Are You A Cheeseburger Lover? Make The Most Of National Cheeseburger Day At Your Favourite Spot

Updated: September 30, 2023
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Are You A Cheeseburger Lover? Make The Most Of National Cheeseburger Day At Your Favourite Spot


When is National Cheeseburger Day 2023? Monday, September 18: This suggests enjoying a juicy burger to commemorate the occasion. You can also do it by keeping some money in your pocket thanks to National Cheeseburger Day bargains, freebies, and discounts!


We have assembled a list of eateries that advertise specials. You should see whether your favorite burger restaurant has an app if your preferred burger joint is not included. Several eateries provide a range of discounts for downloading their app. Afterward, you might discover daily or general specials to assist your cheeseburger.


When Was The First National Cheeseburger Day?


The hamburger, which first appeared around the turn of the twentieth century, came before the cheeseburger. Lionel Sternberger is credited with being the first person to top a burger with cheese by working in his father's sandwich store as a youngster. He and his father both adored this novel kind of burger and in 1924, it turned into a standard.


The cheeseburger has become a beloved American institution. Despite the wide varieties and variations, the traditional cheeseburger consists of a ground beef patty and American cheese.


On National Cheeseburger Day, several fast-food outlets and eateries offer special discounts on the adored burger.


According to a YouGov survey, over three-fourths of Americans (73%) like burgers. According to the survey, cheese was the most popular topping, being requested on burgers by 74% of respondents.


Where Will You Go On This Fake Holiday To Satisfy Your Craving For A Cheeseburger?


It's a good idea to call ahead and confirm that your location is participating in many of these specials. However, many advertised discounts call you to download or utilize a restaurant's app or subscribe to email offers. (Some of the trades continue into the following week.)



National Cheeseburger Day Deals From Different Cheese Burger Restaurants


During some previous National Cheeseburger Days, customers who ordered through the McDonald's app on National Cheeseburger Day received a double cheeseburger for just 50 cents. Two cheeseburgers were available at Wendy's for the price of one on another National Cheeseburger Day. Five Guys provided free mobile order delivery on National Cheeseburger Day. Given below are some National Cheeseburger Day 2022 deals offered by different restaurants 


Mcdonald's National Cheeseburger Day


McDonald's sells double cheeseburgers for $1 on Saturday using a mobile app promotion.


You may also receive a freebie with your first purchase using the fast food giant's app and the new MyMcDonald's Rewards program through December 31.


After making your first purchase, you'll immediately receive 1,500 points. With these points, you can choose from a complimentary order of hash browns, a vanilla cone, a McChicken, or a cheeseburger on your subsequent orders in the first tier.


The McDonald's app offers additional discounts. Get medium fries for free on Fridays through January 2, when you spend a minimum of $1. In addition, McDonald's Happy Meals now comes with Disney toys to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.


Applebee's National Cheeseburger Day


For a constrained time, customers at participating restaurants may get a handcrafted burger, traditional fries, and a fountain drink for $10.99 on Sunday. The offer is only valid on and the company's mobile app.


BurgerFi National Cheeseburger Day


As part of a limited-edition Juicy Lucy double cheeseburger, The BurgerFi National offers two Angus beef patties with White Cheddar, American, and Pepper Jack cheese. Also, you can continue your cheeseburger celebration by receiving $5 off your next purchase when you spend $15 or more from September 19 to September 26.


National Cheeseburger Day Burger King Canada


The Burger King National Cheeseburger Day 2022 promotion stated that Royal Perks members might get a complimentary cheeseburger with an expenditure of at least $1 on the Burger King website or the Burger King app. Download the Burger King mobile app to avail of such Burger King deals for National Cheeseburger Day.


Burger King deals for National Cheeseburger Day include that at any Burger King, a cheeseburger may be had for as little as $3. There are two choices: a $3 snack box or a $3 Double Cheeseburger Meal (a double cheeseburger, fries, and drinks) (cheeseburger, fries, nuggets, and drink).


Carl's Jr. National Cheeseburger Day


When you sign up for My Rewards, you can get a free hand-breaded chicken sandwich, a free Famous Star Burger with any purchase, or a free Western Bacon Cheeseburger. According to CNET, My Rewards members may also purchase a Famous Star cheeseburger for $1 when they do so at the total price. 


