Outstanding Pizza Spots And Where To Find Them

Updated: January 29, 2024
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Outstanding Pizza Spots And Where To Find Them

Throughout the years, we have been blessed with a variety of choices when it comes to cuisines, each food bringing its mouthful of rich flavors and sharing or experiencing different roots and cultures through taste. While each individual may have preferences they might not share with another, it inevitably does not change the fact that food can be a catalyst for bringing people close and engaging in dialogue. One of those foods is the famous pizza. Here is my list of Pizza Franchises and iconic spots that an individual might need to experience to understand authentic, famous pizza.



Pizza's Origin:


Pizza is an Italian origin dish that is beloved by most of the world because of its excellent flavors and versatility in presenting itself as the consumers prefer, customized to fit the buyer's needs. Pizza has a rich history, dating back countless years; it has even been adopted by various other countries, differing between continents and adapted in each cultural twist they might have brought and implemented in the universally adored dish. Even though pizza has now evolved to have such a high iconic status, before that, at its origin, it was considered a humble, everyday man's food. Back then, flatbread with certain ingredients was how the food was made.


Rise In The USA:


By the early 20th Century, Italian immigrants had established small pizzerias around the cities of America. Still, they only succeeded in servicing the local Italian communities, which helped the cuisine find its rhythm in the new state. Pizza was considered an ethnic food then, but eventually found its form and continued to grow among the Italian-American communities.


 After the end of World War II, the popularity of those famous pizzas had grown exponentially, opening a gap for establishments or companies to come and fill in the pizza fast-food market. Giants such as Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Little Caesars in the mid-20th century made fast food a viable option for food consumers. 


Over the years, pizza's popularity in the USA has been on an ever-growing trajectory. Each city that presents its spin on the famous pizza has acquired a stereotypical trademark. For example, even with various variations in fortifying pizza, Los Angeles is still classified as a place that generates no good pizzas, a running joke in the USA between its locals.  


Lasting Impact:


No Food has impacted this world more than the famous pizza; it is a delicacy that people of all ages enjoy at all events. It can be eaten for celebratory events or just a casual hangout. Pizza has been ingrained in our brains as the go-to food to eat. The famous pizza has collected enough recognition that now different countries produce their own variations of the famous pizza. Chicago introduced their invention, the deep-dish pizza, which introduces the thick crust and heavily layered ingredients; other regions experiment with pizza with other combinations, looking for the next big pairing that can get mainstream appeal. One of those is making Gourmet Pizzas, which relies heavily on high-quality ingredients and tries new artistic styles to appeal to a larger audience. 


Colossal Brands:


  • Domino's Pizza: 


The New King of Pizzas was founded in the 1960s in Michigan, USA. Domino's is considered one of the world's largest pizza delivery companies. The company also introduced a 30-minute time limit for its delivery, which has now been completed. Domino's has many options in its catalog for its consumers. It generates enough reviews and sales to classify it as the number one or most famous pizza chain today.


  • Pizza Hut: 


The predecessor to the throne, Pizza Hut, was founded in 1958 in Kansas, USA. Pizza is most associated with fond memories for decades because it was the biggest pizza chain before being dethroned by Domino's. Pizza Hut has quite an expansive menu that includes all the famous pizzas that Pizza Hut is known to produce, including Pasta, Chicken Wings, and countless more. Pizza Hut even started having a stuffed crust, stuffing cheese or meats inside the crust, and pan pizzas, the first to bring the latter into the equation.


  • Little Caesars:


It was unfurled in 1959 in Michigan, USA. Little Caesars has an acclaimed reputation for its 'Hot-N-Ready' model, in which a consumer would get ready, affordable pizzas without waiting. Little Caesars also has a recognizable catchphrase: "Pizza! Pizza!". It is considered one of the top 5 of the world's best pizza chains.  


  • Papa John's:


 Opening its doors in 1984 in Indiana, USA, the company has amassed quite a lot of approval from its audience by providing them with high-quality items and fresh products such as dough and cheese. The company's owner had involved himself in the commercial and advertising of the product, which enhanced the company's recognition worldwide. They include their signature Pepperoncini pepper with their pizza, which has an enormous following.


  • California Pizza Kitchen(CPK): 


It came into being in 1986 in California, USA. CPK has a reputation for experimenting with new ideas in their pizzas, finding the next blend in perfecting pizzas. Its fusion of BBQ Chicken and Thai Chicken in pizzas has been quite a welcome to consumers of the product.


  • Sbarro: 


The brand's existence started in 1956 in New York, USA. Sbarro perfects the New York style of pizzas. It had found its place when it started catering its service from malls and food courts, providing a more casual, carefree environment for its diners. It popularized the single-slice serving. Sbarro is one of the few restaurants to have an outlet in the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense in the USA. 


Cultural Spots:


  • Pizzeria Da Michele- Naples, Italy:


It is considered one of the best places to produce pizza in Naples, where pizza originated. Its audience seeks after Pizzeria Da Michele because of its thin crust, the mozzarella cheese they use, and the basil, which combines authentic experiences for its enthusiasts.


  • Lombardi's- New York, USA:


America's first pizzeria ever, which the Pizza Hall of Fame has credited them. Lombardi's trademark of serving coal-fired, thin-crust pizzas since 1905. Lombardi resides in an Italian neighborhood, integrating American-Italian communities with their famous pizzas.


  • Pizzarium- Rome,Italy:


Created by esteemed baker Gabriele Bonci, the famous pizza spot has a unique premise: their gourmet pizzas are only served in slices, notably 1 or 2. It even has a menu that changes daily in the pizza toppings department. It showcases a more in-tune take on the ancient Roman Pizza.


  • Pizzeria Beddia- Philadelphia, USA: 


Has a more to-go preference. Pizzeria Beddia's spot is small for its dining experience but still has collected fame from being named as producing the best pizzas in all of America. The brand limits serving their famous pizza daily to provide quality or quantity.


  • Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo- Naples, Italy: 


Another pizzeria Naples includes in its ever-growing pizza market is the Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo. Due to its long, esteemed history, Gino Sorbillo has an enormously loyal following. Their signature Naples-style pizza, which has a soft crust and perfectly balanced toppings, is the brand's most prized item.


Whichever way an individual looks at it, whether from famous pizza spots or just the simple pizza store down the street, never has any food impacted an individual's mood or emotion as pizza has had. A person gets a promotion in his office, "Cool, let's have pizza." When a kid has a birthday party, there's pizza; when friends or family hang out together, more often than not, pizza is involved, and even when doing absolutely nothing, when nothing has been cooked in the house, ordering pizza is the most popular option.