard. Like banal and obvious words. We have heard this many times and ourselves came to such conclusions. The paradox is that even if we understand the algorithm for achieving the goal, we do not use it. So "to introduce this algorithm in us" helps sports. Initially, we do not even understand how things are going.


We train every day and come to the result. Even after the achievement of the result, we analyze and understand, how we achieved it and through what we had to go through. This is exactly what is one of the best qualities in sports to make us understand how to achieve goals, to be single-minded. Those who did sports know that the result will be obtained only after a certain work has been done. The most interesting is that after a couple of years of playing sports you already understand that it was sports that you gave this dedication, hard work, and discipline.

Go in for sport wisely!