AI-Proof Jobs That Have a Growing Scope

Updated: January 23, 2024
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Reading Time: 8 Min
AI-Proof Jobs That Have a Growing Scope

As full-time workers in the current economy, most of us are going through the intense stress of being replaced any second. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the numbers. Credible news sources like Vox, Forbes, and Wired quote that in the next decade, 47% of the jobs that we work on today will go extinct. 

This is not just limited to manual jobs but also high-paying jobs that were once considered the most sought-after. From tech to education and even health, most jobs we see today will no longer exist.

Does this mean most of the world will become unrecruitable in the next few years due to AI? Or will robots finally dominate the world? The perspective of economists and technology experts varies in this regard. According to tech experts, today's robots and technology will become so good that they will shift the course of human history, but the jobs will be replaced rather than extinct. 

On the contrary, economists believe a completely new class will be created because manual jobs will go extinct in no time, followed by other professions and even tech jobs. AI will do the entry-level tech jobs, and this will create a huge gap in the tech industry. 

If you fear being replaced, look for AI-proof jobs or at least seek a way to AI-proof your current jobs. For instance, there are online courses that can help you transition to different jobs with professional guidance and help from experts in the industry. 

A good internet connection like Optimum Internet and a computer will be enough to help you learn new skills, polish your old skills, and transition into a much better-paying job. The best thing about Optimum is that you will get unlimited data, fast speed, and 24/7 customer service that can be reached by dialing the Optimum customer service number at any time, anywhere. 


Perfection vs. Humanity – The Power to Stay Recruited 


Before we jump straight into finding out the jobs that will be irreplaceable, we need to know that the power of mankind lies in humanity. The tender emotions, empathy, and passionate response most people offer when they see AI can not offer someone in pain. 

For instance, in the case of health, AI is trained to prioritize people based on their will and chance of survival. This means that people with a low chance of survival will not be considered for help. This can only increase the fatality rate. Regardless of all these sophisticated robots, medical supervision will remain needed. 

Here is how the emotional power of human and their ability to build connections can help you create AI-proof jobs.  


  1. Health Sector


The growing gap in the health sector medication, health conditions, and improved immunity are helping people live longer. The average age of people has increased over the years, leading more people to depend on their families for health care

Although technology is now taking the lead in the healthcare industry, especially focusing on old-age care, healthcare has always been associated with humanity and nurturing. Nursing and healthcare jobs are almost impossible without building the essential bond. Overall, AI can help monitor vitals and keep an eye on conditions and symptoms, but it can never replace the human touch required for health care. 


  1. Education and Teaching


Education and teaching are other professionals that require extreme nurturing capacity. While more tech professionals are pushing towards a very data-driven smart education system, experts believe that lack of human contact will create abnormalities and leave some people extremely driven. In contrast, others might ignore the idea of education. To maintain a healthy balance, it is very important to have a human touch so everyone stays motivated to learn throughout the learning cycle. 


  1. Hospitality and Serving 


There is no doubt that automation is taking the hospitality industry by storm. People love to dine at smart restaurants where they have little human interaction and enjoy being served by robots most of the time. This trend is becoming more common in developed countries, and even tech companies are investing in these serving robots. 

However, even with the latest technology, serving will always be linked with individuals and their personalities. As the trend of smart serving dies down, the hospitality industry will soon return to its roots because human behaviors cannot be predicted and can only be catered to based on experience. Since tech robots use algorithms to predict and comprehend human behaviors, they cannot understand these unique behaviors, leading to misinterpretation. 


Bottom Line: 


Simply put, technology can only increase productivity and reduce human error but cannot build connections. Jobs that require people to get to know people or build connections will never be replaced. The above-mentioned jobs are AI-proof, and regardless of the introduction of robots and AI, these jobs will remain high-value jobs.