Also, on September 18, members receive double points on all cheeseburger orders made through the app. If you purchase $10 through the app, you can get delivery for free.


Dairy Queen National Cheeseburger Day


Customers may use the DQ app to receive $1 off the restaurant's five Signature Stackburgers, including the cheeseburger's original version and the FlameThrower, topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and a spicy sauce.


With the DQ app, customers can receive a $1 discount on any of the five signature stack burgers from Dairy Queen. The following cheeseburgers are among the mouthwatering choices:


  • Flame Thrower: A hot alternative with pepper jack cheese and bacon smoked with jalapenos, tomato, and lettuce.


  • Loaded A.1: Crispy onion rings, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, sharp American cheese, creamy peppercorn sauce, and thick-and-hearty A.1 sauce.


  • Two Cheese Deluxe Sandwich: White cheddar cheeses and Bacon Sharp American, thick-cut Applewood-smoked bacon, pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato, mustard, and ketchup make up the Two Cheese Deluxe sandwich.


  • Sharp American and white cheddar cheeses, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, ketchup, and mustard make up the Two Cheese Deluxe sandwich.


  • Original Cheeseburger: Pickles, ketchup, mustard, and sharp American cheese make an original cheeseburger.



Hardee's National Cheeseburger Day


West Coasters has Carl's Jr., but the identical fast food restaurant is known as Hardee's in the South, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. The good news is that their National Cheeseburger Day promotions are identical. 


Get a complimentary hand-breaded chicken sandwich, Western bacon cheeseburger, or Famous Star Burger when you join My Rewards and make any purchase. According to CNET, My Rewards members may also purchase a Famous Star cheeseburger for $1 when they do so at the total price. 


Also, on September 18, members receive double points on all cheeseburger orders made through the app. If you purchase $10 through the app, you can get delivery for free.


Jack In The Box National Cheeseburger Day


You can download the Jack in the Box mobile app on Sunday and get a Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger for $2, according to Delish.


Shake Shack National Cheeseburger Day


Shake Shack is giving away free cheeseburgers in some cities from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. According to Delish, you can also obtain one for free with the code SHACK in the DoorDash app if your location is a participant.


Smashburger National Cheeseburger Day


This Sunday, get one free when you purchase any burger. With the code "BOGO22," you can place online and in-person orders.


Sonic Drive-In National Cheeseburger Day


You can purchase two quarter-pound double cheeseburgers with the app for $5. (You may also select a Little Jumbo Popcorn Chicken or a Normal Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap.) If you can't make it on Sunday, Sonic offers discounted cheeseburgers every Tuesday after 4 p.m. if you order them online or through the app.


Wendy’s National Cheeseburger Day


By obtaining a free Dave's single with cheese with any orders placed through the Wendy's app until September 21, you can extend your National Cheeseburger Day celebration into Wednesday, thanks to Wendy's. Other promotions include $3 off orders of $15 or more (through Oct. 16).


Through its app, Wendy's is currently offering a buy one, get one free premium cheeseburger promotion that includes the brand-new Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger through Sunday.


Save $2 off premium combinations with a different app deal through October 3. Each customer is only eligible for one deal per visit.


In front of Halloween, Wendy's has also brought back its "Boo! Books." Get the books for $1 through October 31. They come with five tickets for free Jr. Frosty treats, which are popular to distribute as part of trick-or-treating. The expiration date for the Frosty coupons is December 31.


Hamburger Stand National Cheeseburger Day


At the Hamburger booth, get one for free on the purchase of one Hamburger. On Sunday, September 18, simply enter the discount code CHEESEBURGER when placing an order at


White Castle National Cheeseburger Day


Use the Craver Nation app to receive 20% off White Castle orders through September 30. For $8.99, you can also have the Cheesy 10 Sack, which has ten cheese sliders with your choice of American, ghost pepper cheese, jalapeño, or smoky cheddar.




Red Robin National Cheeseburger Day


Red Robin has 10 million burger-loving loyalty members and is renowned for its high-value "royalty program" and gourmet burgers. Red Robin celebrated National Cheeseburger Day early by offering a seven-day discount to its royalty members. 


Members can take advantage of BOGO 50% off (members can get the second cheeseburger at a discounted price) from September 13 through September 19, applicable once daily throughout the week. Subscribe to their newsletter for Red Robin National Cheeseburger Day 2023 deals and freebies.