8 Impactful Hallway Ideas For Your Home

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Updated: August 24, 2023
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8 Impactful Hallway Ideas For Your Home


Your hallway offers the first impression that visitors will get from your home. It is important to create an impactful space here; it will set the tone for the rest of your property regarding interior design. The first thing someone sees when entering your home is the hallway. Why present something dull? Here are some of the best choices you can make for this little-thought-out room to make it look fantastic.


hallwa ideas


Wood Flooring


One of the first things you need to consider is your chosen floors. It is a high-traffic area that will see a lot of passing from not just your family or household but also visitors. Therefore, you might choose AC5 laminate flooring for the floors here. It is beneficial for many different reasons.


AC5 laminate is stronger than other types of flooring you could choose, and it will make for a much more impactful space overall. It is easy to care for, and you can create an amazing space many will love. Start from the floor and work your way up, and you can bring together a room that will look as good as the others in your home. Most interior designers start with the floor and then determine what other elements to add.


Create Lines


You want to draw people into your home from your front door and make them feel welcome. The easiest way to do this is to use an old interior decorating trick of creating lines. For example, you could do this with rugs or a runner on your stairs. By choosing vertical ones over horizontal ones, you will encourage people to step further into the room, thus inviting them in and making them feel more welcome.


You can also use this trick with other items in your home. For example, you could line up pictures along the wall heading further down the hallway. A visitor will want to walk down this line so they can properly see all of the pictures. These are small tricks, but they rarely work when creating a brilliant home for you.



Choose a Colour Well


Choosing a color scheme for a hall can be difficult. It is often one area where dark colors on the walls can be better. It will create a warm and comforting environment and, more practically, prevent dirty handprints and scratches from showing.


However, a narrow hallway might become too dark if a deeper color is used. It would help if you also thought about the rooms beyond. If you have a lighter, neutral color scheme in the rest of your home, the color might be out of place in your hallway. Pick a color that will tie in perfectly with the rest of your house.


Use A Focal Point


The focal point is practically never present in most hallways around the world. It is a shame because it can easily improve this part of the home. You can choose a sofa, artwork, or a sofa for a beautiful focal point. The obvious choice is to take a console table and place it right against a wall. Then, you can decorate it to showcase some personality, like by displaying family photos.


Add a circular table in the middle if the hallway is particularly large. Choose an elegant one, and it will instantly draw the attention of anyone coming in. Alternatively, opt for a bench.


Create Symmetry


Symmetry is perfect for hallways because it creates calmness and harmony as you enter a home. It can be created with lighting, artwork, matching lamps on console tables, or other ideas.


As a simple tip, opt for luxurious materials and symmetry when decorating a smaller hallway. You could use bespoke table lamps or introduce symmetrical layers with textures and colors.




With all interior schemes, lighting is simply vital. It is very effective in hallways because this space conventionally features less furniture. You can take advantage of this opportunity and be very adventurous with the lights you add. They can highlight architectural details or artwork.


For example, if the hallway has a black-and-white color scheme and beautiful chequered flooring, add dramatic pendant lights made of glass. The result is a timeless, restful feel in a space where you do not naturally expect it.


Windows are rarely available, so artificial lights have to be used. Do this even if you have a staircase that lets in extra light from the first floor.


Use Reflection


Reflective surfaces are very effective at creating visual interest inside a hallway. It’s especially the case when the available space is limited. Antique mirror finishes are particularly effective since they instantly add texture and character.


Take it one step further and add blue with antique mirror finishes. It creates the much-needed illusion of having extra space available and some glamour. Look for opportunities to use reflective surfaces in areas you would not expect, like built-in storage units, adjacent walls, or doors.



Final Considerations


It would help if you spent time selecting beautiful decor for your hallway. It might be the last room that many of us think about, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to look nice. Think about some of the changes you could make to your hallway today that could create an impact at the entrance of your home.


All the suggestions above can work, but you should never overdo it. You have to be sure that you only add as much as possible and do not exaggerate. It happens more often than you might think because of a natural desire to make the hallway look great.