Discover a Variety of Wayfair Rugs: From Antique to Modern, Find the Perfect Rug for Your Home

Updated: August 28, 2023
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Discover a Variety of Wayfair Rugs: From Antique to Modern, Find the Perfect Rug for Your Home


Whenever you walk inside a room, you will always spot different types of rugs in every other room. It is because everyone has their preferences and chooses whichever they like. They will put the carpet as per their requirements and how they want something. 


Some people go with the matching of curtains, sofas, and furniture. Meanwhile, some use different rug colors to keep different tones in the room. In this article, you will read about the various rugs available, and you can get your living room rugs from Wayfair.



Rugs are often called area rugs. They are known as area rugs because they occupy an area in the living room or any other room. These rugs tell a different room story, and their aura is unique. 


Individuals can choose the area rugs according to their styles. These rugs have numerous designs globally. You can head to Wayfair’s website and check the area rugs from Wayfair.


Every rug helps create a vibe of the room and gives the visitors a feeling that they won’t feel the same if they go to any other room. You can get the 5x7 rugs from Wayfair and set them with your furniture in your living room. It will look amazing!


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However, there are different types of fancy rugs in the world. Check them below:


  • Antique rugs


  • Vintage rugs


  • Modern rugs


  • Oriental rugs


  • Wool rugs


  • Silk rugs


Consider exploring the search engines or stores using these categories when searching for a rug. It will be better for your understanding.


Antique Rugs:


The older the thing, the more personality gets added to it. These antique rugs have their class. They stand out from other rugs because the designs back in the day were unique. They would make a dull room into a lively one. The sophistication and personality in these rugs were on a different level.


Furthermore, these rugs are timeless. They come at a reasonable price tag. You can check some rugs at


Antique rugs come in different types. They are as follows:


  • 17th Century Rugs


  • Angora Rugs


  • English Rugs


  • Persian Qashqai Rugs


  • Mongolian Rugs



Vintage Rugs:


Vintage Rugs are pretty much similar to Antique Rugs. These rugs have nostalgia inside them. They come from the mid-20th century, and people say they have a lot of character. On these rugs, you often spot pop-art elements, such as surrealism or minimalism. You can get 9x12 rugs from Wayfair for your room. 


Moreover, vintage rugs have different types in them. It includes:


  • Scandinavian Rugs


  • Moroccan Rugs


  • Art Deco Rugs


  • Vintage Persian Rugs


We have seen that vintage rugs are getting trendy lately because of the new type of interior design.


Modern Rugs:


Modern rugs started to roll out in a few decades. These rugs are highly influenced and inspired by the Modern and Art Deco styles in Europe, America, and China. Most modern rugs rely on Picasso, Keel, or Miro's masterpieces for inspiration. You can get the multicolor rug from Wayfair if you want. 


These rugs have different types, which include:


  • Swedish Rugs


  • Mid-Century Modern Rugs


  • Modern Morrocan Rugs


  • Genaro Rivas Rugs


  • Modernist Rugs


  • Expressionist Rugs


  • Artistic Rugs



Oriental Rugs:


Oriental rugs are hand-crafted rugs and carpets that come straight out of Asia. These rugs are made up of silk, wool, or cotton. The unique design of these rugs and attention to detail take a lot of time for the person who is sewing or hand-knotting these rugs. 


The quality of the hand-craftiness creates this rug in a way that makes it look distinctive from other rugs. You can pick some oriental round rugs from Wayfair. Moreover, oriental rugs come in different types. 


These types include:


  • Chinese Rugs


  • Indian Rugs


  • Afghanistan Rugs


  • Pakistani Rugs


  • Turkish Rugs


  • Tibetan Rugs


Wool Rugs:


Wool is the widely used material in top-notch rugs and carpets. The wool comes from sheep, goats, camels, and more. It changes if someone needs more softness or strength. Meanwhile, some still think these wool rugs are the same. 


The thing is that they vary from type to type. You can get red rugs from Wayfair for your bedroom.


Wool rugs are of different types. Check them below:


  • Persian Rugs


  • Oriental Rugs


  • Modern Rugs


  • Moroccan Rugs


  • Antique Rugs


  • Vintage Rugs


Buy Your Next Rug from Wayfair:


If you are a person who likes to have a modern interior design type, then you can go for the geometric rug from Wayfair.


If you want a decent room with modern furniture, you can opt for the orange rug from Wayfair.


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Individuals who think they have purchased the wrong rug don’t need to worry anymore. Suppose your concern is ‘how to return the rug to Wayfair,’ then there is no need to stress it out. Just give it to Wayfair within 30 days in its original condition. Then, you can choose whichever design you like.


Final Thoughts:


To sum up, you are pretty much aware of the available rugs in the market that you can purchase right now. You can get any rug from Wayfair, and if you are looking for a multicolor rug from Wayfair, no worries. We have it stocked in our store. Get it from us!