Wingstop Wings Vs. Wingstop Thighs Review; Are Thigh Stop And Wingstop The Same, And Why Was Thighstop Suspended?

Updated: September 26, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Wingstop Wings Vs. Wingstop Thighs Review; Are Thigh Stop And Wingstop The Same, And Why Was Thighstop Suspended?


Do you, too, dream of having the juicy, tender, and savory Wingstop thighs and wings in your mouth? Well, if yes, who doesn’t? Talking of the overall Wingstop flavors and the tenderness of the wings and thighs, absolutely everyone would love to make that dream come true; you can fit me in, by the way. 


Visiting the Wingstop store gives us mouthwatering cravings, mainly because all of their menu items are up to the mark, but talking of the thigh bite flavor, Wingstop has become an all-rounder for me, or maybe for you, too.

Undoubtedly, bone-in thighs, boneless Thigh Bites, and Crispy-fried are the most popular items on the Wingstop menu after the Wingstop Boneless and Bone-in wings. Honestly, it is a little hard for me to compare the Thighstop and Wingstop. 


But I am engaged in telling you honestly about the better pick according to the taste, size, quantity, and price. The most common question that comes to one’s mind is, Are wings or thighs better? Well, let’s sort it out individually. But before that, why is Wingstop switching to thighs? Here’s the backdrop.


Why Is Wingstop Called Thighstop?

Not recently and not too previously, the Wingstop was known as 'Thighstop' because of the wings shortage. The limited stock of wings sold in the restaurant was high in price and low in supply. 


That was the overture Wingstop started to supply the thigh bites for good, virtual, or digital assistance selling the chicken thighs. The transformation, constructed after the Thighstop was revealed as just an online restaurant, effectively blended the Thighstop and Wingstop. 


The concept also clarifies and indicates that Wingstop orders can be placed directly online or in person, and customers won’t have to order crispy thighs and thigh-bites from Wingstop through DoorDash.  


We brought you a lot to study and know about Wingstop and Thighstop and their specialties to our services straight out of the Kitchen. Hold on to the cravings and hunger and focus on the options to add to your checkout cart. 


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Wingstop Vs. Thighstop Menu: Special Wingstop & Thighstop Deals Are Available For Your Assistance! 


  • Wingstop Menu 

One reason that makes Wingstop famous and reliable is its entire menu and the selection of flavors that attract customers at their best. That's true; even when I look at the picture on the Wingstop website or the restaurant in front of me, it’s hard to control my hands and mouth. 


The menu includes special Wingstop items, Chicken sandwiches, Wings (Wingstop tender single piece, combos, and group packs), desserts, and sideline. All these categories have their different flavors, all good on their own.

  • Thighstop Menu 

While ordering the Wingstop thigh bites, consumers are willing to snap in the corporation's eleven featured savors to the latest Wingstop boneless thigh bites and Wingstop bone-in thighs or Winstop breaded Thigh Bites. The range of sizes is available at the outlet; you can select and add from regular thigh bites Wingstop to large thigh bites Wingstop.


Besides that, you can add the most popular flavors and deals options Wingstop offers to their customers. All the flavors include boneless Thigh Bites meal and bone-in thighs options like a 15-piece Bone-In Thigh Pack, Date Night Thighs Meal for Two, and a 5-piece thighs combo. 


The chicken thighs from Wingstop can be composed or crowned with various seasonings and sauces depending on the customer's way. 


Wingstop Thigh Bites Review: Size And The Taste

I have had a great experience with all over-the-chain items, including the wings, thighs, and sidelines. But specifically, if I talk of the thigh bites Wingstop review, I am happy and disappointed. 


I was happy having the Thigh bites as a meal because of the tenderness and juiciness of the thigh bites. If I got to compare the tenderness of the bone-in and boneless thighs, I would tell you that the bone-in thigh bite at Wingstop was tastier than the boneless one. 


Still, the boneless thigh bites were not as dry as the other outlets like KFC’s zing shots. And if I tell you, what disappointed me the most was that I was having the Thigh bites as a meal, which means the thigh bites would be enough. 


But unfortunately, the thigh size from the outlet I ordered from was not as big as I thought.


Moreover, the size of bone-in thighs is better than that of boneless thighs. So, for the taste, I would mark them 8/10, but for size, I would r/10. Also, the thigh b for size items have to get ordered from an online site; they will deliver them to you, or you have to pick them up on your own.


Wingstop Wings Review: Size And The Taste

The review is for both the boneless and bone-in wings. Wingstop has been famous for years because of the softness and savoriness of almost all its items. It’s much harder to compare the taste with the thighs, but if we spotlight what the Thighstop makes the thighs better than the wings, there’s not much, I guess. 


You can also place the Wingstop order online and find the exact item shown on the website. The quantity and size will be larger, at least in comparison with the boneless thigh bites. The Wingstop boneless wings were more prominent in size than the boneless thighs, and the taste was almost the same, but still, the wings were tastier because of their signature flavor. 


Correlating Reviews For Wingstop And Thighstop

We have heard a lot of people passing positive comments and a few negatives, too, based on their services. People also have a lot of queries about whether the Wingstop or Thighstop are worthy enough to buy or if they deliver the Wings and Thigh Bites that are exclusive in taste. 


I have gone through some reviews to solve this query and tried them independently. On YouTube, @MoreNikocado has a lot to tell you about their Wingstop and Thighstop orders and a bunch of deals, but the partners love to fight a lot, so there were many taking and breaking ups rather than the Wingstop reviews. 


Luckily, I came across the @InsiderFood video, in which there was a comparison of the UK Wingstop vs. the US Wingstop. 


I was surprised to see the extremely impressive US Wingstop menu, size, flavor, and quantity. I needed to learn that Wingstop offers different kinds of Wingstop based on their locations. 


Also, the UK Wingstop was opposite to the US Wingstop. Check the reviews before buying thighs or wings from notable Wingstop brands and locations; you might need a better experience. 


Does Wingstop No Longer Have Thighs? Why?

Wingstop gave the updates that they are discontinuing providing the Thighstop; the apparent reasons are that Thighstop experimentation was good enough but wasn’t the best hit. People had some issues with the size and quantity; however, the taste was still up to the mark. 


Though they added the thigh bites permanently to the Wingstop menus, you can enjoy the boneless and bone-in thigh bites at the Wingstop whenever you want.