Wing It On With National Chicken Wings Day Deals And Freebies This 29 July

Updated: September 30, 2023
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Wing It On With National Chicken Wings Day Deals And Freebies This 29 July


Wings are still one of the best game-day appetizers, whether they are grilled, fried, sweet, or spicy. If you prefer the most portable chicken in existence, this is your lucky day. On National Chicken Wings Day, you can score some of the best offers of the year on chicken wings.


The most versatile protein on the planet has to be chicken wings, which may get ordered hot and spicy, sticky sweet, or plain Jane, and are best enjoyed with blue cheese, celery sticks, or plum sauce.


More than 27 billion chicken wings were consumed in 2013, and 1.23 billion wings were consumed over the course of the Super Bowl alone, with Americans attesting to this fact by eating them in massive quantities—almost 100 million pounds worth of wings. Imagine chicken wings laid out end to end; they would circle the globe twice to give you an idea of what that may look like.


When Is National Chicken Wing Day


National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated every year on July 29, promoting a frenzied sauce and dipping activity. Take your time when there are a lot of choices.


Stan Makowski, the mayor of Buffalo, New York, at the time, declared it as National Chicken Wing Day for the first time in 1977, according to the website for a holiday.


According to the website, chicken wings began to gain popularity only in the early 1960s. Before then, cooks used them as an ingredient in stock pots to prepare the soup. Nevertheless, two Buffalo eateries recognized their potential.


Wings'n Stuff started serving breaded wings in 1963. A year later, when her hungry college-aged son and his pals showed up searching for a late-night snack, Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of The Anchor Bar, fried some up in butter and hot sauce.


Is Today National Chicken Wing Day?


Are you a Chicken Wings lover searching for what day is National Chicken Wing Day to score some discounted and free Chicken Wings? Well, National Chicken Wings Day falls on 29 July every year, and that is,


  • National Chicken Wing Day 2022 - Friday.


  • National Chicken Wing Day 2023 - Saturday. 


  • National Chicken Wing Day 2024 - Monday.



National Chicken Wings Day Deals


Are there ranch-dressing waterfalls? Yes. A mountain of blue cheese? Yes. Napkins? Yes. You have an unquenchable appetite for the best party cuisine and are willing to consume past your comfort zone, right? Definitely! Then, on July 29, you are prepared to participate in National Chicken Wing Day, and don't forget the entire bottle of antacids, too, because we have got you some amazing deals. 


Grab some amazing deals on your favorite chicken wings to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day. What are National Chicken Wing Day deals near me? Here are some suggestions on where to find National Chicken Wing Day specials.


National Chicken Wing Day Buffalo Wild Wings


Customers at Buffalo Wild Wings have the chance to win a year's worth of free chicken wings. While visiting any Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, simply check in using the app for reward members to enter. Also, all day long, the business is giving away six free boneless or conventional wings with any dine-in purchase of $10. 


By asking customers to share their preferences on social media with the hashtag #wingdebate, Buffalo Wild Wings is leveraging this offering to resolve the argument between traditional and boneless wing options. The chicken franchise promised to announce the findings the next day.


National Chicken Wing Day Wingstop Deals


According to a press release from the company, Wingstop also celebrates National Chicken Wing Day as "Wingstop Wing Day." 


On July 29—National Chicken Wing Day—Wingstop offers customers five complimentary wings—always hand-sauced, hand-tossed, and cooked to order—to satisfy their craving for extra taste.


Customers can get five complimentary standard or boneless wings on or the Wingstop app with any qualifying purchase. Use code FREEWINGS at checkout. There is a $10 minimum purchase requirement to receive free wings delivered right to your door.


In order to make you feel even better about receiving free wings on National Chicken Wing Day, Wingstop is donating $1 to Wingstop Charity for each offer that is redeemed, up to a maximum of $100,000.



Hooters National Chicken Wing Day 


On National Chicken Wing Day, Hooters will give away ten free boneless wings with the purchase of 10 other types of wings, according to the website of the restaurant chain. The promotion is valid for takeaway, delivery, and dine-in orders.


Zaxby's National Chicken Wings Day


Boneless wings are available as part of a "Buy One, Get One" deal at Zaxby's. The meal includes Texas Toast, crinkle fries, ranch, and five boneless wings that have been tossed in one of the eight sauces offered by the quick-service chicken company. The Zaxby mobile app may be used to redeem the promotion, which is valid on  Saturday, July 29, National Chicken Wing Day.


National Chicken Wings Day Charley’s Philadelphia Steaks 


With its mobile app, Charleys Philadelphia Steaks is offering $2 off orders of wings for Charley's rewards members and $5 off orders of 30 and 50 boneless or traditional wings. Customers can use the promo code HAPPYWINGDAY to take benefit of the offer.


National Chicken Wings Day Big City Wings 


With a 75-cent wing bargain, Big City Wings is providing significant discounts. Moreover, $2 Bud Lights and Michelob Ultras are available at the Houston eatery. Both dine-in and take-out orders are eligible for the promotion all day.


