Unlock The Savings: Your Guide To Hobby Lobby Weekly Ad Deals And Discounts!

Updated: September 26, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Unlock The Savings: Your Guide To Hobby Lobby Weekly Ad Deals And Discounts!


Welcome to our weekly guide to the latest and greatest deals at Hobby Lobby! If you're a savvy shopper and love arts and crafts, home decor, and more, you're in for a treat. Hobby Lobby is known for its vast selection of creative goodies, and its weekly ad is the holy grail for bargain hunters.


Each week, Hobby Lobby releases a new ad with exciting discounts and promotions that will leave you eager to start your shopping spree. The deals are abundant and ever-changing, from home decor to party supplies, crafts, and jewelry making. You can find items on sale in various departments, including Home Decor, Crafts, Parties, Jewelry Making, and Wearable Art, just to name a few.


But that's not all! Hobby Lobby also features bimonthly sales in departments like Florals, Candles and candleholders, Art Supplies, and more. So, whether you're a seasoned Hobby Lobby shopper or a first-timer looking for incredible savings, this blog is your ultimate go-to resource for the latest and most exciting deals in the world of crafts and creativity.


Join us each week as we unveil the hottest discounts, showcase must-have items, and provide valuable tips on how to make the most of your shopping experience with Hobby Lobby's weekly ad. Let's dive into creativity and save big while we're at it!

Hobby Lobby Ad This Week


Suppose You were looking for the Hobby Lobby ad for this week, which is only helpful from 27th Sept  2023 until 30th Sept  2023. Remember that once the Hobby Lobby weekly ad expires, you cannot utilize them. So, to avail of the offers from Hobby Lobby ads this week, you must immediately hurry and add all the discounted items to the cart! 


Also, For next week's Hobby Lobby ad, you will need to keep checking Hobby Lobby and see for yourself what Hobby Lobby ad next week has to offer to you. Here are the pest deals mentioned below that are currently presented by Hobby Lobby's current weekly ad; 


  • Calathea Potted Plant for just $34.99


  • Our Nest Laurel Pillow for just $14.99


  • Pastel Egg Garland with Glitter Stripes for just $4.19


  • Glass Rain Gauge for just $1.79


  • Fleur-De-Lis Metal Trivet, $5.99


  • Disney Princess Beach Ball for just  $1.79


  • White & Brown Farmhouse Wood Table for just $99.39


  • Scroll Metal Bench for just $99.39


  • Galvanized Metal Bar Stool for just $39.89


  • Wood Quatrefoil Frame - 4" x 6" for just $12.49


  • Black & White Quatrefoil Wood Frame - 5" x 5" for just $12.49


  • And plenty more. 


You can find the current, following, and Hobby Lobby ads last week on the Hobby Lobby website or other sites leading you to all sorts of Hobby Lobby weekly ads. Likewise, the next Hobby Lobby weekly ads may differ in items and prices. 


To find the subsequent recommendations, visit the weekly ad page at hobbylobby.com. Could they have better deals next week? Check it out now! 


All the Hobby Lobby weekly ads are changed on Sundays, and weekly ad offers have many items available anytime.