Exploring the Comfort and Longevity of Latex Mattresses: A Guide to Sleep Quality, Maintenance, and Health Questions

Updated: August 26, 2023
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Exploring the Comfort and Longevity of Latex Mattresses: A Guide to Sleep Quality, Maintenance, and Health Questions


We have discussed the Latex Mattress in our previous post. Still, since the topic is not diminutive, it covers all the issues and queries related to Latex Mattresses. Here, we are delivering the explanations to inquiries in a  detailed & brief manner to ensure the doubts & questions about the Latex and Latex Mattress are responded to. 


Trimming the preface and going ahead to the substance so that maximum time gained knowledge is presumed. 


What Is Latex?


Many of you must not be completely aware of Latex; if you want to know about Latex, more precisely, Natural Latex is the foam emanating from the rubber plants' milky fluid. Latex is very sustainable and nonpolluting as compared to the other synthetic foams as the Latex has the quality to renew its resources instead of having the prospect of dangerous chemicals. 


Nevertheless, a few substances are counted in the fabrication procedure of latex products to supply durability and configuration. 



What Is A Latex Mattress?


A latex mattress is manufactured by blending the latex foam with the reflexive foam or springs, completing the requirements for a validating and enduring sleep cycle. The latex mattress was uncovered and established first by the Dunlopillo in the early 1900s introduced the latex mattress by utilizing natural Latex in a huge pastureland of pillows and mattresses. 


They were immaculately formed of latex foam that benefited the people for their pain and pressure relief while simultaneously providing the comfort that other foams fell to equip. 


Since latex products are naturally consumed from the rubber plant, a few latex mattresses also sometimes incorporate raw fillers to form a flawless, true-to-life bed. 


The Dunlopillo first manufactured the latex mattress. Still, it was adopted and followed by many other brands rightly and ideally, like Birch Living, Sleep On Latex, Latex For Less, Latex Mattress Factory, and many more similar brands. Do you wonder how natural Latex turns into a Latex Mattress? It's a simple yet technical process; you can read it below.


Method To Forge Natural Latex


  1. First, the white milky liquid from the rubber tree is dragged and routed into a bubbly foam. 


  1. Once the liquid is whupped, it is poured into a mold. 


  1. Afterward, the heated rods are entered into the mold, enabling the air pockets to bypass and assuring that the concluded mattress is consistently firm and athletic throughout the entire exterior body. 


How Long Does A Mattress Last? 


The standard mattress lasts 7 to 10 years, depending on how you treat your bed and what mattress you use—everything, from the sleeper sleeping style to the weight of the sleepers or sitters, utilized materials. At the same time, manufacturing, and most importantly, the mattress's original build quality, can impact a mattress's endurance. 


Pragmatically, the mattresses have no extinction date, but something that's totally in our hands is how we serve and handle the life of a bed and when is the time to retire the mattress and say bye-bye to the old and purchase a new one. But that may only be possible when you discern the discomfort and notice to change it rather than get used to it. 


In the chorus, the most vital element of the mattress is to have a peaceful sleep and provide the comfort and support that our body needs and requires at the end of the day. Though the best quality mattress can be a little more expensive than the ordinary one, it's fruitful to substitute the bed habitually to avoid body pain and pressure. 



How Long Should A Mattress Last?   


There is no need to consider how long a mattress is suitable for since we have provided you with all the detailed plots of mattress types and durability. Following are the types of mattresses with their longevity range along with the lifespan rating;


Innerspring Mattress


  • Average Lifespan — 5.5 – 6.5 years


  • Durability Rating —  Poor to fair


  • Opposition to Sagging — Poor to fair


  • Resistance  to Premature Softening — Good


  • Resistance to Developing Body Impressions — Good


  • Overall Longevity Rating — Fair



Foam Mattress


  • Average Lifespan — 6 – 7 years


  • Durability Rating — Fair to good


  • Resistance to Sagging — Fair


  • Opposition to Premature Softening — Poor to fair


  • Resistance to Developing Body Impressions — Poor to fair


  • Overall Longevity Rating — Good


Latex Mattress


  • Average Lifespan — 7.5 – 8.5 years


  • Durability Rating — Good to excellent


  • Resistance to Sagging — Good


  • Opposition to Premature Softening — Fair to good


  • Resistance to Developing Body Impressions — Fair to good


  • Overall Longevity Rating — Excellent


Hybrid Mattress


  • Average Lifespan — 6.5 – 7.5 years


  • Durability Rating — Fair to good


  • Resistance to Sagging — Fair


  • Opposition to Premature Softening — Fair to good


  • Resistance to Developing Body Impressions — Good


  • Overall Longevity Rating — Good



How To Clean The Latex Mattress? 


