Unveiling The Secrets Of Hobby Lobby's Sale Schedule: Grab Deals On Custom Frames, Furniture, Bestsellers, And More!

Updated: February 02, 2024
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Unveiling The Secrets Of Hobby Lobby's Sale Schedule: Grab Deals On Custom Frames, Furniture, Bestsellers, And More!

Avoid the frustration of buying scrapbooking supplies right before they go on sale! Knowing the Hobby Lobby sale schedule is key to snagging the best deals, ranging from 30% to 90% off regular prices. 


With fabric, picture frames, wedding items, and home decor frequently discounted, it's a bargain hunter's paradise. While some departments have constant sales (like furniture), others rotate every other week, featuring different items each time. 


Mastering the weekly ad is a top Hobby Lobby savings hack. While the sale schedule may not be as predictable, fear not! We've uncovered patterns to help you plan your shopping trips strategically and make the most of those sweet savings. 


Prepare to conquer the aisles and unleash your creativity while keeping your wallet happy!


The Hobby Lobby Sale Schedule Spans From Monday To Saturday Each Week.


Get ready for Hobby Lobby's weekly savings extravaganza! Every Sunday, a fresh new weekly ad is released showcasing a plethora of enticing discounts available for shopping Monday through Saturday. 


While the specific items featured in the ad may vary each week, certain departments like Home Decor and Crafts always offer sale prices. It's important to note that while not every item in these departments may be discounted year-round, you can consistently expect to find great deals within them. 


So, whether you're seeking artistic inspiration or sprucing up your living space, Hobby Lobby has you covered with regular sales that will keep your creative projects and home decor dreams within budget. Prepare to explore the aisles and discover the latest bargains as you embark on your Hobby Lobby shopping adventure!


At Hobby Lobby, certain items are forever in the spotlight and never miss a chance to shine in their weekly ad. Get ready for a perpetual party with discounts on bestselling books, custom frames, furniture, and trendy T-shirts. It's a year-round extravaganza of savings that will keep you returning for more!


Hobby Lobby Sale Highlights:


Departments Always On Sale:


  • Home Decor: 50% off wall or table decor (alternating weekly).






Departments On Sale Every Other Week:



  • Hobbies (Boxed Puzzles & Model Kits): 40% - 50% off.


  • Candles & Candleholders: 40% off.


  • Wedding: 40% - 50% off.


  • Photo Frames: 50% off.



  • Art Sale: 40% off.


  • Fabric by the Yard: 40% off.


  • Yarn: 30% off


Don't miss out on these fantastic discounts and regular sales at Hobby Lobby to fuel your creative projects and home decor aspirations!


Hobby Lobby Offers Ongoing Sales On Custom Frames, Furniture, Bestselling Books, And T-Shirts.


Discover fantastic discounts on a variety of items at Hobby Lobby:


  • Bestselling Books: Enjoy 40% to 50% off the marked price on popular Bibles, devotionals, gift books, and children's books.


  • T-shirts: Grab stylish T-shirts from the Wearable Art department at a constant 30% off the marked price, including youth and adult sizes, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and infant and toddler T-shirts.


  • Furniture: Spruce up your space with Hobby Lobby's furniture, always available at a 30% discount off the marked price. Explore console tables, nightstands, shelves, stools, and more.


  • Custom Frames: Frame your cherished memories with custom frames that are consistently 50% off the marked price. Please note that the discount applies to the frame only.


These ongoing discounts make Hobby Lobby an ideal destination for affordable bestselling books, trendy T-shirts, stylish furniture, and personalized frames. Take advantage of these incredible offers to enhance your home decor, express your style, and indulge in captivating reading material. Happy shopping!


Wall Decor And Table Decor Are Available At A 50% Discount On Alternate Weeks.


Enjoy amazing discounts on wall decor and table decor at Hobby Lobby:


Wall Decor (50% off every other week):


  • Decorative Crosses.


  • Framed & Canvas Art.


  • Wood & Metal Wall Decor.


  • Adhesive Wall Art.


  • Memo Boards, Chalkboards, Corkboards, and dry-erase Boards (excluding art department items).



  • Knobs, Pulls, Handles, Hooks & Decorative Hardware.


  • Mirrors.


  • Clocks.


  • Letters.


  • Shelves


Table Decor (50% off every other week):


  • Glass Decor (excluding craft stained glass).


  • Wooden Table Decor & Plaques.


  • Decorative Lanterns, Birdcages, and Terrariums.


  • Ceramic, Resin, and pottery Decor (excluding "Your Price" items).


  • Wicker Department.


  • Decorative Table Clocks, Spheres & Globes.


  • Metal Table Decor.


  • Lamps.



Please note that the discounts exclude specific departments or items labeled as part of the Seasonal, Candle, Frame, Wall Decor, and Gifts departments. Make the most of these regular sales to transform your space with stunning wall decor and elevate your table setting with captivating decorations. Happy decorating!


Paper Napkins And Plates Are The Exclusive Party Supplies That Consistently Receive A 50% Discount.


Party supplies take the spotlight at Hobby Lobby with regular sales on selected items. Check out these exciting discounts:


Paper Napkins and Plates:


  • Enjoy a consistent 50% off on these party essentials in every Hobby Lobby sale.


Gift Wrap and Gift Bags:


  • Grab the perfect wrapping accessories with a fantastic 50% off discount every other week.



Cake Decorating:


  • Indulge your sweet tooth with delightful savings of 40% off on cake decorating items every other week.


  • Look for items labeled Sunny Side Up Bakery, including cakes, cookies, and cupcake essentials.


Use these regular sales to stock up on party supplies, wrap gifts with style, and elevate your cake-decorating skills. Hobby Lobby has you covered with irresistible discounts to make your celebrations even more memorable. Get ready to party in style and save big!


Selected Beads, Items From The Metal Gallery, And Jewelry Shoppe Enjoy A 50% Discount For Three Weeks Every Month.


Discover fantastic discounts on jewelry-making supplies at Hobby Lobby:


Jewelry Making (Consistently 50% off):


  • The items on sale in the Jewelry Making department change weekly, but three categories are commonly featured.


  • Beads in various forms are available, including strung, tubed, and packaged beads by Color Gallery, Bead Treasures, and Czech Glass, and bulk beads and gems by Bead Design Co.


  • The Jewelry Shoppe offers a variety of items, including findings, hair accessories, nickel-free options, and sterling silver items.


  • The Metal Gallery showcases an exquisite collection of pendants, earrings, brooches, and bracelets.


  • Please note that while these categories are frequently on sale, they may not be simultaneously discounted. Watch for the specific categories you're interested in during their sale weeks.


With regular sales on jewelry-making supplies, Hobby Lobby provides an excellent opportunity to unleash your creativity and craft beautiful accessories. Take advantage of these discounts and explore the world of jewelry-making at unbeatable prices.