9 Best Android Apps for Video Editing

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Updated: March 23, 2019
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Reading Time: 8 Min
9 Best Android Apps for Video Editing


The sophisticated and extensive apps make cutting, editing, sound editing and the installation of effects in movies and videos on the smartphone a breeze. All featured apps are available in a free version.


With the recording, a good video is known to start only. Only in the post-processing of a video snippet than the film, the travel reports or just the next post for the YouTube channel or the Instagram profile. In the smartphone age, you no longer have to do editing work on the PC: The App Store is full of rows of video editors, with whom setting, editing, image corrections and the insertion of effects on the Android device effortlessly goes over the stage.


Easy trimming using timelines, inserting silly or slanted stickers, as well as color adjustments and music playback is already standard on most video editors for Android. For this reason, some developers are increasingly turning to specialized apps in order to reach individual user groups with different application areas. 


For example, the ActionDirector Video Editor is intended primarily for fast scenes in sports and leisure. The app offers effects and transitions, with which dynamic moments from the skateboard trick over the parkour running up to extreme sports events can be particularly exciting and vividly set in the scene: By reviving crucial moments in the video about with a temporary slow motion function cinematic to let.


Apps like InShot Video Editor & Photo have video editing as well as a photo editor on board. In addition to videos, you can also make beautiful collages from your last beach holiday, which you can beautify creatively with stickers and image effects. The often extensive video editors almost exclusively offer a voluntary premium upgrade. This usually activates additional filters and effects and disables the annoying watermarks in the edited video, which freeware users often have to live with.


An exception is the app YouCut -Video creator without watermark is renounced from the outset on watermarks. The app is specially designed for creating social media content. Also, the premium upgrade is here for a few dollars particularly cheap to have. In any case, you can download all apps listed here for free, try it as you wish, and then decide for yourself if they are really worth the money.


VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

This video editor can animate photo collages and offers effects as well as sounds for free download. The free version but sets watermarks and stingy with extras.


The VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is a popular video editing tool on the Android device, which recently returned to the Play Store with a redesigned interface. With extensive tools, you can cut videos here uncomplicated and fast, a color reversal is possible and even background images can be edited. A welcome preview function invites you to try it out, in practice users save a lot of time as well. A selfie camera comes here with seven different filters, therefore, such recordings of your own counterfeit can be edited via the app but also in hindsight and adapt. From a photo collection makes the editing program effortlessly an attractive slideshow with varied animations and in an online database waiting for a lot of free content to download. Including more than 200 effects, more filters, sounds, and extravagant fonts.


Vivavideo app


Full version only in the subscription rate 

Even the free version of VivaVideo: Free Video Editor offers stately function and practical content. However, users must accept a watermark in their videos, live with advertising and forego a few premium features. This includes the video export to 1080p, animated texts, background filters, and at least 300 premium templates. Price of the Pro version at the time of the test: $14.99 per year. 


A conclusion to the test of the Android app VivaVideo: Free Video Editor 

A particularly powerful video editor designed to serve even the most demanding users. Unfortunately, the free version uses watermarks, saves on the functionality and switches advertising.


KineMaster - Pro Video Editor

This video editor allows editing and montage on several image layers, provides royalty free music and wants to score with extensive tools. However, the free version places watermarks in the edited clips.


With the KineMaster - Pro Video Editor is a functional and clear cut program for free in the Play Store. The biggest shortcoming right away: In videos of free users, the app writes its own name in the form of a watermark, it is waived only after a paid upgrade. If you can live with it (or do not mind the upgrade), you'll find particularly well-thought-out and practical functions in the app that make an image and video editing possible on several levels. Overlays, effects, handwritten notes or stickers can be put together so harmoniously. New videos can be created here with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, 9:16 and 1: 1 and a preview function invites you to try out the countless possibilities. Transition effects are also available in 3D, the volume can be flexibly adjusted in the video history and speed controls are also on board. Also nice: When video output resolution, image and bit rate can be controlled individually, a forecast of the expected file size is calculated in real time.


KineMaster App


Pro version without watermarks and with premium templates 

As is often the case, free users also have to tolerate a watermark in their videos in the KineMaster Pro Video Editor. A number of premium content is reserved for subscribers to the app, this includes overlays and elaborate effects also royalty-free music with solid sound quality. Price of annual subscription at the time of the test: $39.99.


A conclusion to the test of the Android app KineMaster - Pro Video Editor 

Beyond paid premium effects, this editor also offers compelling free content for creating elaborate and creative video clips.


