Staying Connected: A Bright Review of the 5 Best Long-Distance Touch Lamps - Illuminate Your Friendship from Afar!

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Updated: August 23, 2023
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Staying Connected: A Bright Review of the 5 Best Long-Distance Touch Lamps - Illuminate Your Friendship from Afar!


Welcome to the best resource on long-distance touch lamps, aka friendship lamps, on the planet.


The world around us is evolving quickly, and so is technology. Today’s technology is impacting everything around us. Interestingly, simple lamps are not an exception. 


We use them every day. We use them while reading, during a quick nap, and last but not the least, while doing 'nothing' (pun intended). When it comes to lamps, especially those very close to us, the right amount of luminosity is crucial.


What about having some additional creative functions?


We all want that without a doubt, and usually more of it.


So let's say, what about having a lamp which can make it possible for you to keep in touch with your friends & other family members?


Sounds great, isn't it?


There are endless possibilities like (but not limited to) inquiring about the well-being of your grandma living far away or saying sorry to one of your close buddies. I know how I am sounding to you, but I’m not talking about a new chat app or anything close to it.


I'm talking about a lamp, specifically a long-distance touch lamp, also known as a friendship lamp—a true Generation Z is also appealing to millennials around the globe.


The creative idea was to add a pre-installed WiFi capability to the lamp so you can keep up with your friends and family living far away.


So, how does it work?


These lamps are touch sensitive, which means when you touch the designated surface of the lamp, the other person’s (your friend's or a family member's) lamp will be lit up. The other person must have a lamp, too.


Why you should trust us?


I’ve been writing about home improvement, interior design, and products since 2012 for many sites and blogs.


5 Best Long Distance Touch Lamp & their Reviews


Before making any purchasing decision, it would be good to read through the following buyer’s guide to ensure you buy the most suitable long-distance touch lamp according to your particular need and budget.


So, here we go.


Elecstars Touch Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker


Elecstars Touch Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker


Get it from Walmart.


Best for Couples and for setting a romantic mood across the room


Treat your eyes with beautiful shades of blue. This lamp is designed with elegance in mind. The light is very soft on the eyes and can set a soft and subtle ambiance in your room, perfect for sending romantic vibes across your bedroom. You are in full control of the ambiance of this lamp.


Three brightness levels are available: low, medium, and high. So, set this up according to your mood and rock the moment.


The main feature of the lamp is WiFi, which can be enabled to connect with anyone around the world. Just connect the lamp with your home WiFi network like any other regular device and send warm emotions in the form of messages to your loved ones with just a single, magical touch.


It is not the end of the story.


The lamp has a built-in Bluetooth speaker as well. So, if you’re listening to (let's suppose) an all-time classic romantic track, “You Fill Up My Senses (Annie's Song)” by John Denver, and wanna send it to your beloved, it’s just a matter of touch. After you send the song to your beloved, the track will start playing on the receiver’s lamp/speaker.


What else could you want?


Specs & Functions: The lamp is packed with a rechargeable Lithium battery, which provides a long backup before you need to charge this thing again. The size and weight are fairly small, around 10.4 ounces, so it’s easy to carry and move. The compact size is handy if you want to carry it while traveling.


The Good:


  • The brightness level of the lamp is easily adjustable.


  • The design is lightweight and compact.


  • Built-in speakers make sharing songs with your friends and loved ones easy.


  • It can easily be blended with any type of décor


  • Quite resistant against impact and breakage


  • Built-in mic for picking up phone calls hands-free


  • Features a USB port for battery charging


The Bad:


  • A separate plug is needed to use the touch lamp.


Buyer Trust: Elecstars Touch Lamp currently has 3.4 ratings out of a maximum of 5 stars, with 48% votes as five stars. Please check the current rating here.


What should you expect in the package?


Expect a Bluetooth speaker with a night light, a USB charging cable, and an aux cable with a user manual.


Video Review for Elecstars Touch Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker



A promising review by a happy customer 



Long Distance Friendship Lamp


Long Distance Friendship Lamp


Get it from Walmart.


Best for: Best for everyone. Top rated for any use


Designed by John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen, this oriental-looking masterpiece serves its purpose very well. Connecting with your loved ones, living several miles away, is not a big deal if you and your loved ones have those pairs. 


Connect with your peers living in the United States or Europe with a mere touch. You and your loved ones should have those touch lamps for that purpose. Just set up your specific colors, so when these beautifully crafted lamps light up, you know who’s missing you.


Using the lamp needs a little amount of work. You need to set it up by filling out a simple registration form. After that, just enter your home WiFi details, and you’re good to go.

Specs & Functions: As far as the décor blending is concerned, mix and match it with the new mid-century design for the best look.


The light comes in 2 different colors, which are frosted and black. The wooden frame adds depth & warmth to the look. Just tap the top of the lamp and let the WiFi do its magic. The other in-sync piece of a lamp will light up as well, conveying your message that you’re thinking of them. Your loved ones can reciprocate the same, creating a chain of transfer of emotions and gratitude.


