Unveiling the Perks: All You Need to Know About Target Credit Card - A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: September 22, 2023
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Unveiling the Perks: All You Need to Know About Target Credit Card - A Comprehensive Guide


Target is a well-known store among people in the United States. It is one of the most popular retailers for its amazing offers, discounts, new items, etc. Many people rush to Target to get the things in their cart whenever they want to purchase anything. 


However, Target has done some good things for its loyal customers, which might be ideal for many people. They have introduced a credit card that makes everything smooth and convenient for the customers. 


Keep going with this article, and you will learn about the Target Credit Card. 


Target Credit Card:


Target’s Credit Card, often called RedCard, is a credit card from Target. Cardholders can conveniently use this in Target’s retail stores US-wide and on the store’s website. This card offers customers a 5% slashed discount on any purchase they make at Target with no annual fee. On top of that, you can return the items within 30 days.


However, some things are different regarding interest rates or annual percentages. It is over 20%. If you carry high balances on your card for months, the interest charges might wipe out your savings from the discount.


Although Target offers a 5% discount on your checkout, other companies’ credit cards offer cash back. They offer cash back because the credit card company refunds a small amount of the price that you have spent on your purchases. 


There are essential points that you have to look into. Check them below:


  • Target RedCard is a store credit card. You can get a Mastercard or a debit card from Target. 


  • RedCard benefits have a 5% discount on purchases made at Target with no annual fees, and the cherry on top is 30-day returns and exchanges.


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How RedCard Works:


You will find RedCard in different forms. It includes a Target credit card and a Target Mastercard. However, Target also offers a debit card you can draw from your checking account. Every card has its perks. 


Target has partnered with notable financial organizations to offer branded credit cards. Customers can use them in the store. TD Bank USA issues Target’s credit cards. It is one of the biggest banks in the USA and an associate of the TD Bank of Toronto, Canada. 


Customers can use these Target RedCard charge cards at any retail store of Target or whenever they are purchasing stuff from Target’s website. Meanwhile, the Mastercard can easily be used anywhere. As you know, they are used everywhere in the US. 


Therefore, it comes with sign-up incentives for customers recently approved as the new cardholder of RedCard. You can apply for a Target Credit Card online from their official website. 



Rewards and Advantages:


As we know, most of these credit cards come with incredible rewards and advantages. They are useful for people who are always looking to purchase something. The best thing about this card is that you will get a 5% discount every time you use it at a Target store or on their website. 


You can read about the advantages of Target RedCard below:


  • No annual fee.


  • Free 2-day shipping on many items


  • 30-day free returns and exchanges


  • Premier offers for particular items, gifts, and more.


  • Bonuses are on sign-ups every other month. 


Note: You won’t get a discount on prescription drugs. There’s a separate program for Target’s pharmacy, which has lower costs for people who need prescription drugs.


How To Get A Target Credit Card:


If you are looking forward to applying for a Target Credit Card, then you need to apply for it by completing the credit application. There’s a mail-in application that you can find on Target’s official website. It will require your bio-data and details related to your finances. 


You have to provide your driver’s license number, social security number, and annual gross income. If you look forward to applying online, just head to Target’s online form. 


You must complete the Target Credit Card application to get your hands on the RedCard.


Why Do You Need Target’s Credit Card?


Target’s Credit Card is the best way to save some money and use the saved money in the future. It will help you in getting what you want for a long time. The 5% discount will work whenever you make small or big purchases. Moreover, you can use these cards anywhere you want. 



Final Thoughts:


To wrap this up, you know pretty much about Target’s credit card, RedCard. These cards are the best in their category and are useful for people who want discounts on their purchases. If you are interested in this card, you can apply for a Target Credit Card online and provide the important information, and you will be approved in the coming days.