Best Items To Setup Your Home-Office Under $800

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Updated: July 15, 2019
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Best Items To Setup Your Home-Office Under $800


With small research and motivation, any office can be operated at home. Whether it’s a home-based job or some small business or online agency, a home office in a limited budget is not difficult to set. With a well-planned budget and requirements, you can setup an office within your budget.


We have researched and found some best items at best the price. So if you looking to setup a home-based office for 800$, then have a look at these products:


Office_Chair">1) Office Chair

Starting with the most important thing i.e. the chair. No office cannot be setup without a chair. Once you have decided to setup an office you definitely need a chair to sit and work. Chairs are of different types but obviously, if you have to work for around 6-8 hours then you cannot rely on any chair, you need a comfortable chair so that you can sit properly and focus on your work clearly without any tiredness. There are some awesome chairs roaming around in the World.



  • For big and tall users, support weight up to 350 pounds
  • An adjustable mechanism for lower-back support; curved armrests
  • You can adjust the seat from 18.75 inches to 22.25 inches high.


Table_Top">2) Table Top

After sitting on a chair you will definitely need something to put your computer or laptop on. So a Tabletop is the most economical and best item to put your things on and work efficiently. Because you cannot place your machine anywhere and work, you need a proper place which raises your monitor or laptop so that you can look at it more efficiently. Real wood likes nicer and long lasts, adjustable legs make it with anywhere.



  • Supports healthier sit/stand workstations
  • High-quality, Walnut laminate for long-lasting use


Laptop_stand">3) Laptop stand

Everyone loves to work on a laptop rather than a PC since it’s more flexible. But in some cases, a laptop is not that much feasible because you cannot adjust the height of the keyboard and screen. A better way is to use a laptop stand through it you are able to raise and lower the height of the laptop and work efficiently. Using a laptop stand helps prevent eyestrain, neck and back pain. It also helps to keep the laptop cooler, since laptop performance suffers upon heating.



  • Use It Anywhere
  • Versatile Applications
  • Quiet Cooling Fans
  • Better Posture
  • Super Adjustable


Keyboard_and_mouse_set">4) Keyboard and mouse set

Many people prefer to have an external mouse and keyboard instead of a built-in laptop. The built-in is not just that good and is not handy. People like external keyboards and mouse because of less heat as a laptop generates heat, distance from the screen and most important the laptop keyboards are dirty, a study suggests that a toilet is cleaner than a laptop. So a laptop cannot be cleaned properly because of internal electronic components, on the other hand, an external mouse and keyboard are much easier to clean.



  • Wireless
  • Everyday comfort with style and security
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption
  • Customizable shortcut keys


Bluetooth_headphones">5) Bluetooth headphones

If you working from home that obviously there is a chance of distraction as many people live in your home other than you. So if you want to contact your client or give an interview you will shy and think that no one else can listen to your conversation. So for that purpose, you need a headphone to talk freely with your client or customer.



  • Wireless
  • Noise-cancelling 


Ballpoints">6) Ballpoints

In-office you always need a ballpoint because of writing something, noting down something important. Because all the things cannot be saved and kept in your computer because of privacy concerns. So there is always a need for a ballpoint. Further, a ballpoint doesn’t require charging.



  • Smooth
  • Bolder ink


Pencils">7) Pencils

Like ballpoint, you also need a pencil all the time for different purposes. Like drawing some design of your work, or cutting on a ballpoint writing. Just like ballpoints there is also a need for pencils, and they also don’t need charging.



  • Premium wood
  • Writing comfort
  • Smooth performance


Notebook">8) Notebook

You need something to write on, you cannot write on your hand or on the wall. Notebooks allow maintaining information in an organized way with a pen or pencil. You can maintain records without any privacy issue and with the proper date since the date of the computer can be changed but on a notebook, the date cannot be changed without cutting. Further, the notebook doesn’t require OS loading time, passwords or some other security checks.


Further, you don’t have to remember any hotkeys and can set the format whichever you like.



  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 100 pages
  • Perfect Binding


Printer/Scanner/Copier/_Fax_Machine_All_in_one">9) Printer/Scanner/Copier/ Fax Machine All in one

Paper is always much cheaper than servers and computers. Without having a printer/ Copier/Scanner you cannot work in an office. Because you always need to print some important documents and keep them in files because there is no guarantee of cloud storage. Further, if you want to send your paper design or want to edit a document you need a scanner to quickly scan the document and make it available for you on the computer. Copier is used to photocopy the important documents while fax machines are used to send documents especially in those areas where there are internet issues, so buying each one separately will cost you more and will require more space. So the best for offices is the all-in-one printer.



  • High Print speed
  • High Resolution
  • Wireless


Office_Desk-lamp">10) Office Desk-lamp

Maybe you have a place in which light is not directly coming to the keyboard or mouse or paper on which you are writing, so you need a desk lamp to work efficiently. A desk lamp gives additional light to a desk and keyboard



  • Versatile
  • Corded Power Source
  • Modern Style


Mini_condenser_microphone">11) Mini condenser microphone

If you want to have a voice chat or video chat with your client or customer, you definitely would need a microphone to input your voice to the computer. Condenser microphones are the best ones as they have the ability to remove the background noise.



  • Mini
  • Plug and play


_2TB_external_hard_drive">12) 2TB external hard drive

You cannot rely on the internal computer hard disk if you have very important data. Since it’s an electronic device it can be corrupted or damaged anytime so without having any backup you are doomed. So to back-up your huge data you need a large capacity hard drive.



  • 2 TB
  • USB powered
  • Seagate Branded


HP_LCD_monitor">13) HP LCD monitor

You cannot work on a laptop the whole day and cannot see its screen for the whole day, as it emits more radiation than a normal monitor and further the laptop also gets hot after using for too much time. So you need a monitor to work on along with a PC and other peripherals if you have a long-time work.



  • 23.8 inches
  • 1920x1080 resolution


Mini_Projector">14) Mini Projector

The laptop or monitor screens are limited and you cannot mark something on them, so if you want to mark some things on a design or a presentation then you need to have a projector so that you project the display on a whiteboard and mark things on it.



  • HD 1080p
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


Money_keeper_app_for_all_platforms:">15) Money keeper app for all platforms:

You cannot have a finance manager at your home to manage all your expenses, profits, and cash-flows. You need something to keep a record of all your expenses. You would have to need an application that helps you with all your financial records.