HAVEN Smart Door Locks, Never Be Locked Out - Lock And Unlock Your Doors From Anywhere.

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Updated: August 23, 2023
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HAVEN Smart Door Locks, Never Be Locked Out - Lock And Unlock Your Doors From Anywhere.


The intelligent "open sesame" for the smart house: HAVEN Smart Lock.


Discover the HAVEN Smart Door Lock, an innovative solution revolutionizing home security. This blog explores its advanced features, benefits, and functionalities, shedding light on why it's gaining popularity among modern homeowners.


Comparing the traditional door lock with the HAVEN Smart Door Lock unveils a new level of convenience and security. We delve into the ease of use, integration with smart devices, and enhanced protection that sets the smart lock apart.


With WiFi connectivity, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock goes beyond physical security. Learn how this feature enables remote access control, real-time alerts, and monitoring through your smartphone.


Uncover the technology behind the HAVEN Smart Door Lock, from its sturdy construction to intelligent mechanisms ensuring your safety.


From bedrooms to offices, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock adapts to various spaces, ensuring security where you need it most.


The HAVEN Smart Door Lock offers a tailored solution for sliding doors, effectively securing these entry points.


As technology shapes our homes, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock emerges as a vital component in enhancing security. Join us to explore its features, benefits, and the future of smart home protection. Experience peace of mind like never before with the HAVEN Smart Door Lock.


HAVEN Smart Door Lock


HAVEN Smart Door Lock, considered among the best smart door locks, was developed by a start-up from Nashville. The HAVEN Smart Door Lock can neither be destroyed nor cracked. While most smart locks for doors are connected to the door handle, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock has a different approach: Anchored directly to the floor.


HAVEN Lock Protects What Matters Most: Your Family and Home. The locks are ten times stronger than a deadbolt because of the area covered.


HAVEN Mechanical


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Quick Facts & Figures


  • Break-ins occur every 18 seconds in the U.S. Relying on deadbolts to prevent theft or home invasion isn't an option.


  • The average home break-in costs $2,300


Product Features


  • Tested to Last 25 Years.


  • Easy to install at the door's threshold.


  • Military-grade materials.




It can be unlocked only from inside the house,



Smart Door Lock Vs. Traditional Door Lock


The HAVEN Smart Door Lock is an intelligent barrier and different from any other smart locks for doors on the market. Most other smart door latches are simply anchored in the door frame and connected to the door lock, while the HAVEN Smart Door Lock is anchored to the floor before the door. 


The HAVEN Smart Door Lock has nothing to look at from the outside: your door looks exactly like your neighbors' door. 


There is only one slight but decisive difference: Without the correct code, it is almost impossible to open the smart code door lock. However, since the HAVEN Smart Code Door Lock is not connected to the doorknob, it is either blocked or opened via a signal it receives via Bluetooth.


HAVEN Connect


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HAVEN Smart Door Lock WiFi


The HAVEN Smart Door Lock recognizes the signal of your mobile phone that is just as individual as you are. Thus, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock knows precisely when you approach your door - and switches itself off automatically. 


You can enter your house or apartment. In addition, you can personally control the HAVEN Smart Door Lock via WiFi. The lock can be easily opened and closed remotely - you just have to install the corresponding Lockitron app (Android and iOS) on the phone and press it. 


If you are in the house or apartment, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock can be easily activated or deactivated with the foot using the physical switch installed there.


Use Smart Technology Intelligently.


Since the invention of wireless networks, mobile device technologies have increased. There are now several smart door locks on the market that many companies have developed. They can also get used to opening or closing the door, and a highly experienced burglar can quickly crack a door lock.


These other smart systems are connected to the lock and the door handle. On the other hand, the HAVEN Smart Door Locks are smart locks for doors that can make any thief desperate.


More Security With The Haven Smart Locks For Door


The HAVEN Smart Door Lock is more than just another lock. While each type of latch holds the door to the frame and is only as secure as the door frame is anchored in the brickwork, the HAVEN Smart Door Lock has a different effect here.


HAVEN Smart Lock


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How Does HAVEN Smart Door Lock Work?


The smart door lock works in a large doorstop, and it lies on the floor in front of the door and is firmly mounted on it. Anyone who has tried to push an open door over an unfortunate doormat behind it already knows how much such an obstacle blocks the door. 


The doormat is loose on the floor. The HAVEN Smart Door Lock is firmly fixed to the floor, keeping the door safe even if the burglar breaks the lock.


Smart Door Locks For Bedroom or Office


Although HAVEN Smart Lock is quite a deal if you are looking for a smart lock for the front door of your house, a smart lock door knob, or a bedroom door smart lock, have a look at the following:


ULTRALOQ Combo Fingerprint Bluetooth Smart Door Lock


It is a smart keyless door lock for your bedroom, front door, and office. The ULTRALOQ Combo provides several methods to Unlock your ULTRALOQ Combo Fingerprint Bluetooth Smart Door Lock; use your fingerprint, a smartphone app, the Anti-peep keypad, or a key to unlock your Smart Lock.


Schlage Smart Door Lock


Schlage's smart locks employ Bluetooth or optional WiFi connections, making them smart entry door locks to open your door when you are nearby (within around 30 feet), allowing you to enter almost anywhere. 


Want to allow your dog walker in while you're stuck in traffic? To unlock the smart entry door lock, simply open the app. When you're at home, you no longer need to get up to unlock your door because it also works with Alexa and Google Assistant. 


Smart Door Lock Yale


Because the lock features WiFi and Bluetooth, you can lock or unlock it, share access, and monitor who comes and goes from anywhere using your app! For optimal convenience, your Assure Lock will automatically open as you approach the door and even lock again once the door is closed.


Also, you may lock, unlock, or check the status of your device using voice assistants like Siri, Hello Google, or Amazon Alexa. No keys may be lost or handed out because the lock is fully key-free. Thanks to its lighted touchscreen keypad, even when you don't have your phone, you can still unlock your door without using keys.



Sliding Door Smart Lock




It would be best to have the door adaptor to use the Haven lock on a sliding door. You might utilize Haven as the door's locking mechanism. Haven Connect can be purchased with WiFi or Z-Wave, making smart home integration simple. An extra keyfob is possible.




Most wooden and aluminum sliding glass doors can be used with the Schlage Stella Sliding Door Lock; the smart lock is narrow and slim for aluminum doors. 


This sliding door lock has been made to withstand the most rigid elements to keep your property safe and secure. Its sleek black appearance complements the majority of exterior housing designs.



The Yale Thin Stile lock case line, is a smart, slim lock for aluminum doors, perfect for glass doors with aluminum frames. This lock case is compatible with aluminum profiles using a 20/25/30/35mm backset, has a reversible latch bolt with drawback capability, and requires 85mm center-to-center door furniture to be used.