Don't worry about getting the bed dirty if you have the infants sleeping on it, whether it is blood stains, sweat stains, food or drink spills, or pee stains; you can clean it if you know how to do it right;


  • You can always try to Vacuum the Mattress first before cleaning it deeply. 


  • You can steam clean the mattress and use hot water to treat your latex mattress correctly. 


  • Using Baking Soda to remove the stains will never go wrong. 


  • Utilize the Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide. (You can also make a DIY stain-removing solution by adding three tablespoons of baking soda, eight ounces of hydrogen peroxide, and one tablespoon of dish soap).


  • White Vinegar cleaning agents always work out for Latex mattresses. 


  • Enzyme Cleaner is a perfect formula for cleaning hard, pompous stains and leaving a neat and clean surface behind. 


  • You can Spot Clean the mattress with a piece of cloth and water, taking help with the solution of your choice instead of cleaning the whole bed. 


  • Just a Laundry Detergent and water can be enough, too. 


  • Provide your Latex Mattress with a source of air to dry quickly. 


  • When you wash your latex mattress, change the bedding to avoid making it dirty again. 


Does Sleeping Burn Calories?


Do you burn calories when you sleep? — is the frequently asked question people are curious about and find fascinating: People can burn calories just by sleeping. The answer is yes because when we wake up in the morning, all our water is lost while breathing and sweating at night. 


It has been said that our calories can be burned during the night, and losing water weight is even more potent than losing or burning fat. Now imagine the more we sleep at night, the more we lose and burn calories, but what if the sleep cycle is not what is required? Of course, it will affect health and mental state too. 


Maintaining a proper sleep pattern is the most important way to achieve weight loss for diet-conscious people who want to lose weight overnight. However, burning all the body fat is not only done by sleep; you must work out, consider exercise and walking for fat burning, and put your body into the shape you want. 


How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?


Encompassed on how many calories do you burn while sleeping? Ably, as mentioned before, you can lose calories in a mere inexact number, around 50 calories an hour while sleeping. 


But that doesn't mean every person burns an equal amount of calories while different amounts are burned. It depends on an individual's Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) on how much the idol calorie burn that person requires and suits them. 


You can calculate your BMR easily on Google searching by providing accurate weight and height. Through that, you will know what ideal calorie burn you need.  


How To Sleep On A Wedge Pillow After Shoulder Surgery?


If you recently had shoulder surgery, take the prescribed pain relievers daily to reduce the pain as soon as possible. Secondly, if your shoulder is injured or you recently had shoulder surgery, remember not to sleep in a flat position; instead, sleep in an inclined or raised position. 


You'll presumably be considerably restful while up-right on a reclining seat for the first few days. When you return to the bed, you can take the support from a wedge pillow that holds your upper body bent at 45 degrees and stack up standard pillows. 


You can then return to your normal position after four to six weeks, depending on how long your shoulder needs to heal. 



What Is A Mattress Foundation? 


No doubt we all demand a blissful sleep, to which we can indeed have a magical pie-in-the-sky doze at the owl light that can only be possible if the bed foundation is sound. 


Keeping it to sanity, what is a bed foundation?


A mattress-for-bed foundation is a base in which the mattress is placed and fit, and it also makes your mattress lift from the floor or bottom, promoting you to sleep in a flowery and accurate placement. 


Unlike the coils and box springs, the foundation uses wooden planks to support the mattress. A perfect mattress foundation is formed when the wood strips are settled within a wooden box, then a wooden nest with the comfy and trendsetting cloth. 


By placing the proper mattress foundation, you may join the world of sleep fitness that you will fall for every time you sleep.