How To Find Stylish Eyeglass Frames For Men

Updated: August 26, 2022
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Reading Time: 8 Min
How To Find Stylish Eyeglass Frames For Men

Why Finding The Right Glasses Important?


Have you ever wondered why online eye stores have a face shape detect and try-on section? This is because it is a truth universally known that not all glass frames match every shade.


Fashion influencers often tell you that if you have an oval face, you shouldn’t go for small framed glasses; instead, go for fuller glasses that will match the mood of your face. Small glasses on longer faces can look a little obnoxious if you do not have harp features.


Small glasses like cat eyes on small faces, on the other hand, look phenomenal. Why so? Because at the end of the day, it is all about promotions and symmetry, which can make you pull off anything.


Let us find out and learn more about face shapes, what will look phenomenal on your face, and what will not.


Face Shapes & Their Science

Now we will be elaborating on why you should be picking some glasses for your face shape and avoid the others.


Let us understand the different face shapes there are. A great rule to help you buy glasses for any man's face shape is understanding what your face lacks and then filling that up with the glass. Not that if your face is lacking some feature, it is necessary to add that feature with accessories.


However, when we talk about filling that gap, we essentially mean filling that lack will suit that accessory to your face rather than making it stand out. For example, if you are someone with a heart-shaped face and delicate features, you would need angular glass, like a rectangular frame.


1. Square-Shaped Face

Square-shaped and round-shaped are almost the same; they have the same height and width. But, they are much more defined and angular, especially at the edge. So, a frame for a man with square-shaped features would be

- Wayframe

- Browline frame (where the rest of the frame is thin except for the brow region)

- Invisible rectangle frames.

- Anything round would look good on your face. These are aviators, oval, round.

- If you are looking for shades with a much funky look, you can go for the wrap frame.


2. Round-Shaped Face

Again the similarities with the square face are there, this is again a very symmetrical face, but that doesn't have many sharp angles and features. So, according to the rule, you will need to pick something you are missing. Here are some of the great frame options for men with round frames.

- Rectangles and squares, which are much-defined glass frames, will obviously look good on you.

- For rectangle frames, you can give invisible ones for a professional look. However, thin black frames aren’t bad, either.

- However, you do not have to stick to these frames as aviators, and vex would also look good on you. However, these should be more for a sunglass option.


3. Heart-Shaped Face

This is a unique shape for a man, which means they are not round or angular. Yes, you might get confused about what is lacking and what your glass should fill up. So, here are some of the frames optioned for every heart-shaped man.

- These are the frames you should stay away from. Square, oval, browline, and round. This will give your face a disproportionate look. Your task is to flaunt your face shape and not hide it.

- A new geometric shape has been growing in popularity recently. This is when you step away from your regular square and rectangle and explore more into pentagons and hexagons. Since you have a unique face shape, why not go for an individual frame as well?


4. Oval-Shaped Face

An oval face is not exactly tall, but in reality, these men are gifted with a good face shape since almost everything suits them. Yes, I am talking about

- Rectangle

- Square

- Browline

- Aviators

- Round

- Geometric

- Aviators

However, if you want a fellow oval-shaped gentleman to not look bad, do not go extreme with their frames, like thick-framed hipster glasses or heavily colored multicolor. Since their face is the main attraction, anything over the top will look pretentious and not catch excellent attention.


5. Oblong Shaped Face

If you have an oblong shape, then congratulations, your jawline game should be phenomenal. God himself literally crafts your jawline! Therefore, you should be wearing the perfect glass frame, which will not only not hide the jawline but subtly accentuate it more.


- An oblong face is probably the most angular face you will see out there. Therefore, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to stay away from rectangle, and square glass frames


- You can go for any round-shaped frame; yes, all the round-shaped frames would look good on you. Geometrical frames could be tricky but simply go for the rounder angular rather than the square ones.


6. Diamond-Shaped Face

This is another unique face shape, and it is not very different from oblong, but it is narrower than oblong, and your jawline will be a little higher. This is one of the reasons any type of square-shaped glass frame wouldn’t look good on you.


Aviators are perfect for you, as you have narrow features and aviator frames are pretty wide. If you want a professional look, go for a round or oval-shaped frame.


Your round shape frame can have a browline.


Go Get One Today!

Now that you have a fair idea of how you need to pick and choose go get one for yourself. As far as the color of the frame is concerned, you can simply choose black and gray to stay safe.

However, for all the experimenters out there, you can also play with some metallics. You can get metallic white, grays, and even rose pinks. These are light and thin and have an air of sophistication to them.