Michaels Vs. Hobby Lobby: Which Art & Crafts Store Is The Best Seller, Michaels Or Hobby Lobby?

Updated: January 03, 2023
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Michaels Vs. Hobby Lobby: Which Art & Crafts Store Is The Best Seller, Michaels Or Hobby Lobby?

As an art lover and passionate about crafty things, my go-to places are Michaels and Hobby Lobby since they provide their customers with the best arts and crafts essentials. From Home Decor to Party & Baking, Floral, from Wedding Crafts and Hobbies, and sewing to jewelry, you can find everything in the stores if you are an art lover. A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me, as my hobby is to paint, and creativity is my other talent, they asked what stores I prefer the most to visit and purchase my artsy stock from. That question was one of the trickiest, as they both are beyond the best for me. But then I pointed out what brand is more convenient for the buyers to visit and purchase. Michaels and Hobby Lobby are my favorites; it’s a little hard for me to compare them, fingers-crossed; let’s just give it a shot. 


Hobby Lobby and Michaels both have a walk-in store and official websites where customers can easily place their orders any moment they want. However, the brick-and-mortar stores of both stores have their level of appearance. You can find arts and crafts products on the website and stores for all ages, as arts have no age specification. In both stores, you can find sewing and stitching, home decor and frames, art accessories and tools, and whatnot. Following is some relevant information and differences between Hobby Lobby and Michaels, which will automatically indicate what store is better, Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 


What To Know About Hobby Lobby And Michaels?

  • Hobby Lobby Story

Hobby Lobby was established in 1970 as a private company by a couple named David and Barbara Green after taking a loan of $600 from a bank. After passing through the years, they have grown their own company with all the creative and art supplies. To date, Hobby Lobby is one of the arts & crafts most prominent merchants, with more than 900 stores,  43,000 employees, and 70,000 arts & crafts items. Hobby Lobby emphasizes hobbies, fabric, home decor, art supplies, craft supplies, seasonal decor, floral, tableware, yarn, jewelry making, and considerably more. Hobby Lobby's corporate headquarters of distribution, manufacturing, and office complex is over 10 million square feet. 

  • Michaels Story

Micheals was a publicly held company with just 16 Michaels stores encountered primarily in Texas in 1973. Later on, they succeeded with their best art and crafts supplying journey. Today, it’s known as one of the United States' largest publicly owned companies, with 1,275 running stores in 49 states and Canada and exceeding 44,000 employees. During the pandemic and Covid-19 hit, the net growth of Michaels increased by 11.3%. Michaels was open to efficiently serve art supplies to customers, like BOPIS( Buy Online, pick-up at store) and curbside pickup offers. The publicly owned company Michaels went private with Apollo Global Management in 2021 at the cost of $5 billion. 


Is Michaels or Hobby Lobby Better: Michaels or Hobby Lobby?

If the artists are scrutinizing for the novice to professional artists range, the Michaels can be a sound and better choice for the selectors. If they want to deal with art supplies, shopping and browsing are excellent sources to get your art supplies, including sketchbooks, canvases, paints, brushes, and many other crafty items. But Michaels includes a wide range of art and supplies brands and a list of prices. Michaels also has more excellent quality things than that Hobby Lobby items. Some of the products available at Michaels are unavailable at Hobby Lobby, or at times, Hobby Lobby doesn’t even sell them. 


Coupons And Price Match Policy; is Hobby Lobby cheaper than Michaels? or vice versa!

Many people ask questions and are curious about what brand is a perfect fit for them based on their pricing range, and discounted offers are one of the plus points for both companies. Queries arise more frequently, like, is Michaels or Hobby Lobby cheaper? Can I use Hobby Lobby coupons at Michaels? Or Can You Use Michaels Coupons at Hobby Lobby?


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Is Hobby Lobby Coupon Functional On Michaels Store?

Can you use Hobby Lobby coupons at Michaels? Presently, Michaels doesn’t accept competitor's coupons and Hobby Lobby. But regarding the physical and online stores, they fully support the price matching policy. The customers can expect price matching services on the in-stock items in the Michaels store, and they can take down a further 10%. This identical arrangement involves a unique set of online merchants, counting on Amazon and Hobby Lobby. 


However, the customers can get their toast for price matching within seven business days from when the item was bought, though the customers need to ensure the exactness of the things. Moreover, the customers can feel lucky and free to get various discounts, coupons, promotions, and weekly ads. The perks and benefits are available anytime on the Michaels website and can be found on any coupon and discount sites. 

Is Michaels Coupon Functional On Hobby Lobby Store?

Can you use Michaels's coupons at Hobby Lobby? Like Michaels, Hobby Lobby doesn’t accept coupons from Michaels or other opponent retailers. However, Hobby Lobby also agrees with the exact price matching available at the walk-in store. But like Michaels, Hobby Lobby doesn’t praise the customers on the sale items that are already percent-off or discounted. Hobby Lobby also doesn’t support the further 10% off on the items listed as low cost like Michaels, and doesn’t keep opponents’ online prices. Unlike Michales, Hobby lobby has some restrictions on price matching on particular brands and companies like Cricut machines. Also, the Hobby Lobby price matching is inapplicable on discounted, closeouts, and clearance items. 


Hobby Lobby used to provide weekly ads and a popular Hobby Lobby 40 off coupon on their website for many years, but later on, they terminated the voucher in 2021. However, they still have the continuation of Weekly Ads from which the customers can avail themselves of the chance to have items at the least price.


Better Choice For Art Supplies

Regarding which Is Better for Art Supplies, Hobby Lobby or Michaels? They are both good in their way and depending on the customers' requirements. They both have unique qualities and best-at-departments that the other brand might not have or may not sell. Also, referring to, is Hobby Lobby or Michaels's cheaper? The prices of both companies are incomparable since the products and art supplies one company sells can all probability absent from another. Nevertheless, you make your pick after comparing the prices of both companies if you find any. 


Hobby Lobby is the wiser pick for consumers looking for home decor and seasonal decor, and remember, the fabric quality of Hobby Lobby supplies is beyond the mark, too good. So if someone is looking for decoration and good cloth material, Hobby Lobby should be the first stop.


Similarly, Michaels is the best pick for high-quality Polaroid instant cameras, art supplies, and high-tech such as Cricut machines. Nonetheless, both the arts and crafts stores have good quality in specific departments and have a good proportion of crafty items. You can choose any of both depending on what kind of craft the customer wants. Now, shoppers know what to select for paints, arts and crafts stores, and what to choose for decor and fabrics. The other way to get the finest fit for your crafts needs is to see what brand offers more sales and promotional offers, which is unquestionably Michaels. One more option you have to search for the Michaels or Hobby Lobby near me and find the nearest store if you are in a hurry. Both have online services, where you can find additional discounts and stores to cut the final price.