How to Save on American Eagle Black Friday in 2022

Updated: October 10, 2022
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How to Save on American Eagle Black Friday in 2022


Let’s say most of us are looking forward to the Black Friday sales. It is that time of the year when we can purchase the best things at an affordable rate. We can buy what we want throughout the year; this is the occasion almost everyone has been waiting for. American Eagle is a well-known brand for holding a massive Black Friday sale for its customers. People can get bigger discounts and slash-downs on their items on sale. Readers can keep going, and there will be some tips they need to follow to save during this Black Friday sale of American Eagle.



American Eagle Black Friday Sale:

American Eagle will be gearing up for their American Eagle Black Friday sale right after their Friendsgiving sale. This sale will be happening before the actual Black Friday sale kicks in. As soon as this sale starts, you will see deals that will give you at least 30% off throughout the rest of November. 


There are some questions raised this year about the closing of American Eagle’s on Thanksgiving. For all the questions, we’ll say yes, and it will be closed. However, customers can easily shop for the American Eagle Black Friday sale online. Also, customers don’t have to worry much since the stores will open their doors on Black Friday at 10 AM (Eastern Time). Make sure that you are in contact with your local American Eagle or Aerie store for more accurate holiday hours.


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American Eagle’s Black Friday Sale Coming With Three Waves:

American Eagle will be dropping three waves for their Black Friday sale. This will happen throughout November, but you won’t see early deals promoted under their Black Friday sale. You can look at the three waves of the American Eagle Black Friday deals sale below:


  • Nov. 1-4 (First wave): Early Black Friday deals online

  • Nov. 11-15 (Second-wave): Early Black Friday deals online

  • Nov. 18-27 (Third-wave): Friendsgiving Sale / Black Friday deals online and in-stores


The very first wave will be dropping in the first week of November. It will be running in the early days of November, and some of the deals will be better than any other deal you will find in the future. Customers will see the sale starting between the 1st to 4th of November, and deals of 60% off clearance and an extra 10% off. You will also find 60% off on the Aerie collection, and there will be jeans that you can get at as low as $19.99. This sale will be online-only, and there will be promo codes for the customers to get a 10% discount.


If you are looking for amazing discounts, expect to jump on the American Eagle black Friday 2022 deals. 


Customers can expect another 4-5 days for the online-only deals that will be happening on 10th November. It will be coming with a massive discount for the buyers. They just have to be attentive during the sale.



Aerie Undies Sale at American Eagle:

The Aerie undies sale is one of the best sales of American Eagle. You will have the chance to purchase 10 Aerie underwear for just $35. If we talk about the regular price, it will be over $63 off their normal price. 


Most people go for Aerie during Black Friday when the ongoing promo or sales are happening. They just want to grab 5-6 pieces and save up some money. 


Grabbing Jeans at AE Black Friday Sale:

Getting some jeans for daily use and casual outfits from AE is ideal. You can get some of the jeans at better-discounted prices during the AE Black Friday sale. American Eagle will be offering 25% to 30% off on the jeans during the sale. You can put some in your cart and check out if you are in search of jeans. 


Furthermore, if you want to buy jeans in bulk, your best bet will be clearance jeans. Find them in the first wave that will be taking place earlier in November. You can see them on the online-only sale. We advise our raiders to check for deals on American Eagle jeans all month. Make sure you are paying close attention to all three major waves.


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Skipping The Free Shipping Minimum:

If you are purchasing something from American Eagle Black Friday deals online, you have to pay at least $75 to get free shipping on your order. You can go for the $7 standard shipping or the $15 for the 2-day shipping. 


If you don’t feel like spending on the shipping procedures, then simply pick up your items for free by visiting any American Eagle that is near you. Head to the store counter to grab your items or pick up your order curbside. This will save you some dollars for your next shopping. 


Final Thoughts:

To sum this up, you are well-known for the tips for the American Black Friday Sale of 2022. It will be coming shortly in the next month. You are pretty much aware of the American Eagle Black Friday sale hours, and make sure that you will follow all of the tips to save time and money. You will be thankful to us for giving you these excellent tips for your shopping spree. Happy shopping!