Unlock Savings: Mastering Walmart's Free Shipping!

Updated: September 21, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Unlock Savings: Mastering Walmart's Free Shipping!


If you're an avid Walmart shopper looking to save on shipping costs, you're in luck! This comprehensive guide explores how to get free shipping at Walmart. Gone are the days of worrying about shipping fees eating into your budget. We've covered the best ways to score free shipping on your Walmart orders.


Discover if Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $35 and how to make the most of this option. Explore the convenience of Walmart's in-store pickup and curbside pickup services, making it easier than ever to get your items without paying for shipping.


We'll also delve into the benefits of the Walmart+ subscription, which unlocks free shipping on eligible items and other perks. Find out how Walmart provides free holiday shipping, making it the perfect time to shop for gifts without the added shipping costs.


If you're curious about using FedEx pickup for your Walmart orders, we've covered you with all the information you need. Plus, we'll answer frequently asked questions about Walmart's shipping policies to ensure you have a seamless and cost-effective shopping experience. Say goodbye to shipping fees and save with Walmart's free shipping options!


How To Get Free Shipping On Walmart? 


There are several ways to get free shipping at Walmart, and we will discuss them individually. Don’t forget to use them for your next order!


1. Does Walmart Have Free Shipping On Orders Over $35?


Yes, you can use Walmart's free shipping on orders of $35 and above. All you have to do is find the next-day eligible items or the 2-day shipping items, prepare an order for a minimum of $35, and you can receive them within two days without paying the shipping fee. You can find up to 180,000 qualifying products for next-day or 2-day free shipping. 


Unfortunately, some goods are unavailable for 2-day shipping even if you order more than $35, so be careful to check them before adding them to your cart.


2. Walmart In-Store Pickup 


Another way to obtain Walmart's free shipping is their in-store pickup option. After creating your order online, they allow you to pick it up from the store without paying any delivery fee or shipping charges. 


Most of you may not find yourself waiting in a long service line, so Walmart has automated pickup locations where you can scan your barcode. Your item will arrive on the conveyor belt, and you can carry it without interacting with anyone. Some products are eligible for a pickup discount, so what does that mean?  


3. Curbside Pickup


If you cannot get free delivery on your order, don’t worry! You can ship your order to the nearby Walmart store and pick it up at the curbside. Walmart offers a free curbside pickup service previously available for grocery items. You can pick up anything like electronics or clothing without getting out of your car. The order must be $35 minimum or the standard shipping fee of $5.99. 


Step-By-Step Process To Use Walmart’s Curbside Pickup Service: 


  • Go to Walmart’s website. Select Pickup in the top left corner, choose your desired time, and add items to your cart. 


  • Hit the “checkout” button and select a pickup time.


  • Wait for confirmation. You will receive a confirmation message with the assigned parking spot. When you arrive at the store to pick up your order, park in the designated parking spot. Your order will be brought to you and loaded in your car.


  • You can also use Walmart’s app to place an order for curbside pickup service directly. That’s not all! Customers using Walmart pickup for the first time can get $10 off their first order of at least $50.


4. Walmart+ Subscription For Free Shipping 


This subscription service offers free same-day delivery and Walmart free shipping (no minimum amount) to its subscribers. Not just that, It also offers in-store shopping perks. The per-month cost for a Walmart Plus membership is $12.95, and the annual fee is $98 if you prefer to subscribe yearly. You can also opt for a 30-day free trial to check it out before subscribing.


Let’s list out more benefits that Walmart Plus free shipping offers:


  • There are no delivery fees on same-day delivery of Walmart orders for $35 or more. 


  • This no-fee delivery provided by Walmart+ applies to same-day orders of groceries and also select available products. 


  • You would get free shipping on all eligible orders, with no minimum. For Walmart+ members, the $35 free-shipping threshold does not apply!


5. Walmart Free Shipping During Holidays


Did you know that Walmart has a history of offering free holiday shipping? In previous years, you would have noticed free shipping at Walmart during the holidays. However, they have not provided this fantastic promo for a few years. We are sharing this fact with you so you can keep your eyes out for this year in case Walmart brings it back in the upcoming holiday season


6. FedEx Pickup For Walmart Order 


You can order online from Walmart and then get it delivered to your nearest FedEx location, where you can pick them up for free. Orders will be held for five business days, and this is helpful if you do not have a Walmart store nearby your location. 


Please note that some items, like perishable or heavy items, are not eligible for this service.


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FAQs About Walmart Shipping


  1. Does Walmart have free shipping promo codes?


Check out Walmart's offer page for free delivery coupon codes and other sales and deals.


  1. Does Walmart offer free shipping on returns?


All orders can be shipped back for free. All you have to do is log in to your account and print a return label. You can also return your item in-store by using the Walmart app.


  1. Is Walmart's two-day shipping guaranteed?


Yes, Walmart guarantees delivery within two business days nationwide in the United States.


  1. Is there any Walmart free shipping code?


No, there are no free shipping codes, but you can be eligible for free shipping following the above methods, and the shipping fee will be waived during checkout.


  1. Can you order checks from Walmart?


You can find many personal and business checks at the most affordable prices. Walmart also offers free standard shipping for its checks, and you can expect to receive them within 12 business days. So, you can find cheap checks with free shipping at Walmart.  


  1. What freight forwarder does Walmart use for shipping?


Walmart uses FedEx or USPS to ship and drop off your orders.