The Loewe Squeeze Bag: My New Obsession In The World of Fashion

Updated: February 15, 2024
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Reading Time: 8 Min
The Loewe Squeeze Bag: My New Obsession In The World of Fashion


I'll start by saying I don't usually get obsessed with purses. Although I enjoy beautiful adornment, I've rarely been someone to drool over luxury bags—until recently. The Loewe Squeeze Bag made its runway premiere for the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, and something within me sparked as I gazed at it. I fell in love with this intriguing new member of the Loewe Bag collection right away, and all it took was a glance, and I was eager to learn more.


Jonathan Anderson's Magic Touch


Jonathan Anderson, the brilliant mind behind the iconic label of Loewe, has this extraordinary gift for fusing avant-garde design with classic charm. The Loewe Squeeze Bag is a testament to this expertise. This bag stands out because it embraces the typical Loewe refinement and gives a surprising twist. It's similar to stumbling onto a fashion industry jewel.


A Playful Departure from Convention


The Loewe Squeeze Bag defies convention by defying the usual bag forms. On the contrary, it boasts a peculiar, comical shape that exemplifies Loewe's distinctive flair. The elasticated details, the doughnut chain that serves as a strap that can be adjusted, the plush leather, and the delightfully soft handle caught my attention as I carefully examined it.


Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes


I've always thought a designer purse needs to be both fashionable and a showcase for exquisite artistry. It is a financial commitment, after all. The Squeeze Bag proves that Loewe is the only brand comprehending this. The main part of the handbag is made of incredibly plush Nappa lamb's skin leather, with the ruffles layout along the upper entrance giving a sense of distinctiveness that I adore.


The Donut Chain: Innovation at Its Best


The doughnut chain is the topic for discussion. It is more than simply a strap; it is a brilliant idea. The bag may be clutched in one hand, slung over the arm, or draped across the body because of the creative, adaptable chain. The best thing, though? It resembles an element of jewelry with an etched pebble shaped like an enigma. What greater thing could anyone want than something useful and original?


Thoughtful Interior Design


The Squeeze Bag's interior is as impressive. An interior zippered pocket provides reliable storage for stuff you don't require quick accessibility. The inside of the bag is unlined, which keeps it feeling soft & seamless and demonstrates how meticulously thought out every little aspect was.


The Handle That Steals Hearts


Let's discuss that handle now. The handle can be squeezed, so it's not restricted to any handle. This addition increases the bag's practicality and is also a work of art in style. As a result, the bag has an added layer of mystique and may be carried by hand or draped over one's shoulder with ease. Did I also add that the leather is soft? The type of leather commands attention from passersby as well as the wearer.


Size and Color Options


Several color options are available in the medium and small versions of the Loewe Squeeze Bag. While the fall-friendly colors, including Olive, Oak, Chalk, and Chocolate, are alluring, I could not resist the appeal offered by the Seaside Blue variant. Small and medium sizes are $3,950 and $4,450 respectively.


Finally, the Loewe Squeeze Bag has transformed me into a handbag lover. Its unique combination of creativity, craft, and surprising appeal won me. This bag has an undoubtedly unique quality, whether it be the odd layout, the clever donut chain, or the plush leather texture. It is a piece of artwork that merits recognition in the fashion industry and is more than just a finishing touch.