Get Better Deals and Better Food With Sam’s Club Cafe

Updated: October 22, 2023
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Reading Time: 8 Min
Get Better Deals and Better Food With Sam’s Club Cafe


Sam's Club is frequently used by customers looking for quick and affordable shopping. The company recently announced a significant modification to one of the Sam's Club cafe court menu items because food costs remain a concern in many households. Could this price drop spark a new food war?


Sam's Club Cafe Menu



Sam's Club Cafe Hot Dog Combo


Sam's Club reports that the hot dog combo is now $1.38. Previously only costing $1.50, the package bargain of a 1/4 lb hot dog and a fountain drink is much more affordable. Even if there may not be much difference, every dollar counts. Anyone who lives with ravenous teens will value the additional expense savings.



Sam's Club Cafe Pizza And Pizza Combo 


Sam's Club currently offers four types of pizza: pepperoni, cheese, three meat, and deluxe. Customers can upgrade to an entire family dinner when ordering a whole pizza for their family. A giant pizza with your choice of toppings, cheese breadsticks, six chocolate chunk cookies, and a two-liter Coca-Cola bottle is included. During regular Sam's Club business hours, orders for big pizzas and combos can be placed over the phone and picked up in the café.


Price List for Sam's Club Pizza 


  • 16" Pizza for $8.99

  • 16" Pizza Meal for $13.88

  • Slice of pizza, $1.89

  • Combo of Pizza Slices, $2.49



Sam's Club Cafe Pretzel For $1.69


Yes, you did read that right. For  $1.69, you may purchase a large sweet or salty pretzel.



Sam's Club Cafe Pizza Pretzel


A combination of both a pizza and a pretzel, and we frequently order pizza pretzels at Sam's Club cafes.


The hidden menu consists of a pretzel baked after being topped with cheese and pepperoni and placed on the menu. For dipping, marinara sauce is served on the side.


The long-awaited chain will finally open its doors in time for “National Pizza Month” and “National Pretzel Month,” i.e., October.


A pizza pretzel has a $1.69 price tag.


Sam’s Club Cafe Frozen Yogurt


Your name is on this delicious frozen yogurt! Choose from vanilla, chocolate, or swirl fro-yo for just one dollar. Add a topping and make it a sundae for just 58 cents more.


The Sam's Club menu's "sleeper hit" is the berry sundae. It's created with vanilla frozen yogurt and a fruit sauce. The Sam's Club bakery's chocolate brownie pieces and caramel sauce are included. YUM!



Sam’s Club Cafe Ice


Enjoy this chilly treat to stay cool—a 20 oz. Icee Freeze in blue Pepsi, raspberry, or cherry flavors is available for less than $1. You may taste all the varieties at this price, which you'll enjoy!


Sam’s Club Cafe Churros


The churros at these warehouse stores are giant, almost reaching your forearm in length. Since Sam's Club cafes lack deep fryers, they are baked instead of fried, which could be better for their texture but better for your diet.


Sam's Club Cafe Hours


Stop by the food court between 10 AM and 7 PM to eat or take out!