Timbre: Audio / Video Editing, Edith mp3

Cut, Convert, Merge: With this editor, you can quickly and easily edit audio and video files on the Android device.


With a comparably manageable range of functions, Timbre: cut, join, convert mp3 Audio & mp4 Video, one task: to be able to cut video and audio tracks on the Android device comfortably and quickly. Even the conversion of different formats and the joining of individual sound or video tracks is easily possible with the app. In addition to the self-explanatory editing functions, the built-in converter is particularly convincing: it also allows FLAC, M4A and MP3 files to be interconverted - this also works with videos in the MP4, AVI or MKV formats. Stark: If you want to extract only the soundtrack from a video, you can do it with the app at the touch of a button, but the function can only produce MP3 files. Also nice: From video snippets, users can use the app to create animated GIFs, to collect likes on Facebook likes or to impress the friends at WhatsApp. Individual watermarks can also be inserted here in videos and the playback speed is variable.


Timbre App


Ad-free from 69 cents 

A premium version of the app is already available from 69 cents, but then only the advertising is disabled. Starting at $1.69 (all prices at the time of the test), there will be a new design and an extended queue for editing functions on board.


A conclusion to the test of the Android app Timbre: Audio / Video cut, Edith mp3 

A small, clear, and fast tool for cutting and converting video and audio files on the Android device. Effects, overlays or special apertures are not available here.


Movie Editor of photos with music and video maker

With video and image processing, camera effects and a slide show function, this editor is particularly flexible. 


For movie editor of photos with music and video maker, a lot of features are waiting for users with creative ideas. The comparatively comprehensive video editing app can handle raw material flexibly: in addition to basic editing functions, you can also reverse video, insert images, rotate the view, and convert formats. Strong: Compressing videos is also possible with the app and subtitles are available with attractive formatting and different fonts. Even handwritten comments or drawings may be painted in the video. Different color filters give clips and pictures an individual and often atmospheric touch, even the enlargement of eyes or the smoothing of skin irregularities is possible with the app.



App donates music 

Clips and videos are only really alive if the soundtrack fits, the Movie Editor free songs are available in an online library. Even the submission with their own MP3s is allowed and speaker texts, users can also record and install the app. It also works the other way around: Users can easily convert audio tracks of their videos into MP3s using the tool. 


A conclusion to test the Android app Movie Editor of photos with music and video maker 

A high-performance picture and video editor that can quickly convince with creative filters, generous features, and an audio database.


DU Recorder - Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

With this video editor, you can not only edit clips: The app also serves as a screen recorder and faithfully records everything that happens on the screen. 


Whether favorite games, silly video chats with friends or just video streams: With the DU Recorder - Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live At the touch of a button, you can record everything you see on the Android display. The screen recorder can handle videos up to 1080p and 60 frames per second. Resolution, image repetition and bit rates may also be adjusted manually, your own reactions can be captured with the help of the front camera and ambient noise can also be recorded. Finished videos but also all other clips in the device memory, you can cut with an editor here then, inferior to music or reassemble. With an interface to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook, live streams with the app can also be broadcast in real time.


DU Recorder App


With small image editing 

Screenshots can also be recorded faster with the app via the notification bar and then edited: mosaic function, brush, and a subsequent cut are available. Powerful: Using a Wi-Fi connection, you can transfer media to a desktop PC using a browser, and videos can be converted to GIFs in no time. 


A conclusion to the test of the Android app DU Recorder - Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live 

This screen recorder helps users to stream to Twitch and Co., can edit images and videos, and makes frequently-used functionality conveniently available through a floating widget.


PowerDirector Video Editing

This app is a real powerhouse among the video editors for Android. In order to be able to use all functions without restriction, a paid upgrade is necessary here.


PowerDirector Video Editing is an official editorial app of the Taiwanese tech company CyberLink and comes professionally on the Android device. Time-lapse and slow-motion effects are supported here with up to 240 frames per second, images and audio tracks can be installed and projects can also be transferred to a PC for further editing. Overall, the tool has more than 60 aperture effects on board, clips can be played backward and the editing is very convenient with a clear timeline and easy drag and drop. After editing, you can also send videos to YouTube or Facebook, and with the so-called "chroma" functions you can even edit backgrounds in videos. Also nice: All important functions are clearly explained in compact tutorial videos. The free version of the app is significantly limited, but a seven-day trial version offers all the extras for free testing.


