Shining a Light on Efficiency: Rich Solar 200 Watt Solar Panel Review - Features, Specs, Installation, and Benefits

Updated: September 21, 2023
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Shining a Light on Efficiency: Rich Solar 200 Watt Solar Panel Review - Features, Specs, Installation, and Benefits


The world has seen a new way of producing energy and electricity for its purposes. It can be energizing your own home, a place, or your own office. It can be anything. We have seen many people turning to solar panels because of the one-time investment and the bright sunlight, and some maintenance handles the rest. 


On top of that, you can sell this energy to the local power-providing firm. What’s more one can ask for? Of course, this is something we all need. Keep going with this blog, and you will know a thing or two about why solar systems would do wonders for you. 


Also, if you want solar panel kits, check out Rich Solar.


Solar Panels:


Solar panels have been on the scene for a long time. Many people have switched to solar panels because of their investment and efficiency. All they have to do is invest only once, and the rest of the procedure will be smooth. 


These solar panels absorb the sunlight and turn it into power for later use. It is why most households, offices, marketplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, and many more businesses are going for solar panels. The ideal size for solar panels is 100W. However, you can pick the wattage as per your needs.


What’s more interesting about solar panels is that you can sell the same energy you have produced to the local electric company. With this, you will be earning some money from it. It seems a good idea to many people; they have been switching to solar panels since then. 


The 200-watt solar panel can be ideal for your home and small office. If you want to buy one, check us out right now.


Rich Solar 200 Watt Solar Panel:


Rich Solar’s 200-watt solar Panel is the perfect pick for many people. If you are in the market and looking forward to getting your home or office equipped with solar panels, this can be the best solar panel for you. 


However, it comes in two different variants. One is 12 Volt, and the other is 24 Volt. You can select the phone which is according to your preference. 12 Volts come with the price tag of $239.99 instead of $339.99, and 24 Volts will set you back to $249.99 instead of $349.99. 


If you purchase this 12V solar panel with a 20 amp MPPT solar charger controller, you can add $239.99 with mounting hardware Z brackets for $12.99. Adding the 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for $499.99. The total price of this will be $842.96. All of this is for a solar power kit for under 1,000 bucks. 


Suppose you want more volts, a 24V solar panel with Y branch parallel connectors 2 to 1 for $12.99, mounting hardware Z brackets for $12.99, and cable entry housing for $12.99. All of this is for $288.96. It is a DIY solar kit. 


Features of 12V and 24V Solar Panels:


Below are the features of a 12V and 24V solar panel:


  • Nine bus bar solar cell configuration


  • Mono PERC Technology


  • Lightweight aluminum structure


  • High-quality tempered glass


  • Plug-and-play junction box


  • Industry Standard Material Connect Cables


  • Rugged construction with certification


  • Ideal performance on low-light days 


  • 25-year warranty of limited power output 





You can read the specifications of 12V and 24V 200W Solar Panel below:


  • Max. Power: 200W


  • Max. Power Voltage: 37.6V (24V) | 20.4V (12V)


  • Max. Power Current: 5.32A (24V) | 9.80A (12V)


  • VOC: 45.5V (24V) | 24.3V (12V)


  • ISC: 5.83A (24V) | 10.2A (12V)


  • Max Voltage: 1000 VDC (12V and 24V)


  • Temp Range: -40c to 90c


Installation Process:


The installation procedure is easy. You will get every DIY component. Every joining part is in the box. These panels can go with both types of inverters. 


Why You Should Choose This:


Rich Solar has got the best solar panels in the market right now. It is leading in the industry because of its incredible solar panels and kits. You can get the 200-watt solar panel for the price that is mentioned above. You will be getting a discount of 100 bucks on your purchase. Also, if you are searching for a 1000-watt solar panel, check our website. 


People can acquire various solar panels and kits for personal or office use. You can pick one from many types of solar panels.



Final Thoughts:


To wrap it up, you are knowledgeable about solar panels. You know everything about solar panels and can easily decide to buy independently. Check our website for better deals and get the one suitable for you. Also, some are available in stock if you want solar kits for your home.