What else could you want?


The Good:


  • Seamlessly connect & keep in touch with your loved ones.


  • It comes in two colors.


  • Very less power consumption


  • Provides multiple light-fading options


The Bad:


  • This friendship lamp is quite costly. If you’re tight on budget, this is not suitable for you.


Buyer Trust: Long Distance Friendship Lamp currently has 4.7 ratings out of a maximum of 5 stars, with 85% votes as five stars. Please check the current rating here.


What should you expect in the package?


Expect a friendship lamp with a Filimin bridge and an Ethernet cord with a bridge power cord.


Video Review for Long Distance Friendship Lamp



A promising review by a happy customer    



YSD Touch Lamp


YSD Touch Lamp


Get it from Walmart.


Best for Those who prefer a lamp with greater adjustable brightness features


The beautiful YSD touch lamp is a sensor table touch lamp that can easily be activated by just touching it. This lamp provides three brightness levels with multiple hues like warm white, soft & moderate. The basic colors provided in this lamp are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. Just tap the lamp to change the colors.


The dim lighting makes it a perfect night lamp for your bedroom. The lamp is packaged with a long-lasting Lithium battery, lasting up to 10 hours. If you want to use it for an extended time, operate the lamp in the dim light setting. This way, you can use it for up to 40 hours.


The battery is rechargeable and can be charged with a standard USB cable. This lamp is quite compact to carry along with you while traveling. The lamp can be used in a bedroom in dim and moderate brightness mode and the living room in maximum brightness mode.


The Good:


  • Very convenient to use


  • Lightweight and compact design for maximum mobility


  • Different lighting and color modes


  • Beautifully designed wooden base


  • Touch the control panel to toggle four brightness levels of warm white light.


  • Easy on eyes brightness levels and colors


The Bad:


  • The lamp can’t be connected to other lamps.


Buyer Trust: YSD Touch Lamp is not rated currently. Please check the current rating here.


What should you expect in the package?


Expect a touch lamp with a charging USB cable in the packaging.


A promising review by a happy customer 


UNIFUN Touch Anti-Glare Lamp


UNIFUN Touch Anti Glare Lamp


Get it from Walmart.


Best for Those who are fun-loving and need a lamp with dim lighting


If your eyes are sensitive to bright light, this anti-glare lamp is best for you. The manufacturer claims it is the best eye-friendly 360-degree lullaby light for babies. The light can be activated with a touch. The lamp has a rechargeable battery, lasting up to 8 hours with minimum brightness and 4 hours with maximum brightness.



The Good:


  • It is ideal to carry with you while traveling due to its compact size.


  • Very easy to operate


  • The beautiful, sleek design makes it a good option for home décor


The Bad:


  • The lamp can’t be connected to other lamps.


Buyer Trust: UNIFUN Touch Anti-Glare Lamp currently has 4.5 ratings out of a maximum of 5 stars, with 78% votes as five stars. Please check the current rating here.


What should you expect in the package?


Expect a UNIFUN LED Lamp with a micro USB charge cable and a user manual.


A promising review by a happy customer                   



AUKEY Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp


AUKEY Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp


Get it from Walmart.


Best for: Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, as well as relaxed modern offices


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly touch-activated table lamp with relaxing lighting suitable for bedtime reading, this lamp is for you. The elegantly designed body comes with various lighting blends and modes. The metallic-looking base adds a fresh, modern look to the space. The touch control base is 360 degrees, which provides maximum control and convenience.


The Good:


  • Adds a modern vibe to your bedroom or workspace


  • Three light modes (soft glow, warm white, and bright white)


  • Very lightweight and compact design


The Bad:


  • It is not a connected lamp.


Buyer Trust: AUKEY Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp currently has 4.3 ratings out of a maximum of 5 stars, with 67% votes as five stars. Please check the current rating here.


What should you expect in the package?


Expect an AUKEY LT-T6 Touch Control LED Lamp with an AC Adapter and user manual.


Video Review for AUKEY Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp



A promising review by a happy customer 



A Brief Overview of Long-Distance Touch Lamps


An Instant Reminder


In today’s overfilled, hectic schedules and routines, these lamps are a convenient and creative way to remind your loved ones that you’re missing them. It’s a kind of token of appreciation and to deliver the warmth of your emotions in no time.


A Perfect Night Light


These lamps are a perfect alternative to night lights because of their soft glow and ambiance. You can easily adjust the intensity and brightness level as per your requirements. The touch interface makes it a perfect option for your bedroom.


A Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones


These long-distance touch lamps are ideal gift items for friends and family. They are not very costly and are friendly. The creative way to get in touch will surely win the hearts of your friends. Most of the lamps regularly top the charts for the best gift items.


Long Distance Touch Lamps Buying Guide


If you’re reading this part, I’m sure you have decided to buy a long-distance touch lamp for yourself or your loved ones. Before buying those lamps, there are a few things for you to keep in mind.


