The Best Way to Catch Audience Interest with Instagram Font Generator Tools

Updated: September 02, 2021
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Reading Time: 8 Min
The Best Way to Catch Audience Interest with Instagram Font Generator Tools

Instagram bloggers should come up with interesting text, make high-quality photos and publish fascinating stories to attract audience attention. But there is another way to catch audience interest and stand out among other bloggers. Sometimes it's enough to just change the font on Instagram and the page flips.


For instance, you can make a beautiful design of the profile or write unusual letters in stories or posts.


In the article below, we’ll talk about how to do awesome IG fonts on smartphones or PCs using a tiny text generator and other methods.


Why do you need unusual fonts for Instagram?


Today, there are many accounts of various topics on Instagram. So social network users want to distinguish their profile among others favorably.


Using an original design approach can make the profile memorable and interesting for visitors. For example, you can apply creative text effects to the bio, page name, nickname, publication signatures, and even direct messages.


Such a measure will allow the author's blogs to increase the base of interested followers; business pages will raise brand awareness, find potential customers, and, most importantly, be remembered by the visitors.


It takes only a few minutes for a person to decide whether to follow or not. Therefore, if you correctly formalize the data about yourself, it will interest the visitor, so the number of followers will constantly grow.


The simplest and most productive way to create your profile different from other similar ones is to modify the layout of the text in the bio or account name. The unusual text will assist you to create a page in a single design technique.


Note: User profiles that apply attractive techniques and effects in the text will always stand out favorably and be liked by viewers.


How to change the IG font to another one using a font generator?


Instagram doesn’t provide any tools for a systematic font change, but it is easy to do with:


  • applications;
  • websites;
  • Unicode (special characters that have already been added to all operating systems.)


Let's take a closer look at all the options.


For those who don’t want to download and install programs on their PC, you can change it using special online font generators. Such platforms distinguish many styles: gothic, handwritten, printed, fashionable, calligraphic, and others. 


First, you need to come up with the necessary text and add it to the text field of the generator. Then choose which font the generator will print the text and generate it. After that, you need to copy the resulting text and add it to Instagram.


List of reliable online services: — the most useful and multifunctional font generator. It makes different versions of beautiful fonts for Instagram. — just select the appropriate font and add your text to it. Voilà, the system reprints everything in just seconds. — enter the text, and the system changes it to automatically selected fonts.


How to change the font using Unicode?


Unicode is a way of encoding, using which you can write signs of all languages of the world and apply icons, such as arrows "→ →" and circles "•." A slightly complicated option, but you can choose exactly what you want.


There is a small flaw — each letter is copied separately in turn. So it would be best if you found the necessary symbol in the table, copy and paste it into some text editor.


Learn how to find the symbol table for Windows and macOS.


Methods for Windows


1) Quick: Press the Windows key or select the "Menu," start typing the text "Symbol" or "Symbol Table," and the system will prompt the appropriate application.


2) Reliable: Start → Programs → Standard → Service → Symbol table.


Methods for macOS


It would help if you chose a place to add a unique character — a text document, Instagram, an input field in WhatsApp or Telegram, or any other site. Then, you need to move the mouse to the upper window, click Edit → Special Characters.


Now, just copy and paste the necessary characters — it's simple.


Applications and programs for changing the Insta fonts


If you need to add catchy fonts to the images of your account, then you can use several applications. It's simple — you download, process the photos, and use the attached ones.


Programs on the Android platform:


Cool Fonts for Instagram Bio: It has a simple and user-friendly interface and the ability to write immediately with the selected fonts. Supports various styles: from printed to calligraphic. There is also a large selection of emojis and emoticons to choose from.


Font for Instagram: It is an unusual application that allows you not only to choose ready-made fonts for Instagram but also to add various symbols, emojis, and emoticons.


Beauty Font Style: It is a useful app where you can change the styles of writing letters and make the inscription colored. There is a preview function, which makes it easier to select.


Typography Master: It allows you to edit not only text but also photos. It contains an extensive collection of fashionable fonts: handwritten, Gothic, Cyrillic, Latin.


Programs on the iOS platform:


Font Candy: It has a small selection, but this is compensated by a beautiful artistic design. The text can be changed by mixing, tilting, or cutting fonts and placing characters on the background of the image.


Better Font: It is a popular application among iPhone fans. It is distributed free of charge and doesn’t contain advertising.


Symbolizer Fonts: It allows you to integrate fonts on your device and immediately publish beautiful inscriptions or texts on social networks.


Fonts for Instagram: It allows you to type text directly in the application, copy and paste it into Instagram.


Bonus: How else can you make the design of an IG blog individual?


1. Develop a single recognizable style for the design of posts. The same Canva or Adobe Photoshop is suitable for this (if you know how to work in a professional graphic editor.) If you don't know how to do this, make a list of your favorite accounts and try to understand the concept of each.


Note: Don’t forget that the blog needs to be updated regularly; otherwise, all your efforts will lose their meaning. It is enough to make new posts 1-2 times a day at a time when your potential followers will be free (for example, in the early morning, evening, or during lunch).


2. Use additional applications and filters for image processing. However, you will have to pay for unusual solutions for VSCO or Snapseed, as well as for some applications with fascinating effects (Mextures, Afterlight, LensLight).


3. Take pictures with your camera, and then upload the pictures to your phone. High-quality and thoughtful shots will set you apart from other bloggers.


4. Come up with useful categories and unique hashtags for them to make it easier for followers to navigate the content.


5. Create several stories dedicated to each category in the graphic editor and pin them in the profile header (Highlights function).


In the pursuit of Instagram popularity, don't forget about your own personality. Add unusual fonts, experiment with design, create interesting posts.