Breaking News: Is Costco Switching to Shutterfly for Christmas Cards?

Updated: November 27, 2023
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Breaking News: Is Costco Switching to Shutterfly for Christmas Cards?


The holiday season is fast approaching, so what better way to spread cheer than with Costco Christmas Cards? With its wide selection, high-quality printing, and unbeatable prices, Costco has everything you need to make your holiday greetings stand out. So, get your holiday season started with a bang!


You'll likely discover the ideal card at Costco, whether you're looking for conventional Christmas designs or something more unusual. With the easy-to-use Costco Christmas Cards Photo Center, you can create custom cards with your favorite family photos.


Try Costco's Christmas card collection today: classic designs, personalized creations, and more. With Costco's reputation for quality and affordability, you can feel good knowing you're getting the best value for your money. Let's spread holiday cheer with Costco Christmas Cards!


Not only do Costco Christmas Cards look amazing, but they're incredibly easy to order. The process is simple and hassle-free. Choose your favorite design, select the number of cards, customize them, and add your message.


How To Order Photo Christmas Cards From Costco


Although physical Costco Photo Center locations closed in February 2021, their photo services are available online at You can order various photo products, such as prints, canvases, photo books, and blankets, all customizable with your photos. 


However, as of January 28, 2023, the online Photo Center has also closed, and customers have until January 31, 2024, to download their photos to their personal computers.


Does Costco Do Christmas Cards


Even though all physical photo centers in Costco locations were closed in February 2021, you can still take advantage of your warehouse membership to receive discounted holiday cards. 


By using, you can purchase 25 double-sided cards for as low as $16.49, plus shipping, in 2022. It equates to only $0.65 per card, and several attractive templates are available at this price point. 


For those seeking a more elegant appearance for their holiday cards, Costco offers embossed foil cards starting at $24.99 for a pack of 25 cards.


On January 5th, 2023, Costco emailed its customers, informing them that it would discontinue its online photo center services. The services contain reprinting, custom book printing, greeting cards, and canvas prints. This decision comes one year after the retailer removed its physical photo center kiosks from 730 warehouse stores across North America. 


Instead, Costco advises its members to transfer their photos to Shutterfly, a well-known online photo services company. Costco members will be given a discount when using Shutterfly's services. This news upset many Costco users who valued the relatively low-cost options provided by the photo center.


Is Costco Transferring To Shutterfly?


Costco has launched a new Members Benefit program by collaborating with Shutterfly. Costco members who are currently active can receive a 51% discount on all purchases made at Shutterfly and free shipping on orders of $49 or more. 


Customers must link their Costco membership number to their Shutterfly account using a special merging feature to take advantage of this offer.


Moreover, customers of can link their accounts to transfer all their stored photos to by January 31, 2024, making it easier to access the discount on premium personalized photo books, cards, gifts, decor, photo prints, and other items available on


Connecting a Costco Photo Center account with Shutterfly

To link your Costco Photo Center account to Shutterfly, follow these steps:


  1. Check your email for notifications containing a URL to link the accounts.


  1. Click the provided link to access the linking page.


  1. Enter your Costco membership number.


  1. Choose either 'Add My Membership' for discounts only or 'I want to migrate my photos' to merge Costco Photo Center photos with your Shutterfly account.


Is Costco Shutterfly Cheaper?


Since Costco's Photo Center offers more affordable photo prints than many leading retailers that provide photo services, most standard-sized photo prints come with free shipping.


The announcement disappointed many Costco customers who valued the photo center's affordable services.


Anna Bailey disagreed with the Costco Finds Facebook fan page, stating, "Shutterfly's prices are significantly higher than those offered by Costco's current photo center.”


A Facebook user, Lisas Fidler, commented, "I purchased canvas prints from Costco's photo center last year and found that three prints were less expensive than just one from Shutterfly.” They also praised the quality of the prints, describing them as "The prints were of excellent quality."