Looking Forward To National Taco Day? Treat Yourself With Some Great Deals And Freebies On Your Favorite Tacos

Updated: October 02, 2023
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Looking Forward To National Taco Day? Treat Yourself With Some Great Deals And Freebies On Your Favorite Tacos

Tacos are one of the dishes that Americans devour the most. In a recent Harris Poll, people were asked which dish they would prefer to consume for the rest of their lives, and Tacos were ranked #4 behind pizza, steak, and hamburgers. 


Tacos have their holiday, National Taco Day, on 4th October. Who doesn't acknowledge Taco Tuesday every week? How did this popular street dish become popular?


A taco is a Mexican word for "sandwich" in English. A filling, typically consisting of spicy proteins like beef, pork, or fish, is wrapped or folded around a tortilla made of corn or wheat.


Consider the numerous taco varieties you may make with chicken, classic meats or seafood, beans, eggs, and cheese for October 4, National Taco Day. With the addition of salsa, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce as garnishes, you can create National Taco Day specials with a lot of flavor and variation.


Taco Variations


The most well-known type of taco in Mexico is the “Taco Al Pastor” or “Shepherd's Style Taco.” Traditionally, it consists of thin slices of seasoned pork roasted over an open flame on a vertical spit. Many eateries provide breakfast tacos, particularly in the American Southwest. 


A mixture of meat, eggs, or cheese is rolled up and placed within a flour or corn tortilla that has been fried. Onions, salsa, and avocado are then added on top. Who wants some eggs, rancheros?


According to many of the city's eateries, Ensenada, Mexico, is the purported birthplace of the fish taco. You can sample these foods on the streets that encircle the Mercado Negro, Ensenada's fish market. Little pieces of battered, fried fish are wrapped in a warm corn or wheat tortilla and served as fish tacos.


Without a delicious taco seasoning, what are tacos? Taco spice is excellent for beef, chicken, shrimp, or fish tacos, adding vivid, fresh flavor to your dinner.


Anyone who enjoys fish tacos should try the fish taco sauce. Tacos, burritos, fish and seafood, and seafood are the best meals with Fish Taco sauce. Fish Taco sauce is a unique combination of spices and flavors that produces an outstanding taste sensation.



Taking Tacos In A New Direction.


There are no limitations on how inventive you may be with this type of meal, despite most people having a broad idea of what a taco would generally look like! Almost anything can get converted into a taco if anything fits in a little pocket. Try these creative taco dishes to add a little more flair to National Taco Day:


  • Hawaiin Huli Huli Chicken Tacos. This fusion taco recipe transports to Pacific diners from the south of the United States. Huli is the name for chicken cooked on a mesquite grill and basted with fresh ginger, pineapple juice, and soy sauce. This taco would be unimaginably delicious with pineapple, mango, and avocado salsa.


  • Shrimp Tacos With Mango-Habanero Salsa. The mix of the mango's delicious sweetness and the habanero pepper's spiciness will make you cry. Moreover, red onions pickle up a flavor when simmered in vinegar, which unifies the dish.


  • Chicken Cabbage Potato Tacos with Apple Pico de Gallo. This recipe, which is also reasonably original, uses the leftover random components from the kitchen to create something incredibly delicious.


  • Irish Guinness Tacos. The Irish would not exist without beer, and this taco's meat is simmered in Guinness to enhance the complex taste. This Irish/Mexican hybrid is ready with lime zest and crema.


Dessert Tacos To Round Things Off


Of all, there's nothing wrong with finishing a meal with a bit of sweetness. People have utilized various components to transform this dish into something deserving of dessert.

Think about making these delectable dessert tacos:


  • Tacos With Apple Pie. How about putting an American classic like apple pie inside a taco from Mexico? Please, yes! Regular flour tortillas are formed into tacos and deep-fried before dunking in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Add an apple pie filling layer and an ice cream scoop of vanilla or cinnamon.


  • Tacos With Brown Butter And Chocolate. By placing the browned butter crepes on a taco rack, you can use them as taco shells. Load them with various delicacies, such as Nutella and chocolate ice cream, and allow them to chill.


  • Fruit Tacos With Sugar Cookies. Large sugar cookies that have been delicately folded make the ideal "shell" for a dessert taco. Strawberries and kiwis can be sliced and added; sweetened whipped cream should go on top. A great summer treat, this!


  • Waffle Cone Topped With Chocolate Tacos. Form small waffles into tacos, and dip them in chocolate after filling homemade ice cream or frozen custard. Serve after 20–30 minutes in the freezer.


Deals For National Taco Day


On October 4, National Taco Day, several of your favorite taco restaurants will offer discounts in honor of Taco Tuesday and National Taco Day. We've compiled the finest deals for National Taco Day and giveaways from Taco restaurants like Taco Bell and Chronic Tacos to make your National Taco Day a happy National Taco Day. 


