6 Ways to Buy Glasses and Contacts at Target Optical

Updated: December 07, 2022
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Reading Time: 8 Min
6 Ways to Buy Glasses and Contacts at Target Optical

Since the new year is around the corner, we will welcome new beginnings and opportunities. To keep ourselves going with the trends and styles, we must keep our outlook unique, so everyone would like us, which will be an incredible thing for us. Many of us will be thinking of switching to new glasses and contacts so we can make them look classy with our daily attire. However, if you are considering buying new glasses and contacts, you can keep going with this blog. We will be telling you some ways to purchase glasses and contacts at Target Optical. 

Glasses and Contacts:

Not gonna lie, but whenever you are thinking of going to a formal or an informal social setting, you really give second thoughts to your glasses and sometimes your contacts. It is because you want something that would look good with your outfit. You need something classy when you are heading to a formal meeting. Meanwhile, you want something that looks totally outstanding with your semi-formal or casual dress-up. Moreover, you can wear contacts if you want to take the cake in the whole room, which is filled with people. Also, if you want contacts, then Target Optical is your friend for it.

Target Optical:

You must’ve heard about Target and might be familiar with this name, but have you ever heard of Target Opticals? Well, it is the same Target store that is dealing in opticals and contacts for their customers. There are around 500+ stores that have a Target Optical department in them. It offers glasses, contacts, and eye exams. You can get them done by an optometrist. 


Pre-book an appointment or get a walk-in appointment. Whenever you will be paying a visit to Target Optical, you will feel like it’s like any other optometrist’s clinic. You will find every piece of equipment related to eye checkups. You can search for ‘Target Optical near me’ on the web, and you will get your results.

Online Shopping and In-Store Shopping:

The shopping experience at Target Optical in its online store and in-store is pretty much the same. While you are shopping in the store, you can have a conversation with the employee who will be helping you with any type of query. You can also get your eye exam done, try out new eyewear frames at Target Optical, and once you are done with that, you can purchase them using the Target RedCard. 


If you are shopping online, you can’t get your eyes tested, and the website doesn’t take the RedCard. However, you will have a wide variety of frames on the online store. Also, if you are looking for blue light glasses at Target Optical, you can get them from the website.


Both the online and in-store purchases will be entertaining guarantees, warranties, and shipment times for both products. 


What You Need To Do Before Ordering:

Whenever you are making a purchase, its either online or in-store, just make sure that you are following these things:


  • Your prescription with your pupillary distance (PD). You can get a Target eye exam, and you will be provided with your PD. If you are in-store or online, you can get your PD both ways. 

  • Your insurance details, if they are applicable.

  • Payment Method (RedCard for the in-store individuals, Credit or Debit card for the online store people)


Once you have achieved your prescription and PD, you can start ordering your glasses and contacts online. You don’t need a prescription if you are just ordering the nonprescription type of glasses or frames that come without lenses. However, you need to provide the PD. Also, if you are thinking of the opening hours of Target Optical, then it is the same as Target’s own timing.

What Products Target Optical Is Offering:

Individuals who are always thinking of purchasing new glasses and contacts can check Target Optical since they have a huge variety of glasses and lenses. Brands that include Ray-Ban, Oakley, and other high-end options. Most of the glasses are available in stock. The people who are looking for contact lenses, they can get what they want. In addition, every lens has a different feature. It can be polycarbonate, high-index, blue-light filtering, photochromic, and many more. Also, if you want frames at Target Optical, then check out the website.

Warranty and Return Policy:

If you ever get your order messed up or anything from Target, then no need to worry. Target Optical offers a 90-day unconditional guarantee, adjustments, and free repairs. 


If you want more protection and security, then you can get the Worry-Free Protection Plan for $35. You will get your glasses and contact lenses covered for one year and three months. 


Once you apply for this plan, you can get damaged frames and lenses replaced by paying $25 for frames or lenses. $50 for both of these products. 


Final Thoughts:

To wrap this up, you know very much about the glasses and contact lenses on Target Optical. Make sure whenever you think of purchasing these products, you get your eye exam and PD and get a prescription, so you purchase it accordingly to your needs. Also, you can get reading glasses at Target Optical; just check out the collection to see a huge variety of reading glasses.