The Sense Of Style — Style Your Personality With The Famous Panache For Amplifying Charisma!

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Updated: September 05, 2023
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The Sense Of Style — Style Your Personality With The Famous Panache For Amplifying Charisma!


Apart from the book The Sense of Style, an English style guide composed by a psychical scientist, my point of The sense of style is completely different. Because I am too much into fashion, art, and trendy clothes, the first thing that comes to mind, despite the others, is fashion styling. 


The enthusiasm inside me hits hard when it’s about the guidelines regarding fashion and styling of clothes, shoes, and other accessories. I mean, look at how interesting this topic is, and most importantly, how crucial this topic is, the major point we should not miss in our lives. 


Concerning the sense of styling in dressing, I do not state that everyone and everything should be in a dress code; plenty of traditions and cultures are just phenomenal regarding their dresses and clothes. 


Just like it’s all about the time and era of fashion and what is trending at a certain year, month, or moment, I simply love all the clothes and dresses; if they are worn confidently, a touch of their personalities will make any dress more appealing. 


Yet, I would also cherish to remind you of some of the top fashion styles that are one of the never-ending trends, and any age can prefer wearing them. 


Hipster Style



I love this style that follows the most delinquent trends in fashion, including the lifestyles, dressings, hairstyles, and fashion of accessories. Despite being traditional and continuing to get dressed in traditional dresses every day for years, hipster style simply fills in some colors to traditional clothing. 


The simple thing you must know about the hipster style girls and guys is they never get shy from patterns and colors; they love to wear bold styles, and honestly, it’s a part of hipster style. 


Hipster style also gives a touch-up of accessories like leather belts, scarves, ties, wide-framed spectacles, headgear, baseball hats, bow ties, combat boots, sneakers, loafers, ankle boots, slip-ons, and so on. 


If you are one of the hipster-style fans, you know exactly where to shop for your dresses to maintain the look you adore. Stores like Plato's Closet, Streaker Sports, Redbubble, etc. are the top stores famous for hipster-style shirts and accessories, especially if you are looking for hipster-style sales. 



70’s Style Dress




As a matter of fact, old never gets old and is always considered gold. The old dressing styles in the 1970s or even before era, the trends & dresses always repeat and return the same as karma comes back. 


The best part I like about this generation is anything and everything is in fashion and keeps trending from time to time; the people consider buying the old styled dressing as a reality of old is also new. 


The dress style most preferred and followed in the 1970s was so trendy that even the new generation knows and follows them differently. The same styles with the new looks are the most stemmed sensations nowadays. 


No matter your age, you can still contain midi skirts, peasant blouses, bottom pants, capes, frayed jeans, and tie-dye shirts, jackets, or dresses in your wardrobe, as this never gets old and unfashioned. 


You can even take out the examples of jumpsuits that are still very in and can get worn anywhere, including weddings, parties, and formal get-togethers. Army jackets, halter tops, Tight corduroy slacks,  Maxi dresses, Tight mini skirts, Hot pants, and Gaucho pants. Hip-huggers are still among the most worn dresses in the 20s. 


Amazingly, you can still follow the old clothes after decades, with different hair styling and makeup techniques. Also, accessories like scarves, wood jewelry, beads, bracelets, chokers, Hippie outfits, feathers, stonework, and headbands are still common for the generations.


Some amazing brands can provide you with all those goldie outfits that still look vibrant and elegant. You can get most of the combination of classic and remarkable outfits from Unique Vintage, Urban Outfitters, and Modcloth


You can also look at the amazing outfits from the 1920s dressing to the 1970s at Top Vintage, covering all those pretty dresses at best and styling your look with pretty accessories from Lulus


Mexican Style Dresses


Of so many traditional and cultural dresses, one of my favorites is Mexican-style dresses. The Mexican dresses come in a large variety of colors and shades that make the traditional dress even more fascinating and lovable. 


Some are fully embroidered with magnificent flowers, greenery, and vines, along with other patterns like colorful parallel lines and frills with a white base and a combination of colors. Another thing that keeps the Mexican dresses alive is their bright shade colors instead of going for nude ones. 


Also, we can’t ignore the fall of the Mexican style dresses and frocks, which are so pretty and mesmerizing. 


Do you know the traditional Mexican dresses are called Huipiles (enunciated as wee-peel)? Well, if you had not known it, now you know. The festive Mexican events appealed to wear enhanced color in Mexican clothing; that is why the Mexicans are so bound with the colorful dresses; they think the more deep and dynamic colors you wear, the more adequately outfitted you are. 


