Caught Sight Of Maurice's Dresses! — Is Maurices All Set To Loose Their Long-Term Customers?

Updated: September 11, 2023
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Caught Sight Of Maurice's Dresses! — Is Maurices All Set To Loose Their Long-Term Customers?


Can we take some time and appreciate the designs and styles of Maurice's dresses? Of course, we can with the help of honest reviews from the Maurices customers. You can not expect anything in great form always and at any time. Though, I have felt love for the Maurices dresses many times. Whenever I buy and wear dresses at Maurices, literally every soul I meet compliments me, either the pretty color or the dress style. Whatever the actual cost, I like that people like my favorite brand. But for the last couple of months, I have no idea what has happened to Maurice's quality; I am very concerned about this. I still love the dresses, but the quality has not been the same as before, and that’s heart-wrenching. 


And that is why I finally spill it out since my previous experiences have been not so good with the Maurices. I will also share some comments I have read on social media complaining about the same thing I am concerned with. It pretty much sounds like everyone’s having issues with Maurices. 


Maurices Quality: Not The Same As Before!


I am not a person who causes trouble to anyone or any brand. I find good qualities in everything, but this is high time; I may sound a little off here, but many people can also relate. Maurice dresses have been on my number-one list for so many years, and I simply like the designs, colors, and styles of dresses from Maurices. I fill in my cart when I open the Maurices website or enter the Maurices store. I mean, it’s good to appreciate the dresses at Maurices when they are not bad in overall quality, and they have never been, but honestly, I have no freaking idea what has happened to the Maurice dressing recently. 


Still, the quality of dress at Maurices is not as bad and absurd as their customer service and shipment policy are. I hope whatever has happened to Maurice's prestige gets fixed as soon as possible. Anyway, since the Maurices' grade of clothing isn’t the worst yet, you can still have the chance to get some of the prettiest dresses from their collections. Also, besides getting the high-priced dresses at Maurices, you prefer to buy from the sale section, so it doesn’t cost you unnecessarily. 


Controversies About Maurice's Dresses — Is It That Bad?


There are lots of positive and negative comments seen on the social platforms regarding the Maurices dresses that are conspicuous, especially the negative critiques of the socialites. Numerous people complain about some of their bad experiences with Maurice's dresses. 


It wouldn’t be bad if we take a look at what issues have been faced by the Maurices customers and what items of Maurices are currently on the broadside critique. You can judge the top points on why and why not you should prefer buying from Maurices and what shortcomings that are causing trouble to Maurice’s standing and glory. 


  1. Maurices Plus Size Dress Is Not The Plus Size You Want!


To compress the situation, some people have experienced the best conduct from the Maurices plus size dresses, whereas others have much to complain about. People have participated in their first-hand incident with the Maurices dresses plus size. They claim that Maurice's quality, including the fabric quality, has gone down the hill. Also, they don’t have the same XL sizes Maurices used to have; apparently, they are small and tight. 


by      u/PolarBearClaire19 from discussion      Experience with Maurices?
in      PlusSize   


Another issue that plus-size women face is that they don’t have pretty or cute stuff in the XL sizes, and the smaller ones always have bombshell and slaying designs and dresses. Even if they have some nice and pretty designs in the XL sizes, they just do not fit properly or have any other concerns, like the fabric is not too good to last more than a month. 


  1. Perhaps You Can Get Lucky With The Maurices Dress Pants,


Although, the sizing goes a little off here, too. But when it comes to the hot chick designs and the quality of Maurices Dress Pants, you can’t hold yourself from getting one of these. However, for the sizing, this friend told me about how she loved the Maurices dress pants and Maurices jeans and has forever bought the sexy-looking pants and cool jeans for office wear. The last pair of pants she bought was a small size, lasting at least two years. Afterward, when she felt she needed to buy another size as the pants didn’t fit perfectly now, she ordered the large size that turned out to be small, even though the tag said it was large. She is still confused about what size she should order from Maurices because of the huge misconceptions about the sizes, and she cannot shop for Maurices online. 



Though subtracting the poor experiences, people still love the Maurices jeans; even I can’t get over how cute and sassy they look — especially if you have no size issues. Some people have much to cherish about the Maurices jeans and how they fit perfectly; look at what Reddit says! 