National Chicken Wings Day Hurricane Grill & Wings 


Hurricane Grill & Wings will introduce its limited-time Na'Cho Average Wings menu on National Chicken Wing Day. The new wing taste, which blends nachos and chicken wings, will be offered through December 18. The restaurant's crispy trifecta rub adds queso and ancho chili lime sauce. Diced tomatoes, green onions, fresh jalapenos, and cotija cheese are added to the wings as toppings. Then, the tortilla chips with the wings are crunchy.


Fazoli's National Chicken Wings Day 


The Italian chain is commemorating National Chicken Wing Day by giving away five free boneless wings with any purchase, even though it might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of chicken wings. Valid through August 3 at participating locations; use promo code WINGDAY.


Miller’s Ale House National Chicken Wing Day 


Until July 29, National Chicken Wing Day, members of the Raving Fans rewards program may purchase a Zinger's order of breaded wings for $7.29 (regularly $13.99).


National Chicken Wing Day Wings Over


On the East Coast or in the Midwest, close to a college town? Go to Wings Over, order any size of the wing, and receive two extra chicken tenders for free.


National Chicken Wing Day Wing It On


GrubHub and Wing It On have partnered to provide 25% off any order of $30 or more from Friday through Sunday. There is no need for a code because the discount will be applied automatically.


Also, the restaurant has teamed up with social media influencers in each market that has a Wing It On store to reward fans with $20 prizes. To learn more, visit Instagram and follow @wingiton.


National Chicken Wing Day Jolene’s Wings & Beer:


On July 29, Jolene's will offer a buy one, get one free offer on both bone-in and boneless chicken wings. When checking out, enter the code "JOLENESWINGS." Jolene's is a virtual brand operating out of the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar's kitchens. Online purchases can be picked up or delivered close to a Lazy Dog location.


National Chicken Wing Day: It’s Just Wing Day


Use the coupon code WINGDAY22 at checkout to receive 11 free wings (normally $10) and fries (usually $2.50) from It's Just Wings (or Chili's in disguise) from July 28 to 29.


This offer won't be available in person, but from July 29 to July 31, DoorDash and Uber Eats will deliver it to your door.


Even though It's Just Wings is Chili's cover for food delivery, by using our cheats, you can earn a tonne of Chili's points.


National Chicken Wing Day Pasqually's Pizza & Wings 


You can save $5 off any $40 online order from Pasqually's Pizza & Wings by using the promo code WINGS at check out. This offer is available from July 28 through July 31 at any time.


National Chicken Wing Day WingZone


On National Chicken Wings Day, WingZone offers boneless wings for $0.75 each. For comparison's sake, a ten-piece boneless wing costs $11.00, or $1.10 per. This translates to a savings of 31.8% per wing ordered at WingZone on National Chicken Wings Day.


7-Eleven National Chicken Wing Day 


You'll receive a coupon for ten classic wings for just $10 when you download the 7-Eleven app and sign up for their rewards program. Since they were originally $11.00, the price cut with this offer is 9.1%.


Glory Days National Chicken Wing Day 


Three chicken wing bargains are available from Glory Days for $7 apiece in honor of Chicken Wing Day: five thigh wings (usually $10.99), six bone-in wings (typically $9.29), or eight boneless wings (regularly $9.49).


Applebee's National Chicken Wing Day


In recognition of July 29, National Chicken Wing Day, Applebee offers diners a Buy One, Get One Free for To Go, or Delivery on any wing options. You can place an order for Applebee's Delivery or Carside To Go using Applebee's mobile app (iOS, Google), and it will only be valid for online orders.


@pitbossgrills Happy National Wing Day!!! #Wings #ChickenWings #Recipe #EasyRecipe @queenofthegrill ? origineel geluid - Florian Hamelink


National Chicken Wing Festival


The National Buffalo Wing Festival is an occasion for roasting and indulging in Buffalo-style chicken wings.


This "weekend of wings" is chock-full of tasty treats, entertaining activities with a Buffalo flair and a celebration of the Buffalo-style chicken wing! Yet the festival offers more than just competitions to eat the most Buffalo wings; there is also musical and enjoyable entertainment, festival food favorites, an obstacle-filled Ninja Warrior Challenge, cooking competitions, a pageant, and more.


Also, the National Buffalo Wing Festival is a chicken wing lover's paradise with more than 100 different varieties of wings to tempt your taste buds!


Around the Labor Day weekend, there is a two-day festival called the Buffalo Wing Festival. It has been around for 20 years, and its culinary tradition features wings from roughly 25 different locations. 


Come on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 2 and Sept. 3, 2023, to sample regional variations on Buffalo's iconic dish, including some amazing flavors like Carolina barbecue with a vinegar tang and a spicy southwest Arizona flavor, lemon pepper, and garlic parmesan.


The National Buffalo Wing Fest offers traditional wings but also demonstrates excellent creativity in introducing something unique. It's comparable to visiting an ice cream shop with 30 distinct flavors rather than simply vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, according to festival founder Drew Cerza, who goes by the moniker Wing King thanks to celebrity chef Bobby Flay.


Every year, more than 80,000 people attend events at Coca-Cola Field. It is advised to check hotel rates and make reservations for rooms and tickets far in advance due to the large number of visitors during the festival days and the high demand for tickets and lodging.