Gapcash: All The Information You Need

Updated: September 28, 2023
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Gapcash: All The Information You Need


What Is Gapcash

Gapcash is a redeemable currency or points for customers to earn on each purchase. These coupons can be earned and redeemed during specified 'GapCash' periods. Customers can save more on future shopping from Gap or Gap Factory. You can receive one coupon per transaction. 


The cashier will hand you the appropriate coupon for customers shopping in the Gap stores based on your total purchase. However, online customers will receive your GapCash coupon via email based on your shopping total within 24 hours of completing your trust. Note that the earning points and coupon values vary between stores and online.


How To Use Gapcash 

If you’re wondering how does gap cash works? Let’s go through it. Shopping for qualified goods or products at Gap, GapBody, GapKids, babyGap, and Gap Factory/Outlet stores online in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada during specified periods will earn a Gapcash reward, which can be redeemed for a discount on a future purchase during a specified eligible period. Many ask if I can use Gapcash at Athleta or Gapcash at Banana Republic. The answer is no. You cannot earn or use Gapcash at other Gap Inc. brand stores, websites, or the Hebron clearance center. 


GapCash Thresholds 

The thresholds for stores and online shopping vary slightly. We will go through both of them comprehensively. So, if you shop between $50 – and $74.99 for the Gap stores, you will earn $20 in GapCash and $40 for double-earn GapCash. If you shop for an amount between $75 – $99.99, you will earn $30 in gap cash and $60 for double-earn gap cash. If you shop for an amount between $100 – $124.99, you will earn $40 in gap cash and $80 for double-earn gap cash. 


If you shop for $125 or more, you will earn $50 in gap cash and $100 in double-ear gap cash. For online shopping, the criteria are as follows: if you shop between $50 – $99.99, you will earn $20 in gap cash. If you shop for an amount between $100 – $149.99, you will earn $40 in gap cash. If you shop for between $150 – $199.99, you will earn $60 in gap cash. If you shop for between $200 – $249.99, you will earn $80 in gap cash. If you shop for an amount between $250 – $299.99, you will earn $100 in gap cash. If you shop for $300 or more, you will earn $1200 in gap cash.


How To Redeem Gapcash

You can redeem Gapcash in stores and online regardless of where you earned it (Gap Cash is not redeemable for special edition logo hoodies or items sold). Maximum redemption or discount per transaction is $120 in GapCash. You can spend less than the required amount to redeem a GapCash coupon. Still, you will receive a lower value discount based on the total amount spent. 


For example, to earn $20 in GapCash, you would need to shop for $50 or more, but even if you spend at least $25, you will still receive $10 off your purchase. However, you will have to give up the remaining potential GapCash value from that coupon. You can use one voucher on a single transaction, but there is no limit to how many GapCash coupons you can redeem overall. 


Gapcash Rules

In addition to all the information provided above, The following are some points to be noted. 


  • If a purchase amount is less than the total value of the Gapcash coupon, then any unused balance will be lost. (GapCash coupons are valid for one-time use only). 


  • This currency has no cash value and cannot be combined with other offers/discounts. 


  • GapCash coupons need to be provided at the time of purchase in-store, or a code can be entered at online checkout.


  • If you return some or all of the products purchased with a GapCash coupon, the dollar value discount of the GapCash coupon will not be refunded or credited back to you.


  • The Rewards Program Members may convert unused GapCash to Rewards points, and each Gapcash dollar value converts to 1 Reward Point. However, the rewards program members must convert unused Gapcash coupons to reward points within 30 days of the last day to redeem their Gapcash coupon. 


  • GapCash coupons cannot be used for payment on the Gap Inc. credit card account.


  • The gap is not responsible for any stolen or lost coupons.



  • You cannot use Gapcash coupons for previous purchases.


  • You cannot use Gapcash coupons after the valid redemption period.


GapCash Rewards


Customers of GAP and its related brands (Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta) can receive GAPCash rewards as a promotional incentive. Customers may earn and use GAPCash, a type of shop credit, during particular special times. In general, GAPCash rewards operate as follows:


  • Gaining GAPCash: Customers can gain GAPCash depending on their qualified purchases throughout various earning periods. Customers may earn a particular amount of GAPCash, such as $20, to use on future purchases for every dollar spent, such as $50.


  • Minimum Purchase Requirements: There is often a minimum purchase requirement to redeem GAPCash. You could, for instance, have to spend $50 to utilize your $20 GAPCash incentive.


  • Redemption Options: GAPCash rewards may often be used online and in person. Customers can use their earned GAPCash to pay at the register during the redemption period to get the appropriate discount.