Tips For Getting The Best Deals At Ulta Beauty

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Updated: September 20, 2023
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Tips For Getting The Best Deals At Ulta Beauty


If you are that person whose life revolves around cosmetics and who’s very fond of trying out the newest cosmetics, trying out new ones, then for sure you are a fan of Ulta. The beauty store is popular because it sells top brands in the hair and skin care department. They have a plethora of cosmetics of every brand. Ulta is the store that will be there for your makeup needs. If you are a makeup enthusiast who will spend your bucks on Ulta, keep reading this blog. We will tell you how to save money every time you are going to shop at Ulta Beauty.


Joining The Ulta Ultamate Rewards Program:


First, whenever you are about to do your shopping at any retailer you love, ensure you are signed up for their free rewards program. This is where your journey begins, bagging rewards and freebies whenever you purchase stuff from the store. These rewards are known as Ulta’s Ultamate rewards. 


Note that the more you spend, the more points you gain. The higher your tier, the more Ulta perks will land you. You can even do online shopping on Ulta and earn your rewards every time you check out from the store. 


Pro tip: Ultimate Rewards members can earn points at the Ulta beauty stores inside Target. It means you can earn rewards even when you are at Target. 


Using An Ulta Credit Card For Your Shopping Cart:


Ulta doesn’t only have the Ultamate Rewards program, but they have their credit card. This card will help you in stacking up precious points even more quickly. For every purchase of $1 you spend using an Ulta credit card, you will earn one extra point at Ulta. You get it, no? It means you can double the points, and it will double your rewards. Exciting enough? Yes, it is. Besides these perks, there’s a %20 off for people who are making their first purchase using a credit card. This way, you will learn how to save money on makeup by using discounts and points.


If you buy something you want to return, you can read about the Ulta return policy online, and you will be able to get it replaced.


Getting Free Shipping On Your Online Orders:


Anyone shopping over $35 gets free shipping, while the Ultamate Rewards Diamond members have to spend $25 minimum for Ulta free shipping. 


If you are purchasing something that won’t meet the free shipping requirements, you can consider going for Ulta’s free pickup option. 


If you have been thinking, ‘Does Ulta do free shipping?’ Then you have your questions answered now. 


Similar free shipping brand: You can also check kohls free shipping mvc


Using The Ulta Coupons:


Getting your hands on the Ulta coupon of $15 is one of the easiest things; it is now the most common Ulta coupon on the market. You can check the qualifying products on Ulta’s website. You might find new promotions on Ulta as well. 


There’s a 20% coupon. It’s the most sought-after coupon by Ulta. It has two options: 20% off one qualifying item and 20% on your purchase (prestige brands included). The 20% coupons are available a few times a year. 


If you want to obtain these coupons, you will get them by signing in to the Ultamate Rewards program. Or you can find at the back of the current ads, which they send you in the mail once a month. Always check them carefully before throwing them into the bin.


Throughout Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty Event, Purchase Items: 


Ulta holds its 21 Days of Beauty event twice yearly, offering steep discounts on well-liked cosmetics. To save a lot of money, schedule your shopping at this time.


Bring Your Bag For Groceries 


Don't forget to bring a reusable shopping bag since Ulta will give you a discount if you do.


Getting Freebies On Your Purchase:


Ulta has a plethora of products with a gift purchase. Always check Ulta’s product page for companies offering a gift with every purchase. Some are in selected quantities, while others last longer. When buying a product, keep a check to see if you get a gift.


Getting To Know Ulta’s Return Policy:


You must be wondering why this just came out in the tips. Ulta has a different type of policy for all of its products. You can save your money by knowing these policies very well. You can return any product with a receipt (verified with your member ID of Ultamate Rewards) within 60 days for a refund or exchange; This is Ulta’s refund policy. It’s easy for most individuals out there.


As we know, after 60 days of Ulta’s return policy, you can easily get your items returned or exchanged between these 60 days if there’s something slightly wrong. 


For instance, you can get the lipstick under Ulta’s return policy and change it if it doesn’t match the desired shade.


Using these suggestions, you can get what you want from your Ulta Beauty shopping experience while staying within your budget. Enjoy your shopping!


Look For Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) Discounts:


Ulta frequently has BOGO sales where you may purchase a second item at a reduced cost or even for free. These offers are a fantastic way to save money on skincare and cosmetics.


Final Thoughts:


To sum up, you are well-known for the tips you must follow to save money whenever you shop at Ulta store. You can use your Ultamate rewards, coupons, or credit card points to get a slashed price on your checkout. Moreover, you can use these perks on Ulta’s online shopping store.