A Garage Door Must Reverse For Safety

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Updated: October 19, 2018
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A Garage Door Must Reverse For Safety


Garage doors are large and heavy and can cause significant injury to a person or costly damage to property if not equipped with the appropriate safety features. The auto reverse feature of a garage door is a crucial system that forces a door to reverse if something comes in the path of its safety sensors. This automatic mechanism plays a significant role in ensuring that people or pets are not hurt by the weight or pressure of a closing garage door.


Garage doors should be equipped with some key safety features including:



  • Auto Reverse
  • Motion Sensors
  • Manual Control




These components work together to ensure that your garage door operates as safely as possible. In 1992, federal laws were enacted requiring safety features on garage doors that would help to prevent the high number of deaths and injuries that were reported due to automatic garage doors that were not equipped to stop, much less reverse, when anything got in its path. At Universal Garage Door Services, we work to ensure that these safety features are functioning properly on all garage door we install or service in order to help keep injuries, death or costly damages to a minimum.


The auto-reverse system works with special sensors that are connected to the garage door opener. When an object of any kind comes in the path of the sensor’s laser or in the downward path of the garage door, it sends a signal to the opener to stop closing and immediately reverse. In order for the system to work effectively, both the reversal mechanism and motion detection sensors must be in proper working order. Test the system by stepping in the line of the motion sensors to be sure the door reverses. You can also test the system by placing an object in the door's path, allowing the door to touch it, and check that the door also stops and reverses.





Universal Garage Door Services offers professional garage door service, maintenance, and repair along with the professional installation of new garage doors. Our skilled technicians are experienced and can inspect and repair the safety features of your existing garage door or install a new garage door with upgraded safety systems. By ensuring that your door can reverse, you will ensure that you and those you love are protected from the weight of the door and likewise prevent damage to belongings that come in its path. Contact us today for more information.