LightInTheBox What you are looking for Online Shop

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Updated: May 30, 2018
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LightInTheBox What you are looking for Online Shop

You love to get inspiration for clothes, accessories and useful things from all over the world? Then you should definitely take a look in the online shop of LightInTheBox. Here you will find trendy products that enjoy great popularity worldwide. No wonder that the online shop is available in several languages and thus offers interesting products at the best price to a large number of customers from all over the world. With a LightInTheBox coupon, you can save money on your order and enjoy great benefits - discover our different coupon codes for LightInTheBox.


Our_savings_tip_for_LightInTheBox">Our savings tip for LightInTheBox

There are many benefits with a great LightInTheBox coupon code. In addition to some percentage discounts, our best savings tip is LightInTheBox 75% coupon. You can save up to three-quarters of the price on selected items on sale - these are fabulous prospects that will make your eyes sparkle in a matter of seconds!



Redeem_LightInTheBox_coupon_step_by_step">Redeem LightInTheBox coupon step by step

We now show you how you can redeem your personal LightInTheBox coupon code in just three steps.

Shopping for items

Put all the products you want to buy into your shopping cart. When you have finished shopping and want to pay, you will be taken to the shopping cart page.

Enter coupon code

Before you go to checkout, you can use your discount coupon by entering the promo code in the space provided.

Confirm and enjoy discount

For this, you need to click on the button "Do you have a coupon code? Confirm here "and then type in the coupon and confirm.

If there are any difficulties in redeeming your LightInTheBox coupon, here are three tips for you on how to benefit from a rebate.

Correct spelling?

In the heat of the moment, if you already dream of getting great goods at wholesale prices, mistakes can slip in. For this reason, check the spelling of the coupon code once. If necessary, correct typos or number-dodgers and the discount coupon are redeemable.

Retrieval conditions read?

Many coupons are tied to certain coupon conditions. For example, promotion codes can only be redeemed for a specific product range. Other coupons are subject to a minimum order value or can only be used by existing customers. Dedicate your attention to the redemption notice - this tells you what to pay attention to when redeeming your coupon.

Coupon code already used?

Also, verify that you have already used an action code. Some discounts can only be used once per person or per household and are then no longer valid. If this is the case with your coupon, you will surely find another discount code in our list that you can also use to shop favorably.


Payment,_Shipping,_and_Returns_at_LightInTheBox">Payment, Shipping, and Returns at LightInTheBox

You can process your payment in the shop of LightInTheBox in many ways. Thus, on the one hand, the payment via credit card is available. The company accepts Maestro, Delta, and JCB in addition to the usual cards, such as Mastercard, VISA, and American Express. You can also use PayPal's online services and instant bank transfer. There are also a variety of transfer services to choose from, such as Western Union or Wire Transfers.

The shipment takes place at LightInTheBox directly via the national postal company. There are several partners to handle the delivery. So you have the choice between a postal delivery with and without consignment tracking. You can also choose express delivery. Since these are often international deliveries, the delivery periods are higher than usual. The delivery times can be found on the website. The respective shipping costs depend on the product individually and can also be viewed on the homepage of LightInTheBox.

The best way to reach LightInTheBox customer service is through your customer account. You can request help and check the delivery status for each order. The inputs are usually processed by the customer service within one day - so you get a quick and targeted response.


FAQs about LightInTheBox

All important questions and answers about the service of LightInTheBox and your order can be found here at a glance.

What good is an account for LightInTheBox?

Your customer account allows you to track your order history and display all important information about your order. On the other hand, it is possible via the account to contact the customer service. Likewise, you can save your delivery and payment options, saving you valuable time on the next order.

How can the shipping costs be calculated?

Since LightInTheBox is an international company, shipping costs vary considerably depending on the place of production. In your product overview, you will receive a cost estimate, which indicates the estimated delivery costs for each product. Note, however, that this is an estimate only.

Can tailor-made articles be returned?

Since tailor-made products are pieces made specifically for your body measurements, it is not possible to return them if they are not satisfied.

Further savings with LightInTheBox

We will show you how to save money when shopping at LightInTheBox!

Discount in Flash sale

On the website of LightInTheBox, you will find the section FlashSale. In this "flash sale" the offers change again and there are price reductions up to 75 percent possible. A look into this part of the shop is absolutely worth it!

Free Article

Use one of our LightInTheBox coupons to take advantage of a free quote. This can either be free shipping or a free article. No matter which variant you choose - you can always save!

Seasonal discount

In all areas of the online shop beckon discounts that are especially attractive for the season change. We recommend that you browse through the various offers and discover the best seasonal discounts!



LightInTheBox_in_detail">LightInTheBox in detail

Globalization makes international shopping easy - and LightInTheBox is the right partner when it comes to shopping globally. In the online shop of LightInTheBox you will find a huge selection of attractive lifestyle products that convince all along the line, and also internationally. The product range of LightInTheBox is divided into clothing, small appliances and home and garden. Always with the products is a touch of international flair, because the website is available in many languages and is aimed at buyers from around the world. This can also be read off the articles!




LightInTheBox and Mini in the Box belong together, whereby both websites can be used in different languages and thus are available to a large group of customers. LightInTheBox obtains the prices directly from the producer and sells them to the end customer - thus eliminating the intermediate step of the wholesale trade. The customers also notice that because the online shop of LightInTheBox convinces with more than favorable prices. Take advantage of a LightInTheBox coupon and bring literally light, so light, in the dark, so you save even more with your purchase!