      Just discovered Maurices!
by      u/imapiscesforgiveme in      PlusSize   


  1. Bitter-Sweet Outcomes Of Maurices Dresses Of Different Types


  • Excluding Bitterness, Focusing On Sweets; 

Okay, so the Maurices summer dresses are one of my favorite shopping at Maurices, whether online or on-site; no matter what others say about them, my personal opinion is I love them. The same goes for the Maurices maxi dress, and Maurices fall dresses. They all sound the same, but the textures and prints differ beyond the chart. 



Whatever the flaws are seen in the brand recently,  I still and will always love the cute Maurices of women's dresses and how easy they are. Besides the quality, you can wear them everywhere, even at home. The prints go with everything, and another amazing part is they have a large range of collections. The store has a collection of Maurices formal wedding dresses, making the store even broader for assemblage. Regardless if it is the pretty-looking Maurices black dress you are planning to wear at the party or if it’s the pair of jeans that will look bombastic — Maurices never fails when it comes to styling and colors. 


Anyways, if you are okay with compromising on the quality (maybe some) of the dresses, and you are patient enough to deal with the customer service and other subjects, there is no way you are skipping getting these beautiful pieces. 




The pictures shown above are not a recent but a past review, when the quality of Maurices was pretty good, and they had some customers; as of now, they have almost lost it. 


  • Unable To Overlook The Bitterness Any Longer!


Besides, I have always loved Maurice's online website's prints and pretty designs. It has happened to me, and you may also relate to this; they don’t have those materials in the stores. Even if you have ordered some pieces from an online site, they will tell you the piece you ordered is out of stock now, and here, the customer service sucks. 


Also, not only this, but customer service tries to make excuses and negotiate their mishandling rather than trying to satisfy their customer. 


Their dress quality has been worse day by day. They used to have good products and the best quality a time ago, but not anymore. Despite having pretty designs, it's useless when the product is worthless. The complaints of the fabric tearing apart and color fading are too common. 

      Done with Maurices?
by      u/lovelyemptiness in      PlusSizeFashion   


Is Maurice's Customer Service Useless? 


To be fair, I have not interacted with customer service, but some people have a lot to say regarding customer service at Maurices. I have already discussed how miserable customer service is throughout the articles. Some other reviews from unhappy and uncomfortable customers have shared their incidents with the Maurices officials. 


Not just the customer service off the chart, but the clerks and Maurices employees also have this weird attitude and behavior towards the customers. Another reviewer got angry with the clerks who did not respond to and greet them properly, and they didn’t even bother to say thank you at the end of the purchase. 


Pros And Cons Of Shopping At Maurices


Different people, different views. Also, the locations of the stores matter (when they should not.) based on the overall personal and second-hand experiences. There are some legit pros and cons of favoring the Maurices dresses. 


Pros :


The Maurice dresses are good when worn; they have pretty decent and cute designs and prints. If you plan to wear the Maurice dresses for a short term, you are already set to avail yourself of the chance if looks are all that matters. 




You can face many difficulties once you buy from Maurices; the issues are visible in the high-cost pricing, unmatched sizing, fabric material, fabric color fading, return and shipment issues, credit card issuer, and pathetic customer service. 




Every person is bound to their own choice and picks, and it doesn’t matter what you are buying; it must be liked by everyone else. I know many supporters and fans of Maurice's dress are still there, but if not, you must have gone through some bad experiences lately. Even I used to love the Maurices dresses, especially since I had a huge collection of Maurices dresses and pants, usually bought from the Maurices clearance dresses because that makes it easier to buy expensive clothes. 


So, it is a mixture of good and bad qualities. It’s your choice as a customer whether to buy or not to buy from Maurics. But if you favor purchasing the items from Maurices, you need to know the circumstances, as the toast experiences are not so great. I would recommend buying the Maurice once and only if you visit their walk-in store and after trying the dresses in the trial room. Make the payment once you are sure the piece you purchase is total. Otherwise, shopping through Maurice's online site is a real risk, and you might face the above-mentioned issues.