In the following, we will show you how to compare and evaluate desk lamps. It will make it easier for you to decide if a particular lamp is right for you or not.


In summary, these are:


  • Construction and weight


  • Luminosity


  • Light color


  • Power requirements


Let’s take a look in more depth.


Lamp Connectivity


First, ensure that your current lamp is a true long-distance touch lamp. These types of lamps are very few. The second thing to remember is to make sure you buy them in pairs so you can connect. It sounds pretty obvious, but people make common mistakes every time.


Colors & Lighting Modes


This lamp comes in various colors and lighting modes. Go for the one that suits your taste, mood, and requirements. Pay close attention to the lamp's electrical ratings, like wattage and luminosity.


WiFi Connectivity


Friendship lamps do require a working WiFi connection for obvious reasons. You need to install and set them up properly. Look for the user manual as they would come quite handy. Follow the exact instructions to install your lamp.



Size & Weight


They are a lighting source and a décor item for your space. It would be best to use a compact-size lightweight lamp you can carry while traveling.


How Deep Your Pockets Are


These lamps are available in various price ranges. No matter what type of lamp you’re planning to buy, you need to prepare a budget plan in advance. Most of the time, you may want to buy these lamps in pairs, so it would be best to plan accordingly.


The price of a lamp depends mainly on the structure. What is meant here from what material the lamp was made and how stable the base is?


Of course, additional functions such as a touch control or several dimming levels impact the price. If you want to buy a new, not-too-expensive desk lamp, you should expect about $20 to $40. But a designer lamp can sometimes cost several hundred dollars like the Filimin lamps.


Glaring Problems


If you have sensitive eyes or have eye problems, you must pay close attention to the anti-glare features. These lamps are mostly used as bedside lamps so that they will be close to your eyes most of the time. So be careful about those features, especially if you’re planning to gift these types of lamps to an older person or someone with sensitive eyes.


But please handle it with care.


  • Lighting conditions must be maintained to avoid straining your eyes, especially during reading and writing.


  • Desk lamps provide the optimal illumination of your workplace. Pay attention to the luminosity and the light color of the lamp. Design-wise, the lamp should match your office chair.


  • Furthermore, the light source is very important. Through this, the lamps' power consumption and life are significantly determined.


Knowledge Base about Friendship Lamps


Which light color should the lamp have?


The light color of a lamp is given in Kelvin. Optimal for working here are "neutral white" (3000 to 5000 Kelvin) or "daylight white" (from 5000 Kelvin) bulbs. These light colors are considered biologically effective as they promote our concentration.


The light color also has a significant impact on our well-being. Warm white (below 3000 Kelvin) bulbs are recommended for comfortable living.


Working at a desk, such as reading or writing, requires bright light to help relieve the strain of long-term work. Certain light colors are ideal for working but are often perceived as too bright. The desk lamp must have different dimming settings. So you can make the right setting depending on the situation.


Which illuminant is the best?


Among other things, the light source determines the energy efficiency. You can save a lot of power with a modern lamp that uses an efficient bulb.


A conventional light bulb is not very efficient. It generates about 10 to 12 lumens of luminous flux with 1 watt. Halogen and energy-saving lamps are a bit more economical. They have values of 20 lumens per watt and 60 lumens per watt.


At the top is the LED. It can reach up to 90 lumens per watt, making it the most efficient light source.


Construction and Weight


The weight of your lamp depends mainly on the material used for the socket and the structure. Cheaper desk lamps made of plastic are lighter than high-quality metal.


Another important factor is how flexible you can adjust your lamp. For example, the lamp can be adjusted in height depending on how the linkage is constructed. Or the lamp can be turned, and you can easily illuminate different desk areas. It gives you more freedom and quickly adjusts the lighting to your needs.




The luminosity of a lamp is very crucial. In simple terms, it determines how bright your lamp is. The recommended level of luminosity varies depending on the situation and application.


Factors influencing this are, for example, how much daylight falls on your desk or whether you prefer to use the workplace for lunch or in the evening. Your lamp should have a value of about 500 lumens. Useful is even if you can dim your lamp. It allows you to regulate the brightness according to your needs.


Light Color


The light color influences the human subconscious. A distinction can be made between warm white, neutral white, and daylight white.


It is best to warm white for working in neutral or daylight white for a comfortable situation. You should make sure that you can set all three light colors. Then, depending on the situation, you can choose the one that suits you best.


Power Requirements


The power requirement is, in most cases, expressed in watts.


It is, of course, related in some way to the luminosity. The lower the power requirement, the less bright the desk lamp will be. Here, you should, depending on the requirements, carefully weigh.



Let’s Wrap It Up.


There’s no doubt that these lamps are beautiful yet simple stuff. They are funny, emotional, and friendly. There’s no point that you should go for one. They are not very costly. They don’t require you to break the bank. They provide a very good way to get in touch with your friends and family members.


So, what are you waiting for?


Go and get one for you!


Because Friendship is Forever.







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