They also believe that vibrant colors are accountable for adding vitality to the clothing. They even had some echoing shades embroideries on the white clothes not to make them dull and unenergetic. In addition to that, the jewelry they used to wear had the same concept of colors and intellect, making them enthusiastic. 


Traditional Mexican fashion also includes fashionable jeans, capris or pants, stylish tops, lightweight, long pants, and long dresses easily available on famous clothing brands like Fashion Nova, Walmart, Etsy, and Macy's


Combining traditional and up-to-date fashion trends will make you look swanky and swish with a touch-up of your favorite picks from accessories that also define your personality. 


Bridgerton Dress Style



The Bridgerton dresses are very popular and famous, and almost everyone worldwide has worn the Puff sleeve dresses, specifically the famous characteristic of Bridgerton dresses. 


If you find someone with classic regency, white gloves, pearl hairpins, a lace choker necklace, comfy heels or flats, a little elevated purse, and rare beauty blush on their cheeks, know the Bridgerton dress style inspires that person.


The old-fashioned Puff sleeve dress of the Bridgerton family (around 1800-1825) is still one of the most preferred looks in 2023. People have introduced long puff sleeves and larger puffs on different fabrics, which makes the dress modern and trendy. 


The most popular brands like H&M, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Aritzia, Boohoo, and Prettylittlething always bring up new Bridgerton-inspired looks that portray the puff sleeves in the best possible way. 


Mermaid-Style Wedding Dress 


The mermaid dresses are fishtail or trumpet-style dresses designed by the French designer Marcel Rochas in the 1930s. The women of those times encouraged the fishtail dress, which made the dress style more famous to till date. 


The mermaid dresses are meant to offset womanhood and desirability. It has become a trend now that brides wear the most popular mermaid-style wedding or trumpet-style dress on their big day. The mermaid dresses are often worn at parties and proms; every style and color holds its beauty and cherishes. 


Simply looking at the fitted bodice and dramatic flares below the waist makes the heart flattered. You can choose your color and find a variety of mermaid-style wedding dresses on the most famous brands like Revolve, Shopbop, Show Me Your Mumu, and Reformation


The outclassing mermaid-style dresses with the same trumpet texture, different finishing, fabric, color, and styles make the dress more attractive. Mermaid dresses are also always easy to find on other brands, like Asos, eBay, Azazie, etc., because who can deny falling in love with the mermaid-style wedding dress looks?


Baggy Clothes Style 



There was a time when baggy clothes were widespread during the World Wars and used to indicate a sign of prosperity and wealth until they completely disappeared from trend and fashion. Later, the “power suit” by Armani became a fashion and trend in the 1980s. 


To date, no matter where you are traveling or whatever place you visit, you will find at least one person wearing baggy clothes with all the confidence. The baggy clothes are also bonded with hip hop because most rappers adore the baggy way of dressing, just like the most familiar rapping gang, “Cripps and Blood,” black gang members in California. 


Everywhere you go, you can find someone wearing saggy clothes with unrevealing skin, and you can’t tell their body structure because the clothes are very bad and loose. 


Baggy clothes are one of the never-ending trends; you can easily find brands following the style in different dress pieces like saggy pants, loose jeans, oversized hoodies, T-shirts, or button-up shirts. Just like every dress, baggy dresses are also known as part of one’s personality. 


Also, the baggy dressing does make them enjoy living in their comfy outfit. 


Numerous brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Puma, and Reebok have baggy clothes racks in their stores. The oversized grunt style shirts or the anime t-shirts are still in trend followed by most people and are easily foundable on multiple brands, including Yesstyle, Napapijri, Nautica, etc.





Being fashion enthusiastic, styling and fashion, fabrics, and colors have always been my favorite topics, and I can spend my whole time indulging my viewpoint. Anyways, no matter what style you carry, what fashion you are into, or what dress makes you look extraordinary, wear it with certainty and style your outfit the prettiest way. 


The best thing about fashion and trends is any age and time can adopt it. A little hairstyling impacts your dressing style, like kiddies' hair braid styles, medium beard styles, anime hairstyles, or even simple ponytails or hair openings. 


Similarly, the accessories and footwear you wear and the makeup you apply also matter whenever you style; there must be a connection between your overall look. Lastly and most importantly, own your style as if you don’t give a damn about what people are saying.