Share National Taco Day memes and National Taco Day 2022 images with friends and family to make the most of your National Taco Day. 


There are many taco recipes, including these Shredded Chicken Tacos, Tacos Al Pastor, and Fish Tacos, that you can't get enough of on Taco Tuesday. All you have to do is serve the Tacos with a margarita to be ready.


Are you looking for deals on National Taco Day 2023 near me? Below are some National Taco Day deals from some of your Taco spots to enjoy discounted and free tacos this National Taco Day. 


National Taco Day Chronic  Tacos


On October 4, Chronic Tacos National Taco Day specials include tacos for just $1 all day. Moreover, you may enter to win a year's worth of free tacos if you register and confirm your account through the Chronic Tacos app by October 4, National Taco Day.


National Taco Day Taco Bell


On National Taco Day, Taco Bell will continue to offer its Tuesday Taco Night promotion. Remember that offers and participation vary by area. Also, the app allows you to quadruple your Del Yeah Rewards points. 


Also, the chain introduced Tacoberfest, which offers 31 days of discounts through the loyalty program throughout October.


Taco Bell Rewards Members can download the app to sign up for the Taco Lover's Pass to take advantage of National Taco Day offers. You may choose from seven tacos to redeem for one daily for 30 days straight for just $10.


El Pollo Loco National Taco Day


El Pollo Loco's #MoreThanTacos campaign promotes an extensive range of Mexican cuisine outside the taco in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month. In support of this, from October 5 to October 31, Loco Rewards members who spend $10 or more on items other than tacos will receive a coupon for eight free tacos. 


Also, El Pollo Loco will provide complimentary shipping all day for orders placed online or using the Loco Rewards app.


Fuzzy's National Taco Day


On October 4, National Taco Day, several tacos are only $1.50 at Fuzzy's Taco Shop. Moreover, on October 4, National Taco Day, you may enter to win a year's worth of free tacos by placing an order through Fuzzy's Taco Shop Rewards app, scanning the app while shopping there, or scanning your receipt. You may also participate by providing details here without making a purchase.


Moe‘s Southwest Grill National Taco Day 


More Rewards members will receive $5 off any meal kit on October 4th (which also includes complimentary chips and salsa). The promotion is accessible online and in person through the Moe's app, and use the discount code TACODAY23.


On The Border National Taco Day 


On The Border is the place to honor National Taco Day and Tuesday. Enjoy National Taco Day specials: $3 beer bottles and cans and $2 beef, chicken, and vegetable tacos. During supplies last, the promotion is only available for dine-in customers at selected locations.



National Taco Day Free Tacos


If you are a Taco lover and wondering where to get free tacos on National Taco Day, here are some taco restaurants that are offering free tacos on National Taco Day


Taco John’s


The offer: With any purchase, rewards members receive a complimentary Beef Taco Bravo.


Date: October 4,


California Tortillas 


The offer: Guests receive a ticket for a complimentary taco during their visit from October 5–11 with every purchase.


Date: October 4,


Long John Silver's 


The offer is: Buy any combo, meal, or platter in-store or online for pickup and get a free taco. When placing an online order, use the discount code "NATIONALTACODAY."


Date: October 4,




Deal: Guacamole and queso are complimentary with the purchase of any entrée at Qdoba.


When: Currently


@underratedhijabi Guys get your FREE Taco for National Taco Day on the 4th October @Taco Bell UK #nationaltacoday #freefood ? original sound - Underratedhijabi


National Taco Day 2023.


Is today National Taco Day? Along with  National Taco Day, which will be observed on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, several other taco days are observed to benefit from special deals and discounts from your favorite taco restaurants, which include


  • National Fish Taco Day 2023 - Wednesday, 25 January.


  • National Crunchy Taco Day 2023 - Tuesday, March 21 


  • Chipotle National Taco Day 2023 - Thursday, May 25. (although Chipotle Taco Day is not observed separately, you can still enjoy your favorite Chipotle Tacos on National Chipotle Day on May 25).



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When is National Taco Day?


National Taco Day is celebrated in the United States yearly on 4th October. There have been a few instances where May 3 has been designated as Taco Day. It is no longer the case, though. Mexico commemorates Da del Taco on March 31. (Day of the Taco).


  1. What day is National Taco Day?


National Taco Day is celebrated on the 4th of October every year. 


  • National Taco Day 2022 - Tuesday.


  • National Taco Day 2023 - Wednesday.


  • National Taco Day 2024 - Friday.


  1. Is National Taco Day always on a Tuesday?


Although every day is Taco Day, if you want to enjoy special deals and freebies on your favorite taco, avail yourself of the National Taco Day deals on October 4 each year and Tuesday deals on Tuesday every week.