Looking Forward To Endowing The Gift Cards To Your Circle? Learn The Facts About Ulta Gift Card!

Updated: December 30, 2022
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Looking Forward To Endowing The Gift Cards To Your Circle? Learn The Facts About Ulta Gift Card!


Ulta Beauty is the largest Salon Company in the United States for makeup, scents and fragrances, skin and hair carefulness products, and salon assistance. 


Ulta Online Gift Cards 

You may purchase cosmetics using Ulta gift cards online, and at any 1,196 stores, the firm has across the nation. 


Where To Buy Ulta Gift Cards 

Customers can, whenever it pleases them, purchase Ulta gift cards at Ulta beauty supply stores for up to $500. The cards are transferrable and never expire. According to a corporate customer care representative, Ulta gift cards can get used for any product or service in Ulta and Ulta.com, including salon and makeup services. 


You can also purchase Ulta gift cards from the following independent merchants:

  1. BJ’s Wholesale Club 

  2. Giant Eagle 

  3. Kroger 

  4. Walmart 

  5. Lowe’s 

  6. Sam’s Club 


You can also buy your Ulta gift card online. Ulta offers physical and e-gift cards on its website. Ulta gift cards have no additional costs, and shipping is always free when ordering physical gift cards online.


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Where To Use Ulta Gift Cards 

The Ulta Gift Cards and eGift Cards can purchase goods and services at any Ulta store in the United States, at www.Ulta.com, Ulta Beauty mobile app, and other registered Ulta Beauty stores. Target.com or the Ulta Beauty location at Target do not accept Ulta Gift Cards or eGift Cards for redemption, and they cannot be swapped or redeemed for money. Only products may be purchased using Gift Cards; shipping costs, taxes, and gratuities are not included. 


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Shopping With Ulta Gift Card Online 

If you are shopping online and wish to use your Ulta online gift card, you must enter the Ulta beauty gift card number at the checkout. 


On Ulta, using a gift card as payment is simple. Start by choosing the things you want and placing them in your shopping cart. Click "Checkout" in the below-right corner of the page when you are ready to finalize your purchase. 


The information for your billing and shipping will then get requested from you. A payment method selection prompt will appear after you have submitted your information. Then select "Gift Card" from the list, and enter the Gift Card number, PIN, and Captcha code. Finally, click "Submit" to finish placing your order. Choose another payment method to cover the difference if the total of your order is more than the balance on your Gift Card.


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Make The Most Of Your Ulta Gift Card 

By Joining The Ulta Rewards Program 

Ulta offers a free rewards program called Ultamate Rewards. From in-store and online transactions, the rewards program accrues points (one dollar equal to one point) that can get redeemed for ANY item that UTLA has in stock. All members receive a free birthday gift too.


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How To Check Ulta Gift Card Balance 

Following are the methods to check your Ulta beauty gift card balance. 


Through The Ulta Beauty Website.

First of all, make sure you have an Ulta account. Go to the Ulta Beauty website, and sign in using your Ulta account. 


Once you sign in, you will see several options on the top right of the screen. Click on the option that says Gift cards. On that page, you will see an option that says Check Your Balance. Enter your gift card / e-gift card number and the PIN in the fields provided. You will find the PIN at the back of your card that will probably get covered, so you need to scratch it out to see that. 


If, for any reason, you cannot find the Gift Card option, go to the menu, the three horizontal lines on the top left of the Ulta Beauty home page. After clicking on it, it will show a lot of options. You will find the Gift Card option in the menu, click on that, scroll down to Read our FAQs and click on it. A page will open where you can check your Ulta Beauty gift card balance. 


Through Helpline. 

You can also check your Ulta beauty gift card balance by contacting Ulta's customer service department at 888-566-2736. By providing your Ulta gift card number, you can ask for your remaining balance. 



You can check your Ulta online gift card balance in any Ulta Beauty store just by asking an employee to swipe your card to see your remaining balance.