Top 7 Smart Devices You Need at Home

Updated: May 10, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Top 7 Smart Devices You Need at Home

It's 2023, and smart home devices do not surprise anyone. Taking care of a household has never been so easy. All you need today is a few pieces of technology to perform the essential work around the house. Modern smart devices aim to make our houses safer, cleaner, more organized, and simply automated so everything becomes more convenient and easier to handle.

So, nowadays, almost anything can be handled online. You can get notifications about any processes happening in your house or outside it to a certain degree. Most smart devices aim to make our lives easier by caring for all the little things that don't necessarily require our attention or physical presence. So, let's see the seven smart devices you need at home right now.

The_Smart_Doorbell">The Smart Doorbell

Nothing speaks more of safety than a good lock on a door and a smart doorbell. Having a smart doorbell will prevent any shady situation. No unwanted person will go through that door unnoticed. Now, you don't even have to approach the door to see who is behind it. Open the app on any device and watch the video from the outside. In addition, most cameras record each interaction and store those videos in the cloud of your choice. Hence, if anything goes sideways, you have a video of a perpetrator, which can be sent to the police immediately.

WiFi Smart Lock

Combining a smart lock and a smart doorbell will make your life much easier. First, when installing both devices, you can greet the visitors and open the door via apps. Moreover, a smart lock will monitor all door activities. Hence, you can get notifications when the doors are opened or closed, even when you are away from home. Overall, this device enhances your home security while providing more flexibility at home.

Smart_Security_Camera">Smart Security Camera

Smart cameras are becoming not a luxury but a necessity these days. Having an unprotected front or back yard seems like a bad idea, especially when a small camera can fix it for you. Most smart cameras have great features to offer. For instance, the majority of these cameras come with motion detectors. Hence, they will get activated once there is any activity on the perimeter.

Secondly, some cameras come with built-in flashlights. Thus, it will direct bright light on any moving object it detects. Also, most smart security cameras have great night vision and video resolution today. Moreover, these cameras often operate on batteries, lasting up to six months. Thus, the cameras are easy to install and replace when needed due to their battery power source.

Smart Air Purifier

The quality of our air is quite concerning these days. Air quality in our houses worsens with air pollution, extraordinary heat or cold. In addition, such air changes make some people more vulnerable than others. For example, people with asthma and allergies are more prone to feeling the negative effects of poor air quality. Children and people of age are also in the risk group of developing complications due to air pollution.

Luckily, you can protect your home with a smart air purifier. These things are super easy to find and use. Most such devices can notify you daily about air quality and the work done on purifying it. Find the one air purifier (or a combination of two) that works best for you. For instance, people with dog allergies and pets at home may need extra features to clean the air from the allergens. Others may just want to balance dry air and humidity at home.

Smart Display

Smart displays haven't been around long enough, yet they have already gained quite a fan base among users. These things can be irreplaceable at home, especially in the kitchen. That's where they are most often set. People like having them there so they can cook hands-free with guidance from the device. Most smart displays come with powerful audio systems and high video resolutions.

A smart device is a great tool for video calls with your loved ones or searches online. They have a response to everything; whether you seek dinner recipes or type 'Where to Look for Inspiration for Productive Learning," a smart display will have your back. Moreover, you can use the device to connect with all your other smart home devices for even better control and monitoring.

Robot vacuum

How can we skip robot vacuums on this list? These smart devices have already become classics. Anyone who's ever had one can't imagine their life without it again. These robots help maintain our house in great shape with minimum effort. There is a great variety of robot options you can go with.

The most modern one is, perhaps, the Shark Ion R85. It is very efficient and comes with a very convenient and easy-to-use app. However, even the most recent versions of robot vacuums still haven't found a way around thick carpets. These robots are often stuck there, so you better watch out for this one.

WiFi Smart Plug

With all these devices, we need to monitor our energy use at home. Fortunately, smart plugs can do this job for us. These devices can help you control all home electric appliances from a distance. Thus, you can make personal settings when certain devices should be turned on. Such settings can use time, temperature, days of the week, or other parameters. So, all you need is to turn a switch inside an app, and your lights are off, and the washing machine is on. Isn't it the future already?