Jet’s Way Of Delivering Goodness: An In-Depth View Of Jet’s Build Your Own Pizza And The Legacy It Leaves Behind

Updated: February 12, 2024
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Jet’s Way Of Delivering Goodness: An In-Depth View Of Jet’s Build Your Own Pizza And The Legacy It Leaves Behind

Jets America, Inc., better known as Jet's Pizza, is an American pizza franchise that started operation in 1978 in Detroit, Michigan. The company has garnered worldwide appeal due to its introduction of the square deep dish Detroit-style pizzas. Well, let me tell you this: You haven’t even caught a glimpse of the possibilities of what a pizza can be. The mixtures, the blends, and the incorporation of each and every single one of the toppings and ingredients that are up for service provide a divine tasting experience. 



Build Your Own Pizza:


Jet Pizza's attempt to service its customers while globalizing its business resulted in the "Build your own Pizza" marketing campaign, allowing consumers to customize their pizza to their preferences. 


The first category to choose from is the type of crust. Jets Pizza offers a wide range of crust options, such as thin, square, gluten-free, and their famous deep-dish crust.


Next comes froth, the selection of the sauce. A very valuable component in a pizza makes or breaks a pizza if the sauce does not gel well with the pizza. The options to put in the base of the pizzas are either the traditional pizza sauce, the BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, and many more.


The part where an individual might get creative is in the toppings department. A palette full of classical toppings is up for selection. Some notable toppings include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, olives and many more. There is even a vegetarian section with enough healthy toppings to garner a list.


After all that, various other components are issued as the final touches in enhancing the immense flavors of the pizza. The addition of drizzling high-quality olive oil for richness and flavor, or a dabble of red pepper flakes or chili flakes for providing the heat factor, and lastly, the inclusion of freshly grated parmesan for an extra bit of layer that elevates your already delicious pizza.


One of the most favored appearances on the pizza that a customer seeks is the golden brown crust, which usually entails that the pizza is cooked to perfection. A crust that oozes immaculate-tasting flavors and that the makers of the beloved pizza have to detail their timing accordingly. Like preheating the oven to the recommended temperature to get the best consistency of the crust. The end product would feature a golden brown crust, a bubbly, gooey cheese structure, and the toppings being crisped and shining through. 


Jets Pizza's creative way of involving its customers in its creative process has brought a highly sought-after spotlight on the brand that many of its competitors have been unable to replicate.


Healthier Options: 


This customization has also allowed many individuals to make beneficial choices such as a healthier alternative. Customers can opt for whole-grain crusts, load up on fresh vegetables, and control their portion sizes. As concerns about health and nutrition have grown, the "Build Your Own Pizza" option has provided a solution for those seeking a more balanced meal.


Consumer Empowerment: 


The "Build Your Own Pizza" option represents a broader trend of consumer authorization in the food industry. Customers no longer tolerate pre-designed meals but are active participants in creating their culinary experiences. This shift aligns with the desire for personalization and control over our eating. Jet's Pizza and other pizza chains have also embraced online and mobile ordering platforms to adjust to the growing demand of each individual. Customers can easily build their pizzas using instinctive preferences, adding to the convenience and speed of the ordering process.



Jet's Pizza's influence on the pizza world extends far beyond its mouthwatering menu. The brand's role in popularising Detroit-style pizza, showcasing a commitment to quality, franchise success, and community engagement, has incredibly impacted the pizza industry. Giving customers the freedom to create their perfect pie has reshaped the pizza industry, encouraged healthier eating choices, and empowered consumers to play a more active role in their dining experiences. As a renowned pizza brand, Jet's Pizza continues to inspire both pizza lovers and pizza entrepreneurs, proving that a dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and community can truly shape the world of food.