PowerDirector App


Full version only as a subscription 

Only a premium upgrade really lets this editor off the leash: videos in Ultra HD are then supported and the advertising disappears from the display. Numerous effects, animations, and transitions for more beautiful apertures are then activated. Note: Even a disturbing watermark, the free users must tolerate in their videos, also disappears only with the premium subscription for the price of at least $3.21 per month (test time). 


A conclusion to the test of the Android app PowerDirector video editing 

The PowerEditor is a particularly powerful and professionally designed video tool for Android, which reveals important extras but only in the paid subscription. The app is especially suitable for users who often and regularly want to edit videos on the Android device.


InShot - edit video

Video and photo editor in one: With plenty of features and many useful extras, this app is particularly extensive. Annoying watermarks disappear here as a thank you for advertising peep.


Edit with InShot video is a particularly extensive video editor in the Play Store. Not only can users base and edit movies, but a solid photo editor is also on board. Like the video editor, it has a range of well-thought-out tools for the right cut, offers a number of color filters and blur effects, and can score with a collage function: You can use it to create an appealing mosaic of up to nine photos. Especially for Instagram, suitable frames can be set via the app. Users can also shift the picture focus of videos within the style sheet. Here you can simply synchronize music from your own MP3 collection with the timeline, videos are output with a resolution of up to 1080 vertical pixels.



Premium version with important upgrades 

Only with an upgrade to the premium version disappear with this app, the watermarks from the created videos. Additional effects, stickers, and filters are also unlocked and advertising disappears. The price at the time of testing: Onetime $32.90 or $10.77 per year in the subscription rate with automatic renewal. Nice: Watermarks can be individually removed from edited videos by users viewing a commercial - so even content such as stickers and animations can be unlocked free of charge. 


A conclusion to test the Android app InShot - edit video 

One of the top video editors for Android. Although the free version is reduced in content and missed edited videos a watermark - on the reputation of advertising, you can partially remove these restrictions, however, for free.


YouCut - Video Edit & Video Maker

This video editor is intended primarily for editing movies for YouTube. The ad-free editing program also gives a good tool beyond. 


Full power is also available in the Play Store for free, at least if you have YouCut - Video Edit & Video Maker takes as an example. The editor renounces naming and annoying watermarks voluntarily and has a number of simple and intuitive features on board, with which you can prepare your videos quickly for YouTube, WhatsApp and Co. Videos can be cut and reassembled, the image quality can be easily downscaled if necessary and who wants to underlay his movies with music, can access here in addition to their own MP3 collection on at least 15 free and mood-giving pieces of music. The tool supports resolutions up to 4K, can efficiently compress and presents its own functions to new users. Small drawback: The app does offer extensive stickers, but they are not animated here.

 YouCut App


Mini upgrade for a small price 

For $3.39 is a premium version of the app to have (test time). It disables the integrated advertising, but otherwise offers no special advantages, the range of functions is not extended. The upgrade is thus above all a tip for the developers: While users deal with the video editing, commercial breaks are already deactivated anyway. 


A conclusion to the test of the Android app YouCut - Video Edit & Video Maker 

This app provides solid video editing with a powerful compressor and thoughtful tools. The free version is particularly extensive.


ActionDirector Video Editor

With this video editor for Android, you can attractively highlight especially sporty and action-packed sequences. Additional effects make decisive moments here particularly lively.


The ActionDirector Video Editor is designed for dynamic and motion-packed videos: Sporting events, competitions or simply fast movements can thus be set particularly clearly in the scene. In addition to simple filters for hues and saturation, you can clearly highlight individual sequences with temporary slow motion or time-lapse functions. Jumps, tricks or rapid cornering get on the display so that certain Hollywood feeling. With headlines and display texts, you can also create video stories via an app, but for the musical background, you have to come up with music and sound effects from your own collection. When joining individual clips, the app can convince with a wide range of varied effects, filters for skin smoothing are also on board.


 ActionDirector App


Full performance only by subscription 

With a resolution of up to 4K, you can create very sharp videos with this video editor. Like a whole series of other premium effects, this option is linked to a fee-based subscription: At the time of the test, $15.88 per year was due. Because unfortunately, only the premium version waives watermarks, the upgrade for a meaningful video editing is more or less obligatory.


A conclusion to the test of the Android app ActionDirector Video Editor 

A powerful video editor that lets you rekindle action-packed scenes in your videos. Unfortunately, the free version uses watermarks and blocks some functions and effects.